Russ Michaels Consulting Review 2024: Pros & Cons

By Kate Gross 2 days ago, Apps and Software

Russ Michaels Consulting

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  • Businesses: Small businesses, individuals
  • Pricing: By agreement

Verdict: I decided to reach out to Russ Michaels Consulting when I was looking for a web development company. I chose a freelancer because he offers a broad range of multifunctional services in one place.

This expert accounts for all the client's requirements while always meeting deadlines and staying within budget. Additionally, I was informed about the progress of the project during every stage, allowing me to remain in the loop throughout the entire process.

  • WordPRess website design
  • Migration & managed web services
  • Cybersecurity and SEO
  • Google workspace
  • Email authentication/deliverability
  • No 24/7 support
  • Doesn't support other CRM system other than WordPress
russ michaels consulting website

Russ Michaels Consulting offers full-cycle web design, maintenance, management, email, and consultation services as well as website hosting, GDPR, PCI-DSS, DMARC, etc.

Russ Michaels Consulting: Main Features

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Russ Michaels is an expert in different IT industry areas who mainly focuses on services tied to site development and website maintenance. In contrast to most other freelancers and service providers, Russ won’t try to convince you to purchase an additional service you don’t really need.

Michaels understands that it’s impossible to come up with a universal solution for all customers, which is why he strives to provide distinct solutions that are fine-tuned to the specifications and budgets of each client.

He offers detailed explanations regarding all of the offered services to ensure you understand exactly what you're getting when you order a specific solution for your business.

russ michaels consulting security

He pays special attention to the security of the developed websites to guarantee his services don’t open your business up to risks of cybercriminals or malware. You can rest assured the delivered website is completely protected by monitoring, web application firewall and malware scanning.

Responsive Website Design with Custom Options

russ michaels consulting website design

Russ Michaels Consulting delivers highly responsive, mobile-optimized sites for startups, small businesses, and individual entrepreneurs like photographers, electricians, plumbers, builder and more. This means the website's design fully adapts to different screen sizes to ensure there aren't any hidden areas, regardless of whether you're using a smartphone, tablet, or a huge monitor.

Similar to full-sized web design companies, Russ Michaels employs different modern technologies that allow adding different features that are required for each specific project. Additionally, you can pick the necessary options from a broad range of API integrations that allow you to significantly expand the functionality of your website.

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If you want to sell your products or services online, then there’s an array of solutions you can receive from this freelancer to achieve your goals or have your Margate ecommerce platform up and active in record time.

Russ will collaborate with you to develop the optimal solution for your Margate web design, regardless of whether you’re interested in a basic storefront or an advanced eCommerce platform with all the advanced trendy features.

Ability to Build Your Own Website from Pre-Made Blocks

russ michaels consulting website builder

If you’d like to design your website manually, then you can take advantage of Russ Michaels Consulting to employ a convenient website builder for photographers and other creatives. In terms of functionality, it’s a solid Adobe Portfolio alternative as well as a replacement for Wix, Squarespace, and even WordPress.

It’s supplied with a quick start wizard, drag-and-drop controls, and integrated applications that will allow you to design and manage your site, eCommerce platform, and landing pages. Website elements are divided into content blocks that can be conveniently moved around, edited, and customized as you see fit.

russ michaels consulting website builder template

All templates included in the Site Builder offer hundreds if not thousands of customization options that include color palettes, fonts, menu layouts, etc.

Moreover, it lets you conveniently manage your site with zero HTML knowledge while also offering the option of using an HTML editor that enables advanced users to implement HTML, CSS, and JavaScript components into their websites.

Full Management of WordPress-Based Websites

russ michaels consulting wordpress

If you have a WordPress site, there’s an array of relevant services that you can order from Russ Michaels Consulting. For instance, you can ensure your WordPress panel, plugins, and WordPress photography themes are always up to date.

Additionally, Michaels can optimize your database and images, improve the site’s performance, perform Digital Marketing, fix broken links, etc.

With the help of advanced web analysis tools, Russ Michaels speeds up the loading times of underperforming WordPress sites by optimizing their structure and employing Litespeed, CDN, and caching.

russ michaels consulting wordpress maintenance

He also delivers in-depth monthly reports about the site’s performance to let you know how efficient and SEO-friendly it is and if there were any problems detected by dedicated SEO software

Russ Michaels Consulting Prices

All projects are unique so it’s impossible to name a single price that can be applied to all customers. As such, the only way you can find out how much your specific order will cost is by filling out the provided website form.

If you’re interested in the site builder, you can pick from 2 options – Site Builder (£9.95/month) and the Managed Site Builder Package Small (£30/month). The former is the DIY plan for those want to build the site themselves, no restrictions, unlimited pages and all modules. While the second plan is a fully managed, built-for-you 5 page business website.

Meanwhile, WordPress management services allow you to choose from 3 plans. Essentials for £29/month covers the basic requirements for simple sites and startups. Guardian plan will send you back £79/month and offers state-of-the-art protection and support for business sites. Lastly, the Sanxion plan can be purchased for £149/month and provides premium-grade protection, support, and website maintenance.