Foximusic Royalty Free Music Review 2024: Pros & Cons


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  • Platforms: Browser
  • Pricing: From $24/track

Verdict: When I first opened Foximusic, I was impressed by the affluence of music and sounds it offers. The platform contains many soundtracks for various projects, commercial materials, etc. Thanks to the well-designed search option, you can locate the needed song in an instant and using the pre-listening function, you can decide whether the track is really suitable for the purpose. Besides, you can add audio to a playlist, download it or purchase a license without hopping from one page to another.

  • Suitable for commercial use
  • Frequent updates of music collections
  • Video-oriented catalog of tracks
  • Smooth searching
  • Preview files contain watermarks
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Foximusic is replete with audio files for personal and commercial needs. Here you can find audio for different types of videos, as well as varied platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and podcasts.

Foximusic: Main Features

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The bragging point of Foximusic is that the developers compose and produce all the tracks on their own, so you get unique content suitable for personal and business projects. Everything is clear with copyrights and you won’t experience any problems down the road.

You don’t need to deal with any third-party copyright holder who may change their terms of use for music at any time or transfer their work from one music library market to another without prior notification.

Extensive Selection of Music for Various Video Genres

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Generally, music over video apps have a poor selection of tracks, most of which are not original. Using Foximusic, you will definitely find a soundtrack suitable for your video project.

Another strong side of this royalty free music site is a neatly organized collection of tracks. Locating specific audio is a breeze, as all the content is categorized into groups according to certain types of videos. You can find music for tech, videos, promotional, and corporate clips, as well as collections for lifestyle, motivational, inspirational, and similar videos.

Handy Detailed Filters for Quick Music Searching

foximusic filters

There are detailed filters that expedite audio searching. What’s more, you can make the process even more streamlined by specifying such parameters as a music genre, style, keywords, or even mood.

Besides, the curated collections can also serve as filters. Head to sections with some specific themes to find the appropriate music. Fashion/Lifestyle, Soft Ambient, Epic/Dramatic, Electronic/Dance, Rock/Indie, Acoustic/Pop – all these types are available at Foximusic. The search is further simplified by tags, which are grouped according to their popularity and frequency of use. For example, this music downloader offers such popular tags as inspiring, motivational, optimistic, promotional, and positive.

Moreover, there are Trending and Newest collections. As the platform receives new content every day, these two categories abound with the latest songs. Each track has a detailed description, including the genre, mood of the chosen audio, and recommendations on similar sounds.

What is more, it is possible to edit files. Pre-listen the desired track, save it to your PC, copy its URL, include it to the playlist on the platform, and purchase the license to get overall control over an audio file, removing watermarks for commercial purposes.

Exclusive Music Collections Specially Created for Foximusic Platform

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With Foximusic, finding cool audio for your video is super easy. The platform contains playlists generated by professional music makers. You can browse each of them and choose the one you are interested in based on its description on the cover. If you are looking for something specific, take advantage of such filters as Themes, Genres, and Moods.

The collection of twelve short music tracks that last approximately 20 seconds, will interest YouTube bloggers who can use these files as intro or outro music. They are available for free. However, their full versions are paid. Besides, it is possible to get each track separately instead of buying the whole playlist.

Additional Features for Platform Users

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Being an active YouTube user, you can earn money with the exported tracks on Foximusic. However, there is one demand – your channel should have a minimum of 25K subscribers.

To partake in the program, you need to include the tracks from the platform in your YouTube videos indicating the URLs. The service will pay you 25% for each successful referral purchase that has your unique referral link. It is possible to withdraw money every three months to your PayPal or bank account.

Moreover, the website contains a handy blog with much useful info about music and video production, various apps review, and more. Besides, here you will fund a range of useful tips on creating projects. The most demanded content is written by Andrew Williams, music licensing and marketing enthusiast of Foximusic. Sharing his experience and knowledge, he inspires users to make strides in what they love doing most of all.

Foximusic Prices

The developers offer three lifetime licenses. Of course, each of them comes with its unique conditions and features, but the company representatives can create an individual price offer per your request. Besides, both personal and commercial license plans allow you to monetize your media. Fill out a special form on a website and wait until specialists get in touch with you.

The Personal license is suitable for average users. The price depends on the number of files you need to download. 1 track costs $24, 5 tracks - $59, and 10 tracks - $89. With this license, you can use audio on such platforms as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

With the Commercial license, you can monetize your music. The cost of 1 track is $39, 5 tracks - $99, and of 10 tracks - $149. It allows using audio anywhere and without limitations.

The Enterprise license is an optimal variant for companies, publishers, enterprises, and other businesses. Clearance for TV and streaming platforms, multiple user accounts, curated customer support, editing options, and music production – all these options are covered by this plan. However, there is no list with fixed prices, as they are generated individually.