9 Best Mp3 Downloader Apps for Offline Listening

By Eva Williams 15 days ago, Software reviews

You may freely download one of these MP3 downloader apps to listen to music offline. Using them, you can zap distracting ads and free some space to create separate music collections for training or work.

Top 9 Mp3 Downloader Apps with Built-In Library

  1. Spotify - Custom catalogs
  2. Wynk - 50+ million Mp3 songs for free download
  3. JioSaavn - Allows you to sort downloaded tracks easily
  4. TREBEL - Unlimited downloads
  5. Gaana - You can share your albums
  6. Hungama - Excellent daily catalogs for training or relaxation
  7. Mp3 Music Downloader - Minimalistic interface
  8. SuperCloud - Unlimited MP3 song downloads
  9. Mp3 Downloads - Quick search

Nowadays, Mp3 downloader apps include convenient full-fledged libraries with all modern hits and offer some other benefits. For example, Spotify is built on AI technology and can generate a library of songs based on your interests. WynkMusic allows users to download and customize multiple playlists for offline playback. JioSaavn provides tools to save podcasts from your favorite bloggers or writers in MP3 format.

1. Spotify – Our Choice

AI recommendations based on your interests
  • Advanced AI technologies for playlist selection
  • Modern design
  • Convenient albums
  • A personal catalog
  • You can read the lyrics
  • Embedded ads in a free version

Verdict: Spotify is a modern MP3 download app with a perfect interface and convenient catalogs. Unlike alternative programs, the application is built on advanced AI technology. It allows you to update recommended selections based on your interests every day. In addition to unlimited downloads for offline listening, the app includes text monitoring features.

I also like that the program offers customizable, handy directories that you can use as a playlist wrapper for workouts, sleep, or work. You can follow your favorite artist and download albums in bulk mode. With these goodies on board, Spotify is deservedly called the best free music downloader list. If you want to get rid of banner ads, you can upgrade to the Pro version for $4.99/month.

spotify mp3 downloaderapp interface

2. WynkMusic

Personal selections and mixes for every day
  • Over 50 million free songs
  • Unlimited MP3 music download
  • Personal mixes
  • You can find similar songs
  • AI phrase search
  • There is no sorting by title

Verdict: WynkMusic offers over 50 million MP3 songs and podcasts for free download. The interface design is modern and stylish. This is one of the best MP3 downloader apps with some unique features such as creating personal mixes. The app will analyze the tracks you listen to every day and will recommend new ones. AI-optimized search is another thing worth mentioning. This function allows you to search for a song by a phrase. You can write a couple of lines from the verse to find your favorite song and download it for offline listening. The premium version costs $1 per month and paying the sum, you can download 5 GB of music or more.

wynk music mp3 downloader app interface

3. JioSaavn

Convenient library with the sorting feature
  • You can save songs and podcasts
  • Ability to watch videos
  • Unlimited download for offline listening
  • Modern interface
  • Convenient library
  • There are crashes in the application

Verdict: JioSaavn offers unlimited downloads of songs and podcasts for offline listening based on inline ads. The app has handy, customizable libraries where you can like and sort songs. JioSaavn has a night mode which makes it different from other Spotify free alternatives. This is great news for those have a penchant for listening to music at night. The possibility to watch clips of songs is another advantage of the application. This means you don’t need third-party YouTube to MP3 converters to find your favorite clip and convert it for listening on your mobile device.

However, users complain that there are occasional crashes. Perhaps this is due to poor cache cleaning. Therefore, I would like to note that the application is demanding on a device. If you want to listen to exclusive audio shows like #NoFilterNeha and listen to 320-bit music (the best so far), you have to upgrade to the Pro version for $1.99 per month.

jiosaavn mp3 downloaderapp interface


AI search by phrases
  • Improved AI selection
  • Free song downloads without limits
  • Smart search by phrases
  • Playlists updated daily
  • Fast import of MP3 songs to your library
  • You can't view the lyrics
treble mp3 downloader app logo

