11 Best Free Spotify Alternatives

Top 11 Best Free Spotify Alternatives

Looking for the best free Spotify alternatives for unrestricted and easy audio listening? Check out my list of software, websites, and apps similar to Spotify you can choose for listening to music without subscription and for free.

1. Funkwhale

Decentralized service
  • Listening and sharing music within the network
  • Ability to create a personal module
  • Interaction with other users
  • Search by track and artist name
  • No ability to download podcasts
  • Lack of fast technical support

Verdict: If you just want to listen to your favorite audio recordings and create your own personal collections of them, then Funkwhale is one of the best free Spotify alternatives for you. With this decentralized music service, you can download and upload any audio tracks and share them with other users. You can interact with other users, regardless of which module you are connected to.

When creating a personal library of audio tracks, you can search for songs by their name, or through the artist. This service is not associated with any organization or corporation, therefore you have the freedom of your actions when working with music.

  • funkwhale interface

    2. MusicUp

    Streaming platform
    • Automated download of album art
    • Audio albums for every taste
    • Ability to create a joint playlist
    • Contains not only originals but covers of songs
    • You can not download audio
    • You cannot add songs from other sources

    Verdict: MusicUp is a streaming platform for listening to audio files, which is freely available. With it, you can listen to music, create your own playlists, or use the ones already on the site that someone created before you. You can create shared playlists with other users and use them mutually.

    You can also go into karaoke mode and perform your favorite songs yourself. In addition, you can find not only the original songs but the well-known covers for them, too. In general, listening to music in this Spotify alternative free of charge is a very simple and comfortable experience. But there is a big minus, you can’t download songs to your computer.

    musicup interface

    3. Ampache

    Web-based audio
    • Availability of training materials and texts
    • Ability to convert text to speech
    • A huge archive of audiobooks
    • Ability to listen and download audio
    • Downloads limited to 5000
    • Complicated work interface

    Verdict: Ampache is a web-based audio file manager that is completely free. With it, you can not only listen to your favorite songs but also take advantage of the large library of audiobooks. You can also convert any text to speech using additional functions.

    Many teachers use this alternative to Spotify to record their lectures for students in MP3 format. You can also use different albums created by other users, or create your own personal playlists. Ampache has good technical support and receives regular updates, so various malfunctions and errors are very rare.

    • ampache interface

      4. Jango

      Music platform
      • More than 800 ready-made playlists
      • Ability to create a personal playlist
      • Choice of music styles
      • Regular playlist updates
      • You can’t download songs
      • Playlist limited to 6 artists

      Verdict: If you are interested in listening to ready-made playlists or albums because you don’t have time to select songs for a workout or traveling in a car, then this is the most fitting among the free alternatives to Spotify.

      It has about 800 ready-made albums that are created by experts, and you can find a selection for any mood and any type of activity.

      Since many new songs are constantly being released, in order for the albums to not become outdated they are regularly filled with newer stuff. Even when searching for music, you can set a filter for different genres of songs and the service will adapt to your preferences automatically. But unfortunately, you can only listen to the songs, not download them.

      • jango interface

        5. Sonerezh

        Music hosting
        • Playlist management with two access levels
        • Supports MySQL and PostgreSQL
        • Simple search engine
        • Import of files
        • There is no platform for smartphones
        • No ability to download songs

        Verdict: Sonerezh is a free, standalone worldwide music streaming app. With it, you can create playlists that will have a two-level access system, that is, your loved ones will also be able to listen to your favorite songs. To search for songs, it has a very easy to use interface that has the necessary filters: the genre of songs and more.

        Unlike many free apps similar to Spotify, this music hosting provides many features: playlist management, MySQL and PostgreSQL support, a simple search engine, metadata extraction, file import and much more. But there is a small minus, you can’t listen to songs on your smartphone, since hosting does not yet have such an opportunity, but manufacturers eliminate this problem.

        • sonerezh interface

          6. Koel

          Personal music server
          • Opens using any browser
          • Easy to use
          • Can be installed on a computer
          • Ability to create personal song libraries
          • Sophisticated work interface
          • Not correct work with downloading songs

          Verdict: If you do not have enough space on your computer or smartphone and you have a personal library of audio files of several hundred GB, then you need to use Koel. With it, you can store all your data, including various text documents, on a personal server in one of the best free Spotify alternatives.

