19 Best Web Design Blogs to Inspire in 2024

By Kate Gross 15 days ago, Inspiration

Visiting a web design blog, freelancers and staff members can find answers to common questions and recommendations from experts. Thus, you can always be motivated to work and keep up with global trends. What’s more, specialists share their life hacks on how to work and organize a business, as well as free products and tools that they use in their work.

Top 19 Web Design Blogs

  1. Web Designer Depot - More than 1 million followers
  2. Smashing Magazine - Updates on a daily basis
  3. CollectiveRay - Helpful information for all website specialists
  4. Hongkiat - Handy social commerce category
  5. WebDesignDev - Easy article search
  6. TopMostBlog - Digital marketing expert blog
  7. PicsForDesign - Offers pictures for web design
  8. Decolore - Created by web experts
  9. Graphic Design Junction - Over 468,000 subscribers
  10. Downgraf - Contains practical tools for web designers
  11. Creative design blog - Provides up-to-date tips and guidance
  12. SitePoint - Hub for web design developers
  13. Web Design Ledger - Covers a great range of design topics
  14. The Design Blog - Inspirational resource
  15. OrbitingWeb - Posts for all qualifications
  16. Design Bombs - Everything beginners may need
  17. Hacking UI - Community-oriented blog
  18. Envato Tuts+ - Plenty of tutorials, articles and online courses
  19. Creative Bloq - With buying guides

There is no versatile option to suit everyone, which is why in my article you will find the best web design blogs that meet a wide variety of needs. When choosing blogs for this article, I looked at site traffic, the frequency of new posts, and the experts’ competence.

If you are just starting your web design journey, then I recommend getting acquainted with such a resource that covers many web design aspects. A good example is Web Designer Depot, which is replete with useful materials. Once you’ve done enough research to decide what interests you the most, you can refer to sites that are more narrow-focused.

1. Web Designer Depot — Our Choice

Over a million followers
  • Convenient search by category
  • Articles are written by real designers
  • Good selection of free design assets
  • Many posts every week
  • Not found

Verdict: Web Designer Depot has been one of the leaders in the web design market for over 14 years. Their huge family has over 1.1 million newsletter subscribers and over 740,000 Twitter followers. 90% of the authors of this resource are its former regular subscribers. All of them work as designers and have real experience with customers and freelancing, which they are happy to share with their readers in order to give them a more accurate and practical idea of ​​​​the work of a designer.

The highlight of this website designers blog is the followers can vote and comment on blog links just like on Reddit. The articles cover a wide variety of topics, from the pros and cons of dark mode to an analysis of interface design, teaching you something new and entertaining at the same time. The best part is that you will find guides and tutorials for probably every tool you are interested in, and selections of proven and reliable products that will become faithful assistants in your work.

web designer depot blog interface

2. Smashing Magazine

Updates every day
  • 15+ years of experience
  • Weekly newsletter concerning front-end and UX
  • Team-minded community
  • Online workshops conducted by specialists
  • Some services are only available to members

Verdict: With Smashing Magazine, it’s easy to get inspired and see the amazing work of designers that is updated every day. Many users note that here you will find answers to all your questions, as well as ideas for your projects. The resource will come in handy for those who are looking for various detailed guides and step-by-step tutorials for specific tasks. Auxiliary materials in the form of screenshots and other graphic illustrations will help acquire new knowledge.

You can also attend design workshops and conferences hosted by the team of this website design blog. What’s more, the creators have provided a convenient section of vacancies for web designers around the world, both with full-time and remote positions. This platform also has a large selection of free assets such as photography marketing templates and more to make your work even more professional.

smashing magazine web design blog interface

3. CollectiveRay

Helpful information for all website specialists
  • Run by experienced developers and designers
  • Lots of tips for Joomla and WordPress
  • Multilingual blog
  • Convenient sorting of articles
  • Slightly outdated design

Verdict: This web design blog is oriented toward those who prefer working with WordPress and Joomla. On the CollectiveRay, you will find numerous practical tricks, guides, descriptions of topics, add-ons, and more that will come in handy for both designers and webmasters. Articles are written by development and design experts with a technical background.

