How to Use Adobe Spark – Beginner’s Tutorial

How to Use Adobe Spark – Beginner’s Tutorial

This design app is really helpful for creating visual stories and allows any user, from a novice to someone highly competent, to achieve nice results. If you are wondering how to use Adobe Spark, there are three different modes:

  • Spark Page for creating pretty and engaging sites from scratch
  • Spark Post for compiling informative and eye-catching graphics
  • Spark Video for turning plain footage into an entertaining story

Below, you will find instructions on the most efficient ways of working with this software. Following them, you will learn how to turn any idea into reality.

How to Use Adobe Spark Post

This program is not hard to use at all, but without exploring all the new Spark features and functions, you may be missing out on several important capabilities. To create a new project, click on the plus sign.

1. Start with a Layout or a Photo

For a start, you need to do is choose a background. Double click on your sheet and you will be offered to choose options for filling the background, an image or a color fill. You can upload your image from a hard drive, cloud storage or directly from Adobe Lightroom.

adobe spark post background

Post also suggests searching for the desired image on stock photography sites. If you think a filter is necessary, click on the image and find this menu item in the pop-up.

2. Tap Design to Customize

After you decide on the background, click on the Design button to customize the appearance of the project. Choose a design that suits you best, add text to the image by clicking on the +. Now, you can play with the design templates, and the style of your text will change depending on what you choose.

adobe spark post design

3. Tap the Plus Icon to Expand

If you don’t like what this Adobe Spark how to tutorial helped you to make thus far, go ahead and alter the design. You can add more images, including logos or inscriptions.

Whatever you add can be shuffled around with the cursor and also turned with the arrow button at the bottom. Any kind of item you add has a special set of additional options accessible from the toolbar above. This is also where you can delete it.

adobe spark post text styles

4. Find Your Color Palette

For helping things to look more put together, the program has several palettes that you can find in the colors section. Those can be adjusted to fit your specific needs if you click on a color and alter it. Such features are usually absent in Adobe Spark alternatives.

Are you struggling to hit the right shade? Just use the eyedropper to pick any color you need from the image you’re using in the design.

adobe spark post color palette

5. Save or Publish

When all the elements are in place and adjusted accordingly, save the project by clicking the download button. Here, you can also generate copies tailored to different social media. Save your outcome in a square size for Instagram, then pick a different one from the list and save that as well.

adobe spark post save or publish

How to Use Adobe Spark Video

Spark Video is suitable for an animated presentation of information. This is not a full-fledged video editing software that is suitable for complex editing and assembling of footage. It will, however, help you quickly create a beautiful presentation or simple video sequence with text inserts.

To get started in this program, click on the “+” and select a video presentation. Give your project a name, choose a template or start from scratch.

1. Add a Photo or Video to the Project

To fill the current project with its contents, click on the “+” button located to the left. If you’re working with images, you already know how to use Adobe Spark from the previous set of instructions. The list of sources you can load them from is the same: hard drive, cloud storage or stock.

adobe spark photo or video to the project

In case of a video, you can only use whatever is saved on your computer so make sure to place it there, preferably in a .mv4 or .mp4 format. You will further be offered to pick a particular section of the clip, especially if this is something long. The length of the section should not exceed 30 seconds.

adobe spark video project

To define it within the clip, set the white and gray paddles where the start and end are. Then you can press Save, and that will insert the selection into your project.

2. Adding a Scene to Your Spark Video

When you want to extend your project with an additional clip, click the “+” at the bottom and whatever you select will be added to the end. If you’re not doing a linear work, feel free to drag all the elements to their places right in the Scene sorter.

adobe spark video adding a scene

3. Choosing a Layout for Your Scene

Depending on what you’re trying to achieve, there are several layout alternatives to better fit that need.

adobe spark video layouts

They are divided according to the elements that can be added to the layout which are called a “Thing”.

  • Full Screen + Thing: You can see this applied at the title page.
  • One Thing: Allows adding an item of any kind, including text.
  • One Thing + Caption: Any image or piece of text can be supplied with a caption.
  • Two Things: Either slot can be filled with some static visual or text.

Pay attention to the fact that only the first two layouts can include footage.

