Olga Gurton Photography Review: Bio & Portfolio

By Tata Rossi 22 days ago, Photographer

Olga Gurton is a successful wedding photographer, who lives and works in Olney, Maryland. She does her best to catch every sincere and emotional moment of a wedding. If you want to get original and crisp pictures, reach out to Olga Gurton photoghrapher.

Olga Gurton Biography

Olga Gurton was born in Siberia but started her career as an engagement photographer in Baltimore. She has been shooting weddings for over half a decade. Besides, Olga has been working as a professional photo editor for more than 14 years.

Thanks to her ability to remove tension during a photo shoot, she manages to capture sincere scenes and genuine feelings! Her works appeal to clients with their excellent composition, soft illumination, and subtle framing. She captures every important moment of the big day and focuses on even minor details.

Main Genres

Although Olga Garton specializes in wedding and engagement shooting, her portfolio also contains company and family portrait photography samples.


olga gurton photography wedding

Olga Gurton catches all the beautiful moments of a wedding ceremony focusing on even subtle details to help a couple hold onto those memories forever. Clients like her individual approach to every photo session. Look through her portfolio to appreciate the beauty of romantic wedding portraits, images of the first dance, and ceremony details.

olga gurton photography wedding shoot

Although Olga prefers taking non-staged shots that are more natural and sincere. However, sometimes she stages some pics. Besides, she carefully thinks through all organizational moments to make sure that everything is well-planned. In addition, the photographer also takes time to create a custom wedding timeline.


olga gurton photography engagement

Olga Gurton follows trends when conducting engagement sessions. She has a good eye for detail capturing a natural flow of events without any intrusion. The photographer documents everything that is happening allowing you to recall each beautiful scene in detail in the future.

olga gurton photography engagement shoot

If you like Olga Gurton photoghraphy, turn to this professional to implement all your engagement photo ideas. You are free to select the desired location, but if you are at loss, ask Olga for expert advice. The photographer conducts sessions in charming places, against interesting architectural backgrounds, in spots where a couple had some special moments.


olga gurton photography portrait

Olga Gurton also offers portrait photography services. So, everyone who wants to get an excellent portrait, organize a family photo shoot, or needs to add some fresh shots to a portfolio should not hesitate to turn to this professional.

olga gurton photography portrait shoot

It's up to you to decide where your photoshoot will take place. But if you do not have anything suitable in mind, ask Olga to select a location for you. Her works appeal to clients with their original composition, amazing perspectives, and narrative elements that allow creating a real story from pictures.

Editing Features

olga gurton photography editing

A photographer improves all pics manually. Of course, in a high season, she delegates some portion of work to an assistant to ensure that all orders will get into the clients’ hands in time. The imagepost-production stage involves selecting the best photos, deleting out-of-focus shots, as well as images where a model is with closed eyes or has an unflattering facial expression.

During the editing stage, Olga takes time to improve colors and correct contrast. When retouching macro pics, she devotes much attention to faces. You can ask the photographer to perform extensive editing of up to 10 pics, which involves the removal of bags under the eyes, flyaway hair, distracting objects, etc.

Batch processing is not for Olga, as she prefers working on every separate image making sure the result is top-notch.


As for equipment, Olga Gurton uses 2 Canon cameras with 2 memory cards. She also has a set of prime and zoom lenses with different focal distances. Besides, she always carries portable studio lights with her to create a flattering illumination in any place. Olga’s assistant has a third camera for taking some occasional shoots.

Olga Gurton on Instagram

olga gurton photography instagram

Like other professionals, Olga Garton has an Instagram account where she posts her best pics to inspire others. Additionally, here you can find many reviews about the photographer’s works.

Furthermore, this is a perfect place for commenting on the pic you like and asking questions.


  • • What is Olga Gurton’s photography style?

Although Olga doesn’t like staged photos and focuses on capturing spontaneous moments, she realizes that such celebrations as weddings require some formal and posed portraits. So, Olga Gurton photoghraphy style is a kind of blend of staged and random pics.

  • • How long does she retouch images?

Olga needs approximately 4-6 weeks to edit wedding shots and about 2 weeks for refining engagement pics.

  • • How can I get my order?

The photographer shares images via a private online gallery where all the items are divided into categories. It is possible to view the images using any device, share them with relatives, or send the files to print. All photos remain accessible for one year.

  • • Can I have RAW images?

Usually, Olga does not offer RAW images. She deletes out-of-focus photos and duplicates, preserving and sending only great shots. However, sometimes Olga may send clients RAW pics for an extra fee.

  • • Does Olga Gurton create albums?

Olga Gurton creates a layout of an album and shares its electronic version with you for approval. If you want to get an album, purchase Supreme Package. Besides, you can order this service at any time within three months after getting access to the gallery.