Photomatix vs Lightroom

What program to choose for an effective photo editing? Read on my Photomatix vs Lightroom comparison to understand which one is better.

Photomatix is an excellent photo editing tool that can be used for retouching photos. It is a fully featured digital photo retouching tool that is extremely easy to use and it can be easily downloaded from Internet.

Lightroom is an advanced photo editing and image creation software suite released by Adobe Inc as part of the Creative Cloud membership family. It offers convenient photo processing features which can drastically enhance your images in an almost immediate way. 

Final Verdict:

Lightroom is the ideal solution to work seamlessly with Photoshop, while some photographers still like editing their photos manually with Adobe Photoshop. However, most photographers quickly discover that it is much easier to utilize, while being very powerful and functional, as well.

Lightroom is the winner >

Lightroom Features:

  • Non-destructive photo editing
  • Selection of presets
  • Creative filters
  • Intuitive UI
  • Image organization and management

What is Photomatix?

photomatix interface

A number of features are included in Photomatix image editing program and these features can be helpful for all types of basic retouching. One of the main advantages of using the program is that it allows you to process your pictures digitally which does not require any film or developing costs. All the editing options can be done by clicking on a single button and the result can be immediately sent to your email address.

The Photo Editor option of the program allows you to select a number of photos and the software merges them together to form a collage making your image appear as a whole. You can also use the Brush Strokes tool in the Photo Editor section to create special effects and merge all the selected photos together.

One of the main features of the program is the fact that it produces high quality prints every time. You can do as much printing as you want without worrying about having to re-load and start over again if you want a new image. 

What is Lightroom?

lightroom interface

One of the key advantages of Lightroom is its wide range of editing features. It allows you to do everything from adjust brightness, contrast, red-eye reduction and the whole gamut of image processing.

In fact, with its advanced photo editing features and smart previews/screenshots, you never have to keep all of your old photos on your hard drive when you're just editing or even color-correcting them to post on Facebook or Instagram etc. You can save all of your edits as a Lightroom file and simply import these pictures into the app whenever you need them.

Other important features of Lightroom that have contributed to its growing popularity among both amateurs and professionals include the automatic tagging of photos to create a unique and customized experience, the ability to manage and restore multiple images as part of one project and the ability to apply layers to photos. Lightroom's wide range of features means that photographers no longer need to spend hours searching for and copying files to their computers to be able to edit, tweak and enhance images.


photomatix logo
lightroom logo

Photomatix & Lightroom Features:

  • HDR support
  • RAW images editing
  • Batch processing
  • Plugin for Lightroom
  • Aimed at real estate photos
  • Detailed color correction
  • Face detection
  • Integration with Adobe's library
  • RAW files processing
  • Crop and rotate tools

Photomatix and Lightroom Price:

STARTING PRICE $99.00/one purchase $9.99/month
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FixThePhoto Choice:

If you are a photo enthusiast, you are probably looking around for the best editing software that will meet all of your processing needs. In this case, be sure to try out Lightroom's features. If you're an advanced photographer and want to make your photos look professional, there are many new and exciting photo editing features available in Lightroom.