Quetab Review 2023: Benefits & Pricing


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Verdict: If you're a photography blogger, a business owner, or a student, looking to enhance your skills, and boost productivity, the Quetab AI platform is your go-to tool.

Quetab is not just your ordinary generative AI tool. With its AI-driven assessment tool, you can dive deep into complex topics and subject areas, helping you expand your understanding and expertise.

  • Ability to sell content
  • User-friendly bot builder
  • Creation and sharing of AI-powered quizzes
  • Various tools like question generator, flashcard maker, text summarizer, etc.
  • Supports multiple platforms and devices
  • Limited language support
  • May be pricey
quetab interface

Quetab is an exceptional AI platform that not only enhances the learning process but also provides opportunities to monetize your knowledge. Its study sets, bot builder, and AI-powered quizzes make it a valuable tool for students, professionals, and anyone looking to expand their skills.

Quetab: Main Features

quetab features

One of the standout features of Quetab is its study sets, which cover a wide variety of subjects. This means that users can find resources and materials to aid their learning in almost any field. Quetab also allows users to monetize their knowledge by selling their own content on the platform.

Another great feature of Quetab is its user-friendly bot builder. With this tool, users can develop personalized AI solutions for their own use or their teams. It's an easy-to-use interface that requires no extensive coding knowledge so that anyone can create AI bots without complex artificial intelligence software.

Easy Generation of Questions from Text

quetab generate questions from text

One of the standout features of Quetab is its ability to generate questions from any text. Just take any piece of content, whether it's an article, a book, or even a website, and turn it into a set of engaging questions.

These questions are categorized based on their type, such as multiple choice or true/false. Due to well-known QA datasets, the generated questions are coherent and unbiased.

Interactive Flashcards Generation for Effective Learning

quetab flashcard maker

Quetab allows you to create unlimited flashcards with text, images, or even audio in any subject you can think of. You can shuffle and flip the cards to challenge yourself further.

You can keep them private or share them with the community. What’s more, it has a feature that lets you ask the Quetab community for help.

Summarize Long Article Seamlessly

quetab text summarizer

The AI algorithm used by Quetab assigns a score to each word based on its importance, allowing it to select the most relevant sentences for the summary. This makes it a fantastic tool for cutting down reading time and removing distracting information.

This AI writer can summarize long articles and books into just a few paragraphs, making it much easier to digest and understand.

Simple Scanning & Extracting Text from PDFs and Images

quetab text extraction

With Quetab, you can easily convert scanned documents and images into editable texts without using OCR software. This means you can easily search for specific keywords, make edits, and even archive the information. It's a real time-saver for researchers and students who need to keep up with current research in their fields.

Generate and Extract Keywords with Ease

quetab keyword generator

Quetab’s AI Keyword Generator and Extractor utilizes artificial intelligence to analyze the meaning and context of your content and extract the most relevant keywords.

What sets it apart is its ability to generate long-tail keywords to avoid repetitive content and make your work stand out from the crowd. By using this feature, you can save valuable time and optimize your content for search engines.

Fast and Accurate Picture Generation from Text

quetab art generator

With Quetab’s text-to-image AI generator, you can take any detailed prompt or description and turn it into stunning visual art within seconds. It uses natural language processing and translation to convert your words into beautiful images that can range from landscapes to abstract concepts, and even portraits and caricatures.

ChatGPT vs Bard AI Comparison for the Best Results

quetab ai platforms comparison

Have you ever wondered which chatbot – ChatGPT or Bard AI – is better? But how about using both at the same time! Quetab will help with this and compare the results. Whether you need help generating text, proofreading content, or finding answers to your questions, you can easily determine which chatbot suits your needs best.

Expertly Curated Content on Any Topic

quetab curated content

Quetab boasts user-friendly bot builder allows users to develop public and private bots and discover top AI bots created by the community. Its curated content is sourced from experts and the community, which helps ensure that all material is factual and accurate.

Moreover, it provides users with an opportunity to share their own knowledge and contribute to the growing community of learners. Users can access the Trending Topics feature, which helps them identify trending topics within their field of interest.

Private AI and ML Cloud Server to Boost Your Apps

quetab private servers

Quetab offers AI-ready infrastructure that can really scale your applications. Its Private AI and ML Cloud Server comes with pre-trained models and advanced AI capabilities for different tasks. This means you can derive valuable insights, whether you're working in the cloud or at the edge.

Quetab's drag-and-drop interface lets you build intelligent and interactive bots with ease. You can utilize natural language processing and sentiment analysis to create engaging experiences for your apps or websites.


Quetab offers flexible pricing options to cater to various budgets, ensuring accessibility for all users.

You can get started with the Basic plan for free, allowing you to create unlimited study sets, generate questions from text, extract keywords, summarize content, scan text from images and documents, and even transform text into art. Plus, you'll receive 30 monthly credits and have a maximum character limit of 1200 per request.

For an enhanced experience, the Premium plan is available at just $9.99 per month. It includes all the features of the Basic plan, free access to selected premium study sets, 1000 monthly credits, a generous 10000 maximum character limit per request, and an ad-free experience.


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