The content is divided into categories, thanks to which you can quickly find the material you need. You can also view the latest published posts and use the search bar. A nice bonus is that you can read articles in 20+ languages.

collectiveray web design blog interface

4. Hongkiat

Handy social commerce category
  • Detailed tutorials and tips
  • A selection of freebies for various projects
  • Frequent discounts on courses
  • Large selection of themes
  • Not very convenient search by category
hongkiat web design blog logo

Verdict: Last but not least among the best web design blogs is Hongkiat. It also provides info a variety of topics useful for web designers, ranging from Photoshop guides and other similar products to an overview of free tools for WordPress. Also in this technology blog, you will find everything you need to build and effectively manage your business in the web design industry, which will come in handy for both company executives and those who prefer freelancing.

However, the highlight of this resource is the social commerce category. It contains many tips for managing the social side of web design and creating relevant video and audio content.

hongkiat web design blog interface

5. WebDesignDev

Easy article search
  • Impressive range of topics
  • Useful info for all website specialists
  • Regular updates
  • Great choice of free assets for various projects
  • The interface is out of date
webdesigndev web design blog logo

Verdict: WebDesignDev is a great place for beginners who want to understand all the nuances of website design. Here they can find tons of handy tips including Photoshop and Dreamweaver guides, reviews of themes and plugins for WordPress, and informative materials. You can learn how to create a stylish portfolio as well as get helpful recommendations related to the website running. It is not at all difficult to find the material you need as all articles are divided into categories. This blog is a real treasure for those who are looking for knowledge and inspiration.

webdesigndev web design blog website

6. TopMostBlog

Digital marketing expert blog
  • Tips from a pro
  • There is a section of popular posts
  • Convenient search
  • Contains articles about business and technology
  • Lack of subcategories for easy search
topmostblog web design blog logo

Verdict: TopMostBlog is run by a blogger with about 10 years of experience. This blog was started in 2016. It includes articles on web design for WordPress, web development, business, technology, social media, optimization, and more. You can find articles about web design through a special window. Plus, you can filter the latest and most popular articles on the topic, as well as select popular for 7 days and by reviews.

topmostblog web design blog interface

7. PicsForDesign

Offers pictures for web design
  • Detailed descriptions of pics
  • Pictures compatible with PSDs
  • Lots of materials in the archive
  • It is possible to add a code to the blog
  • Website design is very outdated
  • Most pictures are fantasy-themed
picsfordesign web design blog logo

Verdict: PicsForDesign is a blog aimed at web designers where they can find and download images to use in creating websites. They can also download and edit these images using Photoshop, if they want to apply some personalized touches.

Every picture on the blog comes with information about layers, colors, and background options. If you regularly read the blog, you can take advantage of special deals, bonuses, gifts, and other exciting offers from PicsForDesign. Plus, there's an exclusive club that you can join separately, with even more featured content available for subscribers.

picsfordesign web design blog website

8. Decolore

Created by web experts
  • Articles on a variety of topics
  • Streamlined navigation
  • Well-illustrated articles
  • A wide range of freebies for different purposes
  • Some categories require an update
decolore web design blog logo

Verdict: Decolore provides loads of invaluable information about design trends and strives to become one of the most informative platforms for web and graphic designers as well as for other people who might be interested in design. Here, you will find a lot of links to other resources that offer lucrative deals and free bonuses. When looking through the articles on this website, you will find a variety of graphic design elements that will come in handy for those who are working on complex projects.

decolore web design blog website

9. Graphic Design Junction

Over 468,000 subscribers
  • Over 10-year experience in blogging
  • Up-to-date articles for designers and developers
  • Freebies section
  • Great tutorials selection
  • Out-of-date design
  • The articles have no publication date
graphic design junction web design blog logo
Graphic Design Junction

Verdict: Web Design section is one of the many categories, which are mentioned in Graphic Design Junction. There is a great number of articles compilated during 10 years of experience, among which you will find the inspiring websites selections, tools overviews, and advice for beginners.

