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Verdict: Bolex Brothers is a globally known American enterprise that produces video content for business and personal use. As you’ll see from this Bolex Brothers review, the company specializes in filming advertisements, but can also take up large-scale projects like documentary production and storytelling.

An undeniable advantage of this company is that they assign a personal producer to each project. Each client receives maximum attention and a fully personalized approach despite the company’s busy schedule and how difficult it is to find free time for a new project.

  • Personal producer
  • Video production of any genre
  • Broad range of photo and video equipment
  • Expert guidance sessions during the video creation process
  • Rational prices
  • Large order queue
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Bolex Brothers works only with the best video equipment, which allows recording quality video clips in up to 8K resolution. Their other advantages include the ability to rent company gear by making use of a separate service.

Bolex Brothers Company: Main Features

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Bolex Brothers specialize in creating videos of all possible genres and lengths: from 30 seconds to multiple hours. Their video production process can be broken down into 4 stages: pre-production – when the client tells about their concept and discusses all the details, production – the process of recording the video, post-production –video editing and processing, and distribution – publishing the video clip online.

Commercial Videos for Business

Commercial video production is among the main lines of work provided by the Bolex Brothers studio. It’s ready to produce full-fledged commercial videos for companies regardless of their size or field. In particular, Bolex Brothers can create quality advertisements that utilize virtually any promo video ideas, product, and service reviews, instruction manuals for specific products, and plenty of other video formats.

Testimonial videos also fall into this category, as they feature client review clips that share their experience with a specific product or service that you want to advertise. Such content allows convincing other clients to order services from you thanks to the trust they feel towards the person who left the review.

For those who want to convey a deeper message, the company offers a “Tell a story” service. Bolex Brothers specialists will record a full-fledged small video clip that will tell a specific story, which follows a fixed script. Thanks to a cinematographic approach, such a video will attract the audience’s attention and will leave a long-lasting impression.

If the client wants something more creative, they can order vintage production. Bolex Brothers will create a stylish video clip about your brand in a vintage style that will make your content stand out from the rest. You can also order a lifestyle-type clip that will help clients establish a closer link to your company and learn more about the people behind it. Advertising videos can be presented in motion graphics format, where the main information is presented in a clear, graphical manner.

Branded Content for Companies and Personal Use

This Bolex Brothers category includes artistic advertisements represented by fully unconventional content that is based on a unique idea. For instance, it can be a documentary on your company or a certain event from its history.

You can also creatively present advertising information, for instance through storytelling. Another option – an entire video series, with each clip having a different subject or telling about the company's employees or projects. There are no limits to what you can come up with here other than the ones imposed by your imagination.

High-Quality Documentary Content

bolex brothers documentary content

Bolex Brothers specialize in producing documentaries. Their experts are ready to extensively cover a specific historical event, film an interview-style video or create a full-fledged documentary based on selected photos. The latter option is often recommended in photography marketing tips as an original way of introducing an audience to a photographer’s body of work.

Live Event Content for Blogs and Websites

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Such content usually consists of sizzles – small promo clips, ranging from 1 to 5 minutes in length. Bolex Brothers are highly proficient at picking the main moments even from multi-hour performances and using them to produce exciting and appealing content.

This service category also includes short videos for social networks. The company is ready to help clients who want to make their Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media content more interesting and can create clips up to 1 minute in length on virtually any subject, including social and business ones.

The company also provides video production services for politicians who do public speeches. They’re a fantastic political PR tool that will help acquaint voters with a specific candidate and their main goals.

Music Videos For All Genres

bolex brothers music videos

Bolex Brothers video production services include music video filming. It can be a simple high-quality concert recording or an implementation of the client’s individual music video ideas. The studio’s camera crew is ready to film concerts of any genre and create a clip that will genuinely captivate the audience.

Narrative Videos with Your Stories

Bolex Brothers experts are also involved in creating long, multi-hour narrative videos. For instance, you can use this company to implement your short film idea, tell a story of an entire single day, etc. Such video clips can be used as a marketing tool or filmed exclusively for personal purposes.

Bolex Brothers Company Prices

Akin to other companies that offer video production services, Bolex Brothers prices are calculated individually for each client. Thankfully, the company offers a complete price breakdown based on the video’s subject, complexity, length, and other factors.

As of this BB studio review, their prices start at $1000. To learn a more accurate estimation of how much it’ll cost to complete your project, you can contact the company’s representatives and discuss all the details with them.

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