Brandefy Video Production Company Review 2023


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  • Platforms: Web
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Verdict: Brandefy Video Production Company is a well-known American company that offers universal services for creating digital content. It offers clients complete packs, including the development, production and distribution of video products on the net and on television.

  • Personalized approach
  • High-quality media promotion
  • You can order creative commercials
  • Long-term cooperation
  • Library of stock promotional videos
  • May be quite expensive for some purposes
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Brandefy highly relies on the cinematic approach while serving clients. The company's services include the production, distribution and consulting of television commercials and web videos.

These specialists can bring into life almost any creative idea their clients have and produce creative and effective commercial video products.

Brandefy Video Production Company: TV Production

brandefy video production company tv production

Brandefy mainly creates commercial videos for television. By addressing this company, you will get interesting and, most importantly, attention-grabbing video commercials for broadcasting on TV.

1. Commercials

In order for the whole city or even the whole country to know about your company, you can ask Brandefy experts to create unique commercials with a duration of 30 seconds, 60 seconds or 2 minutes. This video material will involve your original promo video ideas. These guys can create a high-quality video with a clearly limited timing to convey the main idea and intent of a client.

2. Documercials & Infomercials

If you want to present yourself as creatively as possible, you can order a short or long staged commercial. The main advantage of such a video is its uniqueness, which means that the audience will notice it and remember for some time. The result is a creative and engaging promo campaign that is bound to engrave in the viewers’ memory.


In addition, Brandefy Video Production Company can create DRTV commercials – TV ads that encourage customers to get in touch with an advertiser directly. These videos induce people to call a company, send SMS messages or go to an official website. Thanks to such motivation videos, you can significantly extend the list of your clients.

4. Stockumercials

As for the budget-friendly services, you can use the company’s stock video library. It was created specifically for those clients who want to keep away from full-fledged video production. Thanks to such a library, you can save a lot of money and create full-fledged commercials based on ready-made video pieces.

Brandefy Video Production Company: Web Videos

brandefy video production company web videos

Web video about a company is a universal marketing tool. While looking through photography marketing tips, you’ll see that it is one of the most efficient recommendations that help promote a client’s website, services or products among network users.

1. Intro Videos

Brandefy creates videos for websites using only the best video editing software, so you always get high-quality and eye-catching clips. Addressing this company, you can be sure you’ll always get a creative and impactful intro video for your website, that will encourage your clients to order your services or buy your products.

2. Explainer Videos

If you want to properly present yourself to the clients, you can order a video that tells about your company. Such videos are created in a stylish and easy-to-understand animation manner that clearly explains what services you provide.

3. Constant Content

Any brand must constantly keep in touch with its audience, regularly updating content and reminding about itself. Therefore, if you want to fill your website with new unique videos on a regular basis, you can use Brandefy's “Permanent Content” service.

Basically, Brandefy acts as your own content maker and records new videos at definite intervals. This format is ideal for product reviews, FAQs, or just for company’s blog.

4. Sizzle Reels

Those who want to present themselves as creatively as possible, can take advantage of the Sizzle Reels format - short advertising teasers. This is a unique service that deserves a special note in Brandefy Video Production Company review. Thanks to such a video, users can learn about new products, so a company is likely to attract new clients.

Brandefy Video Production Company: Distribution

brandefy video production company distribution

The third type of service that Brandefy provides is the distribution of finished videos in order to attract new clients and extend awareness of your company or product.

1. Media Buying

Brandefy offers its clients media buying - promotion through advertising in various media. The company's specialists will analyze media sources and define the most profitable one for distributing the necessary information, based on its type and your main goals. The company runs a full-fledged commercial or DRTV live campaign on TV channels, ensuring you get the highest bang for your buck.

You can also order the promotion of your company via the net. By ordering such a service, your product or website will be advertised on popular advertising resources and web platforms.

2. Video Search Engine Optimization (VSEO)

To ensure that a huge number of people will see your video, Brandefy conducts video search engine optimization (VSEO). The company uses VSEO best practices to improve your search engine rankings (SERP) and make videos work for your business.

This service is especially relevant for those, who want to promote their video on YouTube and increase the number of views several times.

Brandefy Prices

The cost of Brandefy services is discussed individually in each particular case. The exact price is calculated based on the basic requirements of a client, on the complexity of the production of the desired video clip, and on the time allotted for work.

On average, the price of a project starts at $ 1,000. To find out how much it will cost to implement your idea, contact the company representatives and describe your requirements.

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