4. Add text or icon

Click on the “+” on your video and you can add text or an icon. You can only increase/decrease the text size, without the possibility of changing the font. It automatically changes depending on the selected theme.

adobe spark video text or icon

5. Select a Theme for Your Video

For individual elements of your video, you can choose a theme by clicking on “Theme” in the upper right corner. Themes change the color of your background video, font and text animation. Just choose the one that suits you, and the program will automatically adjust the text and color.

adobe spark video select a theme

6. Add Sound to the Video if Necessary

adobe spark video add sound

Naturally, some kinds of videos require a voiceover. You can start recording it by clicking and holding the microphone button until you’re done with the explanations. This audio can be checked to make sure everything is fine or done anew if something went wrong.

However, if you’re planning to include such spoken comments often while using Adobe Spark, it makes sense to invest in a good microphone for podcasting. They are fine-tuned to record the voice and eliminate the static noise of the surroundings which viewers are always sensitive to.

7. Adding Music to Your Video

While some content creators like the silent background, many prefer to put some music in. If you belong to the latter, find the music tab in the upper right corner. Numerous soundtracks are listed there for your pleasure.

adobe spark video adding music

8. Preview and Save Your Video

To double-check what you’ve created before it gets published, use the preview button above. If everything looks just as you intended, you’re done working with the software.

Proceed by clicking “Share” and don’t worry about additional data, it can be indicated in the next step. Put in any necessary information about the video and then choose where you want to send it. If you want to save the video, just click “Download” and save it to your computer.

adobe spark video preview and save

How to Use Adobe Spark Page

If you need an uncomplicated web-page and you don’t feel like studying professional website builders, this section of the software will become your perfect assistant.

The program is easy to navigate and has a built-in hosting, providing for all your needs in a package. If you need some tool to create a travel journal or put together an official page for an event of sorts, it’s hard to find a better one. But despite being simple, this program still has a few interesting features.

To get started, click on the + and then “Web-page” and you will start creating your page.

1. Add Title Text and Background Image

You can choose from several ready-made layouts or start building a page from scratch. Click on the text box and enter a title for your web page, then click on “Image” and upload an image from your hard drive, cloud storage or stock.

adobe spark page title text and background image

2. Fill the Page with Content

No need to wonder how does Adobe Spark work, just follow your intuition and tap on the “+” button to choose a suitable option.

adobe spark page content

It conceals a few options of what content you could put out:

Photo: The dimensions of this element are not restricted but you can only put out one at a time.

Text: Any type of written information on the page, except for of image captions, will be put here.

Button: Place a link tied to a graphic icon.

Video: You will first need to place the clip on YouTube, Vimeo or another resource you have access to because this option only works with links.

Photo grid: When the first option is not enough, you can make use of this alternative for creating albums.

Slideshow: You can add a number of images and supply them with a fading effect, other photos or text on top of them, or leave blank spaces.

3. Edit the Page Elements

Any elements you’re preparing to add can be shuffled around, even an inscription on an image or the contents of an album. Additionally, you can click on an item to access the menu of alterations.

adobe spark page edit the page elements

For instance, if you look at the options for images, you can either add it in standard size or make it match the page’s width. Using the focal point tool will help the system know which is the most important element of the image.

Don’t be bothered with the empty boxes left anywhere in your project. If you were putting in a caption and then changed your mind, just leave the box blank, and it will not be showing on the actual page viewers are looking at.

4. Apply Themes

If the template you initially chose suddenly stopped looking attractive, don’t start over, try applying some theme to improve things. I recommend that you start choosing a theme after you have filled out the page. You will be able to see the effect of the theme directly on the finished web page, and it will be easier for you to make your choice.

adobe spark page apply themes

Remember that any font is particular to a theme so keep switching them until you are satisfied with how the text looks. If you represent a brand and want to learn how to use Adobe Spark more efficiently, take a look at a Spark or Creative Cloud subscription. These will give you access to custom brand themes.

5. Finish and Share

Make sure that after all the elements are in place, you preview the outcome one last time. Finish the process by clicking the share button. That will give you a custom link that can further be advertised on social media or embedded in some other web page.

adobe spark page finish and share