          You can download your favorite songs from your computer or smartphone and listen to them offline. Using Koel is very easy and convenient as it can be opened using any browser: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and many others. In addition to this, it has an update that fixes version errors and adds new features and capabilities.

          • koel interface

            7. SHOUTcast

            Cross-platform software
            • Cross-platform application
            • Works offline
            • Broadcasting digital audio/video signal
            • Web-based control panel
            • Prolonged absence of updates
            • Difficulties installing on Linux

            Verdict: SHOUTcast is a cross-platform software that is publicly available. Designed for streaming digital audio/video in the formats: MP3, NSV, MP4 file and others, both in the local network and on the Internet. It has a minimal set of tools for organizing broadcasting. In the simplest case, you can use Winamp for playback.

            At the moment, many Internet radio stations prefer this software to other alternatives to Spotify for broadcasting. Therefore, you can listen to many radio stations offline. You can also create your own personal playlists, and listen at any time convenient for you.

            • shoutcast interface

              8. Musicovery

              Interactive webradio
              • Ability to create a personal program
              • Adjustable artist or genre selection
              • Ability to set the desired pace
              • Set up song search for a specified year
              • Random user cannot select songs
              • You cannot set up a playlist in the basic account

              Verdict: If you want to use a browser in which you can configure the playback of songs to any mood, then you need to use Musicovery. With it, you can customize the playlist to any mood, in addition, you can also use the dance mode. This way one of the best free Spotify alternatives is very convenient during celebrations and various parties.

              You have the opportunity to customize songs not only for the mood, but to choose or set time limits for the years of the release of the songs. Musicovery has a very convenient and, what is very important, a very fast interface. When working in it, you won’t need a lot of time to wait for different songs or albums to load.

              • musicovery interface

                9. MySpace

                Social network
                • Ability to create personal profiles
                • View video files and clips
                • Ability to post photos and videos
                • Creating personal playlists and video archives
                • No regular updates
                • Needs permanent internet connection

                Verdict: MySpace is an international social network that is freely available and claims its place among the best free Spotify alternatives. With it, you can create personal profiles, playlists, and video archives. You can also blog, add photos to your profile, and keep abreast of new popular songs and videos.

                You have the opportunity to listen to your saved songs at any time, whether you are online or not. But in order to add new songs or watch videos, you need a good internet connection. When searching for songs, you can enter either the name of the song or its artist and MySpace will automatically display all possible results.

                • myspace interface

                  10. Nuclear

                  Free music program
                  • Content from free sources around the world
                  • Broadcast from any free source
                  • Supports Youtube and Soundcloud
                  • Open-source
                  • You cannot download songs to a computer
                  • You need a permanent internet connection

                  Verdict: If you need a simple and free open source Spotify alternative to listen to your favorite songs, then Nuclear can help you. With it, you can easily create personal playlists and listen to them anytime, anywhere. You can download content from sources such as YouTube and Soundcloud.

                  This program is open-source so you can make your own changes to the program and the working interface at any time. Nuclear is specifically designed for listening to music, so all the audio files that you will use will be of excellent quality. To use it, you do not need to register, just enter and listen to any music.

                  • nuclear interface

                    11. BeatSense

                    Free Spotify alternative
                    • A large number of prepared albums
                    • Ability to create a personal directory
                    • Nice graphic interface
                    • All ready-made albums are hand-picked
                    • Needs permanent internet connection
                    • You cannot upload songs

                    Verdict: BeatSense is an open-source music platform that gives you the ability to listen to songs anytime, anywhere. With it, you can listen to ready-made albums of real people. You can choose your own music for any mood and any occupation: workout, relaxation, a trip in the car, and more.

                    During listening, you will always be pleased with a nice graphical interface that does not bother and always changes to different songs. This is one of the apps like Spotify that allow you to compose your personal music playlists and listen to them later. But for quality work you need a good internet connection.

                    • beatsense interface

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