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Photopad Image Editor

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  • Version: 2022
  • Compatible: Windows/macOS/Android

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If you are using a PhotoPad and want to edit your images, you may not be aware of the software that comes with it - the PhotoPad Image Editor. This is the program you need to use if you wish to change the look of your digital photo or even add a frame to it. In fact, many professional digital photographers actually own a PhotoPad so that they can take as many photos as possible. This is the way to go if you like taking pictures that have that "wow" factor to them! But what exactly does this software do and how do you get the best results from it?

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The PhotoPad Image Editor is the one tool you will need in order to do all of your editing right from home. It allows you to make precise changes right on the photo without having to save and then reload the image - which is something you simply cannot do when you are editing a picture with other software. You can make additions, remove elements, merge different pictures into one, and even apply different effects to the image in real time.

System Requirements

OS: Windows, macOS, Android
Disk space: 100 MB
Screen: 1024x768
CPU: Intel, nVidia, AMD

Windows Photopad Image Editor

Filename: photopad_image_editor_download.exe (download)
Filesize: 29 MB

Mac Photopad Image Editor

Filename: (download)
Filesize: 25 MB

Android Photopad Image Editor

Filename: photopad_image_editor_download.apk (download)
Filesize: 21 MB

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