NEWOLDSTAMP Email Signature Generator 2022: Pros & Cons

By Kate Gross 5 days ago, Apps and Software


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Verdict: When I addressed NEWOLDSTAMP, the company offered me an astonishing array of services. Besides creating signatures for e-mails, the agency can optimize them for various purposes, including sales and marketing.

In my opinion, automatization of all processes is the most winning feature, as it eliminates the need to spend much time puzzling out various functions and customization options. Besides, after checking the signatures on various devices, I saw that they are displayed properly on all screens and email clients.

  • Updates signatures automatically
  • Segments email signatures
  • Generates a personalized email signature
  • Works with all popular email services
  • Lacks sophisticated analytics
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NEWOLDSTAMP is an email signature creator that allows businesses to promote their brand, boost conversions, as well as increase brand awareness and sales. A collection of pre-designed templates simplifies and accelerates the process, though if you want to design your signature from scratch, the service will also come in handy.

Another argument in favor of this platform is the flexibility the professionals show when working with different categories of customers offering the most favorable conditions for each of them.

NEWOLDSTAMP: Main Features

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What I like most about NEWOLDSTAMP is that it uses classic and the most advanced brand promotion methods. According to the website, this email signature generator was offering only basic services at first. However, with the active development of the email marketing field, the service began to gain more and more features to satisfy the new requirements for promoting businesses.

Another strong side of the platform is that it focuses on a client’s needs and expectations. This is why the service is constantly updated and enriched with new features. Such a customer-oriented approach makes sure that the clients can optimize their electronic signatures for effective business development.

Pre-Built Customizable Templates for Easy and Fast Creation of E-Signatures

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An array of ready-to-use templates provides a great basis for the development of new designs. You can use vertical, horizontal, and professional templates. However, the list of styles is more extensive.

You can select a suitable template or create a signature from scratch. The service will direct you to the editor page, where you need to fill in the text fields, customize the design and add all the necessary media elements. To do this, use the User Detail and Design tabs.

Moreover, the built-in editor allows configuring various text parameters like fonts, color, size, and others. You can also use some external text editors. It is possible to fill in all the data on your own or ask your team to add it. Besides, you can other text fields if required.

What is more, the platform allows customizing images. It can also handle such tasks as adding ad banners, mobile app download buttons, social media links, etc. Once all the components of your email signature are properly configured, select the desired layout.

Branding & Marketing Opportunities for Different Groups of Professionals

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By using the tools of this service, you can integrate your signatures into marketing campaigns. The signature editor allows adding ad banners, URLs of the events, social media links, and even links to eCommerce platforms.

A recognizable brand image is important for professionals from creative fields such as shooters, artists, illustrators, etc. The service enables users to create a signature style that will match the style of your brand. To increase your brand awareness, you can include corporate colors, fonts, and a combination of various elements.

The personalized offers for some specific groups of teams and specialists are one of the biggest selling points of the platform. For instance, teachers, students, or professors can benefit from special options. Lawyers, realtors, or personal assistants are sure to appreciate custom offers. You will find detailed descriptions of the services on the official website. Startups, agencies, affiliates, and non-profit organizations can use special offers specifically designed for their needs.

Advanced Options for Signature Management for the Majority of Mail Clients

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With NEWOLDSTAMP, you can easily manage your company’s signature. The developers make sure that email signatures are compatible with email clients including Google Workspace, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft 365, Apple Mail, etc. Besides, it is possible to check the effectiveness of your email signature using the tools in your profile.

In your personal account, you can manage all your created email signatures, categorizing them according to different parameters. It makes it more convenient to view and edit signatures, grouping them by status.

It is also great that the service checks and evaluates the performance of your email signatures and banner campaigns eliminating the need for using third-party statistical analysis software. You will get reports on the number of clicks on your links and banners. Besides, you can also check the effectiveness of your banner campaigns.


The price primarily depends on the number of workers your company has. The website features an embedded tool for calculating the price depending on the number of employees, which usually ranges from 5 to 200 people. If your team is much bigger, the company’s representatives will create a custom offer for you.

You can select either a quarterly or a yearly plan. The Marketing package costs $11/month, and the Branding plan costs $8/month.

These two plans have a different set of basic and advanced features. For instance, the first package has professional tools for integrating email marketing strategies for photographers. The Branding package has basic features for creating a unique and recognizable signature for emails without overpaying for extra options.