Recal Media Review 2024: Benefits & Pricing

Recal Media Company

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Verdict: If you are looking for a comprehensive solution for all your video creation needs, Recal Media can become your handy assistant. From developing a concept to delivering a ready-made product, the company can cover all your video production needs.

This videography company quickly absorbed all the essential parts of my project. Their team is professional, creative, and oriented to deliver top-level video production services.

  • Multiple video genres
  • The creativity of the team is beyond all praise
  • Quick quotes
  • Speedy order processing
  • Client-oriented approach
  • Some services are only delivered in Australia
  • Absence of discounts
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Recal Media has a team of specialists that does their best to meet all the clients’s needs and expectations. No matter how big your project is, you are sure to get the desired result. Once you’ve discussed all the details with these guys, they will provide you with an accurate quote within 24 hours.

Recal Media Company – Main Features

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Recal Media is a reputable video production company based in Australia. Its range of services is really huge and includes video production of various genres, brand story videos, different types of photography, etc. The team delivers only unique projects and delivers award-winning results.

This is ensured by the total avoidance of using templates or any other ready-made materials. Conducting a client-oriented approach, the company pays individualized attention to every task they receive and the result of their work is always fantastic.

Corporate Video Production to Get Great Stories

Clients turn to Recal Media when they need brand stories, training HR videos, case study testimonials, event videos, and similar stuff. They complete all the video production steps like concept development, scripting, shooting, editing, and post-production to ensure that the output is of the highest quality.

recal media corporate video example gif

I needed the brand story to advertise my photography company. The representatives of this explainer video production company discussed all the details with me to understand my goals, target audience, as well as message. I asked them to revise the project only once and the output was ready in five days.

The videographers managed to make my message stand out, and connect with my clients, leaving them spellbound, engaged, and informed.

Creative Architecture Clips

recal media architecture clip example gif

The company excels the competitors with its top-level architecture video production service, which is a gold standard for everyone who needs to create visual storytelling for the architectural field. Their clips demonstrate buildings and spaces highlighting their unique architecture, as well as emotional and artistic aspects.

Recal Media conducts artistic and technical approaches mixing them with creative promo video ideas to achieve outstanding output. The company uses advanced equipment and sophisticated post-production techniques to polish architecture videos and make certain that the visual and audio quality is at the top level.

Virtual Tradeshow to Reach Your Customers

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Production of immersive and engaging virtual tradeshow videos is another specialization of Recal Media. This type of video changes the way companies interact with their audiences in the digital era.

No matter where you want to post this content, it will work well on your company website, and social media pages in emails. Using it as an advertisement is a good idea as well.

The agency includes pre-production meetings, script writing, 1 full-day shoot, and editing. Besides, the service delivers content in different sizes and formats. These guys need up to two weeks to complete the project.

Photography to Capture the Moments

recal media photography example

Exceptional photography service is another strength of the company that is committed to capturing people’s most important moments in life. They work both with individuals and businesses keeping their memories alive through a photoshoot.

Recal Media does not only take pics but also tries its best to convey all the emotions through its images. The company’s photographers specialize in making candid photography that reflects sincere emotions, which add a special meaning to their creations.

Dynamic Video Production Portfolio

Recal Media boasts a rich portfolio of work samples that proves their versatility and creativity. Browse it to appreciate their brand story videos, documentaries, architecture videos, and more. The company can meet the needs and expectations of any client, which is a considerable advantage.

This huge experience allows the photographers to implement fresh and innovative ideas in their projects making them unique and original.

Professional Gear

The company’s team uses pro-level equipment to deliver videos with crisp visuals, clear audio, and premium quality of the whole composition. They shoot with top-notch video production gear like cinema cameras, professional audio recorders, studio lighting, and much more.

Customer-Centric Approach

Recal Media conducts a client-oriented approach when running its businesses. Collaboration and open communication are what the company focuses on. Besides, the agency induces its clients to leave their feedback on the production process.

Such an approach guarantees that clients get what they expect and even more. They prioritize the client's satisfaction by delivering exceptional services.

Recal Media Prices

The company offers the following subscriptions.

Content package (full day) for $6,999 (Pre-production meeting, 1-2 x Hero videos, 2-4 x highlight videos, BTS photography, post-production).

Content package (half-day day) for $4,999 (Pre-production meeting, 1 x Hero videos, 2 x highlight videos, post-production).

Case study / Testimonials for $2,999 (2-minute film, 30-second highlight clip, 1 x 2-hour shoot, editing and delivery of film, 1 round revision).

Brand story film for $6,499 (3-6-minute story film, 30-second highlight clips, 2 x half-day video shoots, editing and delivery of film, 1 round of revisions).

You can also opt for an Architect showcase for $2,999 and a virtual trade-show video package for $5,499.


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