The website also contains a lot of free tools, including fonts and templates, useful for web-designers.

graphic design junction web design blog interface

10. Downgraf

Contains practical tools for web designers
  • Inspirational materials
  • Pre-designed WordPress assets
  • Convenient content organization
  • Tools for web designers
  • Not for total novices
  • Confusing language
downgraph web design blog logo

Verdict: Downgraf is a specialized blog for web designers. It serves as a platform where professionals can stay updated on industry news and design-related trends, draw inspiration, and make the most out of convenient built-in tools for web development. Moreover, Downgraf provides an array of free WordPress themes and plugins for various purposes, along with comprehensive information on how to effectively utilize them.

Downgraf is regularly updated, so you can find the latest information about artificial intelligence, ChatGPT, and other cutting-edge technologies related to design and development. It also offers a range of practical tools, including Color Hunt for finding various color palettes, a QR code generator software, an extensive font library, and many other valuable resources.

downgraph web design blog website

11. Creative design blog

Provides up-to-date tips and guidance
  • Content regularly updated
  • Covers diverse topics
  • Website search available
  • Archived articles accessible
  • Interface needs some improvement
  • Ads
creative design blog logo
Creative design blog

Verdict: Creative Design Blog stands out as a top-notch WordPress resource. Offering a rich array of categories, including Affiliate, Google AdSense, Marketing, SEO, WordPress Themes, Web Hosting, WordPress Tips, and Web Design, it's a go-to destination for beginners, designers, and developers. With a commitment to quality tips, tricks, deals, and services like Google AdWords management and SEO, Creative Design Blog is widely regarded as one of the best web design blogs for staying updated and informed in the ever-evolving world of web design.

creative design blog web design blog

12. SitePoint

Platform for web design developers
  • Created by web experts
  • Easy article navigation
  • Excellent library
  • Forum for communication with other professionals
  • Paid access to the whole library
sitepoint web design blog logo

Verdict: When searching for the best web design blogs, you’re sure to come across SitePoint. Here you will find guides on well-known and new design tools, and eye-catching works of talented creators that spur inspiration, whether it is illustrations or brand identity. In addition to the theoretical aspects of work, SitePoint offers a lot of practical tips and tricks for a variety of specialties.

sitepoint web design blog interface

13. Web Design Ledger

Covers a great range of design topics
  • Category with experts interviews
  • Handy search by topic
  • Covers many topics and tools
  • Modern interface
  • No newsletter subscription
web design ledger blog logo
Web Design Ledger

Verdict: This web design blog appeals to readers with its easy navigation and articles on many topics. This is just a godsend for those who lack inspiration. Any web designer can learn a lot here, from tips on creating a posh portfolio to how-to articles on running their own business. It makes it easy to stay on trend by reading interviews with high-profile industry representatives and streamline your workflow with the new web design software presented here.

web design ledger blog interface

14. The Design Blog

Inspirational resource
  • Perfect for inspiration
  • Works of designers and design studios from all over the world
  • “Designer of the week” nomination
  • Good selection of freebies
  • Navigation may seem confusing
the design blog logo
The Design Blog

Verdict: If you’re looking for inspirational stuff, then this website designers blog is the place to be. TDB has its own flair – every week they nominate the best designer by posting his/her projects on their website and social media profile. Thus, you can get inspired by the Master Bundles group and other talented representatives of the sphere, and understand how to hone your skills to reach their level. Also every week you can check out a new featured quote, video clip, and a compilation of cool free tools. What’s more, the team regularly recommends content and platforms worth your attention, well-known Dribble profiles, and other useful materials.

the design blog interface

15. OrbitingWeb

Posts for all qualifications
  • Articles with basic tips
  • Advanced guides from pro-level web designers
  • Subscription to the newsletter of popular articles
  • Article page has related content
  • No built-in search
orbitingweb web design blog logo

Verdict: No matter what level of knowledge and skills you have in web design, you are sure to find a lot of useful content on OrbitingWeb. The coverage of topics is amazing, from Search Engine Optimization to Making Money Online, from Blogging to Online Marketing, and so on. I like that the authors in their posts pay enough attention, both to beginners in the world of web design, describing in detail how to choose the right web hosting and how to launch your own blog, and to experts, helping them master new heights and improve their skills for achieving the best results.