Verdict: TREBEL offers completely free access to the content. Here you will not face restrictions on downloading MP3 songs or podcasts, as well as hidden advertising. You'll love the quick import of MP3 songs into your library and the near-instantaneous downloads. Similar to WynkMusic, the app has an intelligent phrase search. I also like the possibility to subscribe to the artist and follow his/her updates. Unlike Spotify, here you can't view the lyrics in the audio player, even after downloading it.

treble mp3 downloaderapp interface

5. Gaana

Best music quality
  • High-quality music
  • Convenient directories with artists
  • More than 40 million MP3 songs and podcasts
  • You can share your albums
  • Quick song download
  • Unlimited downloads in the premium version
gaana mp3 downloaderapp logo

Verdict: Gaana is a great choice for music lovers who value sound quality first and foremost as this app uses AI enhancements. I love the possibility to share my albums with friends and a handy catalog of all the world's artists that can make it easy for you to find the right song.

Although it pleases with the option of offline listening to MP3 songs and podcasts, the free version has a limit on the number of downloads. You cannot save more than 30 songs. If you want to get rid of restrictions and get music in better quality, you can upgrade this MP3 download app to Gaana Plus for $3.99/month.

mp3 downloadergaana app interface

6. Hungama Music

20+ million MP3 podcasts and songs
  • Best MP3 podcasts
  • Downloads without limits
  • There are separate AI selections for training or rest
  • Daily updates
  • Too many ads even in the Pro version
hungama music mp3 downloader app logo
Hungama Music

Verdict: This application has 20+ million freely distributed songs and podcasts you can listen to and add to your library without limits. I like the built-in AI collections of daily workout or rest catalogs that the app generates based on user preferences. This is one of the top MP3 download sites that allows importing an unlimited number of MP3 podcasts or songs due to the huge number of built-in ads. You can reduce the number of ads by switching to the Pro version ($1.4/month). However, it cannot be completely removed and all users complain about it.

hungama music mp3 downloader app interface

7. Mp3 Music Downloader

Undemanding on the RAM
  • Intuitive UI
  • No ads
  • Unlimited music download
  • Built-in offline player
  • Song search is inconvenient
  • You can’t sort songs
mp3 music downloader app logo
Mp3 Music Downloader

Verdict: MP3 MusicDownloader is one of the first completely free downloaders for Android devices. Its interface is minimalistic and tailored to your library. Although you have to search for all songs yourself, you have no limit on the number of downloads. Also, I like the minimal number of ads.

Besides, they are not too distracting. If we talk about the minuses, you must enter the exact name of the song or its artist in the search since AI technologies for recognizing lines of text are not provided here. This is one of the most fitting options for older devices with little RAM.

mp3 music downloader app interface

8. SuperCloud Song

Pulls up all versions of a selected song
  • Minimalistic interface
  • Offline listening
  • Doesn't require a lot of RAM to run
  • 10000+ MP3s
  • Android-compatible only
  • Too many ads
supercloud song mp3 downloaderapp logo
SuperCloud Song

Verdict: This is another simple application where you can find the artist and favorite tracks using the search. After that, you need to add them to the library or download for offline listening. The app offers many versions of your chosen song: original, covers, and remixes. This is the unique feature of this application. You can even use it to cut the chorus of the downloaded song with MP3 cutters and set it as ringtone on your phone.

Keep in mind that this MP3 download app hasn’t been updated for a long time. Plus, users complain about a large number of ads that appear after each search. Therefore, I cannot call the application suitable for locating specific songs. It is better to use it to listen to your favorite tracks offline, as it is free and doesn’t have any restrictions.

supercloud song mp3 downloader app interface

9. Mp3 Downloads

Convenient library with separate folders
  • Bulk download
  • Offline listening
  • Works in locked mode
  • Search and listen to streaming podcasts
  • Outdated design
  • Ads
mp3 downloads app logo
Mp3 Downloads

Verdict: The app allows you to search music by title, artist, album, genre, instrument, mood, popularity, etc. Like some other MP3 music download apps, it has a handy library with your songs. There are several folders where you can add music albums for different purposes. The audio player can be used offline and when the screen is locked. Albums are available for bulk download. The disadvantages are inconvenient design and too many ads. You won't be able to turn off ads because the app doesn't have a Pro version.

free mp3 downloads app interface