NoTriangle Review 2024: Benefits & Hidden Minuses

By Kate Gross 16 days ago, Apps and Software


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Verdict: I decided to write this NoTriangle review after using their services to implement the architectural plans I’ve designed for my studio. I found this agency to be quite professional as advertised, attentive to my tricky needs, and capable of fulfilling all my requirements.

This architectural rendering company converted my aesthetics into high-quality 3D renders. The created images depicted the studio’s sleek façade, its highly detailed interior, and all other elements that I asked for. They even helped me use the finishes renders and easily integrate into my presentations and marketing campaigns.

  • Immersive designs
  • Pro-grade renders
  • Provides 2 revisions
  • Large library of samples and testimonials
  • VR services
  • Site doesn’t openly disclose the pricing model
  • No information about discounts
notriangle portfolio

NoTriangle’s designers combine artistic vision with technical mastery to deliver captivating results. Meanwhile, their approachable communication ensured I felt heard as a customer.

Using their site was very convenient, as the layout is minimalistic and straightforward while the large number of presented examples helped me instantly understand what I can expect to get from each service and show them as a reference as well.

Whether I wanted to order exterior or interior rendering, their portfolio featured plenty of relevant past projects.

NoTriangle – Main Features

notriangle features

NoTriangle has been servicing its customers for more than 10 years now. It provides a broad variety of services that encompass exterior and interior rendering, 3D animations, VR real estate tours, product rendering, and AR applications.

I was also highly impressed by the agency’s ability to adapt to the needs of different markets, be it luxury residential, commercial properties, office spaces, recreational facilities, or regular apartments.

"They accounted for all our requests and implemented them quite well. Talking to the company representative was also very easy and convenient, which is very important in our line of work." - Felicia, marketer ★★★★★ (5/5)

Transforming Vision into Reality

My goal was to create a new exterior for my studio's residential quarters. The cooperation started with them analyzing my materials and project objectives. The agency also scheduled a briefing call, during which they made sure to understand all my requests and preferences.

notriangle rendering service

I was greatly appreciative of the flexible approach shown by the company. Even though I didn't provide a detailed architectural plan, they assured me the materials, sketches, and drawings I gave them would be enough.

Afterward, their team presented multiple black-and-white renders for review and once I gave my approval, they started working on colorized renderings. They made sure that every detail of the façade as well as the lighting and shadows were as realistic and aesthetically pleasing as possible. To accomplish that goal, the designers rely on premium rendering software, like Cycles, Blender, etc., they named all of them.

In my case, I imagined a smooth, contemporary facade that seamlessly blended with the surrounding area while also making an architectural statement. My collaboration with the agency, from the first briefing call to the renderings delivery, took about 3 weeks. The final images showcased the property from a variety of angles and perspectives, making it easy to visualize how it would look in the real world.

Elevating Office Spaces to New Heights

notriangle interior rendering services

I’ve also requested 3D interior rendering services to visualize my office. For instance, I told them I wanted a multifunctional lounge that encouraged creativity and boosted the collaborative spirit of all the employees.

The agency’s designers included furnishing items, a color palette, and ambient lights to produce an environment that was both inviting and inspiring. They handpicked each element, from the carpets to the table decorations, to fulfill the purpose I described.

NoTriangle has also shown some of its creative genius by adding dynamic lighting fixtures and arranging accent lights to emphasize the most appealing architectural elements and add a sense of dimension to them.

I got the finalized renderings after 2 weeks and was extremely happy with the intricate furniture and décor elements included in the images, especially given the fast turnaround.

"My order was completed on time. The designers did a fantastic job implementing even the tiniest details of both the interior and exterior of my space to make it look realistic. I’m very glad I found this service" - Phillip, real estate agent ★★★★★ (5/5)

Dynamic and Engaging Way to Showcase Properties

The latest order I made was for the VR tour, which I wanted to use to promote my workspace to potential clients. The best thing about it is that the delivered tour is compatible with most contemporary devices and I also had no trouble posting this VR experience on my site and Facebook. My audience can view the tour on their phones, tablets, laptops, PCs, or VR headsets while enjoying an immersive, smooth experience.

This agency knows how to make a virtual tour for real estate properties and has also enhanced my tour with appropriate music that helped convey the atmosphere of my studio. I’ve received multiple compliments on the music from my viewers, so it’s clear NoTriangle’s employees have great taste.

Display the Layout of a Space

notriangle floor plan service

When requesting the agency's 3D Floor plan services, I described my vision and ideas for the space while their experts employed premium floor plan software to transform my sketches and measurements into the perfect layout that had the exact room configurations, furniture arrangement, and spatial flow I wanted.

In addition to listening to my requests, the designers have also introduced a couple of their own ideas, improving the functionality and look of the floor plan. For instance, they employed color coding and shading to emphasize the boundaries of each space, making it easier to appraise the layout at a glance.

The agency has also proven its diligence by adding various elements like lights, windows, and doors to the floor plan to make it more realistic and give the viewer a better understanding of its layout.

"Great rendering quality, a highly-detailed 3D floor plan, fast turnaround time, and easy to communicate with. Given the reasonable pricing, it’s a great agency for not a big project." - Elena, architect ★★★★★ (5/5)

Blog with Valuable Insights, Tips & Inspiration

notriangle blog

The blog covers a variety of topics from the technology and skills involved in creating 3D renderings to discussing the newest trends in the real estate industry, allowing you to gain invaluable insight into the subject you’re interested in.

Personally, I think I learned a lot by reading posts on the process of making better 3D renderings, social media marketing tips, product visualizations, and many others.

NoTriangle Prices

NoTriangle doesn’t feature a fixed pricelist on its site. Instead, it invites potential clients to reach out to them to discuss the scope and goals of the project before discussing the budget and the expected turnaround.

On the plus side, all pricing plans come with two revision rounds after the order has been completed, helping you rest assured that you’ll be glad with the final result.


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