The blog has articles both from the author and content from experts in various niches, from developers to business consultants. All articles are divided into categories for your convenience, and you can express your opinion about the material by leaving a comment under the article.

orbitingweb web design blog interface

16. Design Bombs

Everything beginners may need
  • Easy article search
  • Separate glossary
  • Free templates for web designers
  • Lots of WP tutorials
  • Some categories haven’t been updated for a long time
design bombs web design blog logo
Design Bombs

Verdict: Choosing the most newbie-friendly web design blog, you should pay special attention to Design Bombs. The team has developed an amazing “Start Here” section with tons of articles on blogging, website building, and WordPress hosting for rookies. In general, you can learn about the top WordPress themes for graphic designers, reviews of the latest major designer events, tutorials and materials for programmers and web designers, and more. The team also prepares collections of the best website design software (both free & paid), applications, and special offers, and their “Inspiration” section will not leave anyone indifferent.

design bombs web design blog interface

17. Hacking UI

Community-oriented blog
  • Studio blog with 12+ years of experience
  • Complex and simple articles
  • Good selection of podcasts
  • Newsletter subscription in a couple of clicks
  • Articles haven’t been updated for a long time
hacking ui web design blog logo
Hacking UI

Verdict: This web design blog from Contrast UX Studio web design company is a real finding for those who have embarked on the path of UI design. This resource has gained popularity due to its community focus and wealth of materials for experts in absolutely any creative industry. A user-friendly interface allows you to learn new things effortlessly.

There are articles, interviews, and even podcasts on the blog. The topics of the articles are comprehensive: from improving the efficiency of your web project to tips on building a business after freelancing.

Hacking UI is a blog designed to be a one-stop resource for web designers and developers seeking valuable content, inspiration, and practical advice to enhance their design skills and stay current in the dynamic world of UI/UX design. Whether you're looking for tutorials, expert interviews, design inspiration, or free resources, this blog has you covered

hacking ui web design blog interface

18. Envato Tuts+

Plenty of tutorials, articles, and online courses
  • About 10 years of experience
  • Great variety of topics
  • Over 30K tutorials
  • Access to online courses
  • May seem overwhelming to beginners
envato tuts web design blog logo
Envato Tuts+

Verdict: This website designers blog is a treasure trove of freebies and online classes to explore all the different niches of web design. All content is devoted to, perhaps, absolutely every aspect of the industry – here you can learn how to build UI design strategies and develop them, as well as improve user experience and accessibility.

Envato Tuts+ is unrivaled in creating extremely clear tutorials for the most complex topics. The developers have done everything so that you can start exploring such niche without in-depth knowledge of coding and design language. If you have downloaded freebies from this website but lack ideas of how to use them for your projects, check out the “Inspiration” section on the Line25 website.

envato tuts web design blog interface

19. Creative Bloq

Great buying tutorials
  • Abounds with inspiring works
  • Abounds with inspiring works
  • Articles are constantly updated
  • Informative buying tutorials
  • Lots of ads
creative bloq web design blog logo
Creative Bloq

Verdict: This website design blog is amazing for inspiration. You will surely like samples of graphic design and other works. What’s more, informative content related to web design will also please you. With Creative Bloq, you will be up to date with all the latest events and trends in the world of art and web design. In addition, the team adds articles several times a day and in several categories at once. For instance, you can learn about the best web design companies in Ottawa, affordable design serviced in Oregon, etc.

creative bloq web design blog interface