Pazu Amazon Prime Video Downloader Review for Windows & Mac

Pazu Amazon Prime Video Downloader

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  • Platform: Windows, Mac
  • Price: Free or from $14.95/mo

Verdict: I like Pazu because it's easy to use and allows downloading videos in just 4 steps. Moreover, the program supports such popular formats as MP4 and MKV. This software has several subtitles and audio options for users to choose from when saving a file. If you want to watch videos with subtitles, opt for this program.

This tool will appeal to Amazon Prime members who want to watch videos even without internet access. Pazu Amazon Prime Video Downloader comes in handy when you want to watch your favorite videos offline while traveling or just need to save them to your device.

  • Decent video quality
  • Fast enough downloading
  • Several languages for audio and subtitles
  • Download as many videos as you want
  • No need to install the Amazon Prime app
  • You can’t download some videos
pazu amazon prime video downloader interface

You can use Pazu Amazon Prime Video Downloader for Windows and Mac devices to download Prime Video titles in 2 formats. Before you start the process, you should specify the needed video format.

Pazu Amazon Prime Video Downloader — Main Features

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This is a great app for those who want to watch various TV shows, movies, Amazon Originals, sports, and videos rented or purchased from the platform, regardless of Internet availability. Users can save files in 1080P resolution and watch videos wherever they are. Access to Amazon Prime Video is not required in this case.

Easy-to-Use Tool for Windows and Mac

easy to use pazu amazon prime video downloader

Whether you are going to use Pazu Amazon Prime Video Downloader for Mac or Windows, the algorithm is the same. First, you need to open the software, log into the Amazon Prime Video account by entering your e-mail ID and password.

You can use either paid or free trial version. To get access to the full functionality, you need to buy a license. After that, you should enter your registration code by clicking on the key icon. Next, choose the video format and quality. You can change a video codec, formats, audio & subtitle languages.

To find the video you want, you can enter its name, and click the search icon. Alternatively, you can copy and paste the link to the desired video. Click “Download” next to the name of the movie or series. If you download a movie, you will see only one icon. In the case of TV series, each episode has its own download button. Specify audio tracks and subtitles for each episode before initiating the download.

The convenient thing is that I can view the download history with one click. This feature is not available in many online video downloaders. To do this, find the History option at the top of the screen and click on it.

Download High-Quality Videos

pazu amazon prime video downloader settings

With this program, you get instant access to top-quality content. H.264 or H.265 video codecs are available for saving Amazon Prime videos. Users can also download content in 1080p. Now low quality and buffering won't spoil your viewing experience. You can download multiple movies at once.

Download Videos without Limits on Any Device

With this software, you can bypass the 30-day and 48-hour limitations on movies and TV shows by downloading content in MP4 or MKV format. Moreover, there are no geo-restrictions on downloaded videos. You can save content from free or paid channels like SHOWTIME, Paramount+, and others.

Saved Amazon Prime videos are now available on a variety of devices including Amazon's Fire tablets, Google or Apple products, smartphones, desktop computers, and more. You can transfer files to any external storage.

Select Language for Subtitle and Audio Track

pazu amazon prime video downloader subtitle

There is a good choice of audio tracks and subtitles for movies and shows. This means that Pazu Amazon Prime Video Downloader will cater to the needs of viewers who like to turn on subtitles when watching movies. Unlike the Prime Video app, the program allows you to upload files by choosing from 6 audio languages.

You need to specify the audio and subtitle languages you prefer before the download starts. The list includes English, Spanish, French, Mandarin, and other languages. Users can also save audio surround music and Audio description. There are several options for importing subtitles: free, embedded, and hard-coded. Down the road, you can modify them in the subtitle editor. EAC3 5.1 or AAC 2.0 audio tracks are also supported.

Watch Video in Any Country

With this software, you can watch your favorite movies regardless of the current location. When you travel, you don't need to install a VPN for Amazon Prime Video to access the desired content. The program allows you to receive all the news in the world of cinema and TV shows and enjoy them at any time. Moreover, an Amazon Prime subscription is not required.

No Need for the Amazon Prime App

Another nice thing is you can download movies and TV shows without installing the Amazon Prime app. Pazu Amazon Prime Video Downloader comes with an inbuilt browser that you can use to search for videos.

Pazu Amazon Prime Video Downloader Prices

You can test the functionality through a trial version. It provides access to all the tools and features for 30 days. After that, you can choose one of the licenses: Monthly subscription for $14.95 per month, Yearly - for $59.95 per year, and Lifetime for $129.90.

By purchasing a monthly and a yearly package, you can install the program on one device. The Lifetime license makes it possible to use the software on 2 computers. All paid packages include regular free updates and technical support. Keep in mind that you can get your money back within 30 days if you realize that the program doesn’t meet your expectations.

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