Clean Commit Review 2023: Build Products For Your Needs

By Kate Gross 21 days ago, Apps and Software

Clean Commit

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Verdict: I found Clean Commit when I was looking for contractors to redesign and develop my WordPress site. The company’s staff knows how to build a visually specific site, and that is what I needed at that moment. Using an iterative approach to developing the design, they carefully think through the whole process to make certain the outcome is satisfactory.

The team is very responsive, ready to adapt to client’s requirements, and works on every project with a sensible attitude. I wanted them to build my website from scratch, so I did not have a specific vision of what should be done. Therefore, they were ready to make any changes and improvements at every stage of work to deliver the result I expected.

  • Developed over 60 successful projects
  • Well-managed and organized workflow
  • Specialize in application development, JAMstack websites and headless eCommerce
  • Serve clients from around the globe
  • Useful development blog
  • Time zone differences might be an issue
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Using the same technologies as IBM, Shopify, and Braun, Clean Commit brings the output of premium quality to make the product excel in the development world. The specialists work on all projects using Figma and such frameworks as Vue, React, Gatsby, Laravel, and PHP. The company retains all its customers and helps them in case any problems occur.

Clean Commit — Main Features

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Clean Commit builds great websites and applications that boast speedy and straightforward performance. They also work on web designs and develop product mapping. This web design company tightly cooperates with a client’s team to learn their goals. Such an effective collaboration allows for better budget understanding, deadlines, and other aspects concerning the project development. The effective partnership is what makes the company stands out among its competitors.

Turn Users into Customers with Great Web Design

clean commit web design

The agency develops excellent digital products that provide solutions to all customers’ problems. They changed the design of my website improving all its aspects. The sleek and clean look of my portfolio page with a modern feel was my priority.

I shared the link to my favorite websites with the team asking specialists to take only the best from them and incorporate all these features into my webpage.

The first stage of our cooperation was devoted to the discussion of the ideas and tasks that are on the agenda. Then the specialists presented the reviewed and adjusted design, as well as mock-up wireframes. Afterward, we defined the stages the project should move through from beginning to end.

Notably, all the development phases were reflected in the contract. Once I approved the design, the professionals did all the required changes to my website. The ability to update banners and customize other elements of the site was a real bonus for me.

As my budget was quite restricted, I defined the priority tasks: logo design, website design, and development. We discussed all the questions and details face-to-face or in Slack every week, so our collaboration brought fruitful results. Besides, I could ask for any advice and get a comprehensive answer without paying any additional costs.

The Initial Consultation Is Free

Before making an order, you can consult with the company’s experts and discuss all the questions regarding development and design during a free 30-minutes appointment. The professionals can analyze your website, determine its weak sides, and give you valuable tips on what should be improved.

Fast WordPress Development Process

The clients of Clean Commit can benefit from pre-designed blocks to build their page in a flash. Besides, they are free to customize any image and element if needed in minutes. One of the reasons why I favor this service over competitors is that the specialists create WordPress photography themes from scratch and make sure they meet your expectations.

The most considerable advantage for me is the ability to perform a great portion of tasks on my own. This eliminates the need of waiting a while for them to get the work completed. Moreover, the development process is nice and fast, and the specialist takes time to structure the sitemap properly and make other adjustments to ensure positive UX.

Another argument in favor of this WordPress development company is that it does not use Elementor, Divi, or any beginner framework, meaning that all pages of your website will load in fast and its rank will raise to the top of search engine results. The specialists configure their WordPress sites so that they could reach 90+ on Google PageSpeed Insights. They also pick up plugins that you might find useful or write custom code to make your site work.

The team also cares about your website security, creating a separate virtual private server for your page. Reliable custom configurations and robust security setup make your site impossible to break into even for seasoned hackers. Besides, monthly WordPress core and plugin updates also contribute to the protection of your web store.

Create Progressive Web Applications

clean commit pwa

The development of PWAs is among top-notch services delivered by Clean Commit. Taking advantage of ReactJS, VueJS, NodeJS, and Laravel, the company’s specialists architect progressive website apps that allow a customer to engage and retain more visitors.

In addition to developing applications, they also work on solving problems in their functioning. The experts carefully study the issues, and remove bugs and test the fixes after gaining access to the systems.

Top-Rated Development of eCommerce Stores

clean commit ecommerce store

The company’s specialists develop eCommerce stores for various industries. They create web shops for such eCommerce platforms as Shopify and BigCommerce. Plus, there is a headless eCommerce service that allows you to break the chains that bind your store with Shopify, BigCommerce, or other platforms. Moving to a headless setup opens door to many opportunities including the ability to run A/B testing, create unique interactive features, and produce native apps.

You need to select your favorite eCommerce platform. Note that the front end may get overwhelmed with traffic, but this won’t affect backend performance. Once your website functions properly, the experts do not make changes anymore. By setting you up with repeatable page sections and templates, the professionals make sure that you will know when further development is required.

Development of Product Roadmapping for Launching a New Product

A Product Roadmap is a high-level visual summary that shows what should be developed and what stages you need to go through to create it. Building effective Product Roadmapping internally is a bad idea, as this task requires excellent technical knowledge and only a person who does not work inside a company and has a fresh look at things can handle it.

I like that the team has a well-structured and simple plan for developing Product Roadmapping. The discussion of the strategy for launching a new product takes from 2 to 6 hours: there could be several 2-hour Zoom calls. During this session, you will try to communicate your goals, visualize the info flow, and define the important product properties.

In the first stage, both you and the specialists of Clean Commit identify your business objectives. By asking well-thought questions, they involve you in conversation about your firm and the project, and how they should fit together. This will provide the experts with an idea of what role the product plays in promoting your brand. Only then they will manage to help you increase your income, find efficiencies, or induce future growth.

Drawing a flowchart that shows who uses your product and how your clients gain info is also helpful. Lastly, they define the features required for your product’s launch and those that you should implement later.

Blog About Design, Code, and Startups

clean commit blog

The company’s web design blog contains articles on the development of digital product design, improvement of UX, SaaS design, etc. All posts are conveniently divided into categories like Design, Development, Project Management, Productivity, and News. Not only that, only professionals work on these articles delivering 100% reliable and useful info.

Clean Commit Prices

At the end of my Clean Commit review, it should be mentioned that the company’s website does not contain a list of exact prices for services. The cost depends on the task complexity and is defined when concluding a contract.