EasyVectors Review 2024: Pros & Cons


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  • Platforms: Web
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Verdict: EasyVectors is a popular web-based service with extensive collections of vector graphics that can be used without attribution. It makes it stand out among popular free vector sites.

The key advantage of this service is that it doesn’t require you to indicate the names of the creators of vectors. You can use the graphic files for a variety of projects regardless of their complexity and intended use.

  • Free vector graphics
  • Personal and commercial use
  • Handy tags and categories
  • Huge choice of vectors
  • No attribution
  • A limited number of categories
  • The UI requires improvement
easyvectors interface

I was impressed by the fact that EasyVectors has collections of vector images suitable for a wide range of tasks. You can use them for creating engaging posts on social media, printed ads, PowerPoint presentations, websites, and other products.

In addition, you can use the available pictures for personal and commercial use without attribution. The site has a convenient search bar, which enables you to find high-quality vector graphics without wasting loads of time.

After downloading files, you can add them to your project. The collection includes files on a wide range of topics.

EasyVectors: Main Benefits

easyvectors logo

You can easily find many platforms listing free stock images in vector format. Because of this, it might be difficult to select the right option for implementing your graphic design ideas as the quality of such files is often low.

What makes EasyVectors different from other platforms is that this site allows you to use high-quality vector graphics without attribution. This site has a huge collection of files that will come in handy for those who work on basic and complex projects alike.

Powerful Design Assets for Your Projects

easyvectors interface design assets

EasyVectors offers impressive collections of digital assets, which makes it invaluable for graphic designers and developers. Graphic designers also use it for creating professional content with scalable pictures, logos, and icons.

You can use the graphics files from the collections on the EasyVectors platform for different tasks: 

  • Web design
  • Web development
  • Presentations
  • Printed materials

Another advantage is that each icon stored on the website is professionally drawn. They look beautiful and they are easy to scale up, which means that they will look the same on different devices. You can further enhance any of them using free vector graphics software.

Easy Search and Download Process with No Ads

It might be difficult to find free vector graphics online, however, EasyVectors facilitates this task by offering its collections of images that can be used without paying a dime. Its interface is quite intuitive, which makes it perfect both for beginner and professional graphic designers and other creative professionals.

easyvectors interface download process

Another advantage of this platform is that it doesn’t have many distracting ads. Its interface is quite streamlined, which makes it extremely easy to use and navigate. There is no need to sign up to use it, besides, it doesn’t collect your personal information. Due to this, you can download free vectors without any delays.

After saving files to your device, you can add them to your WordPress or Blogspot website using their embed links.

No Attribution Needed Even for Commercial Use

If you take a closer look at similar platforms, you will see that they require you to attribute images used under the Creative Commons license. It means that if you add such a picture to your website, you should indicate the source of the image and its original creator.

Because of this, many sites that use such images have too many attribution links. However, EasyVectors allows you to avoid this even when you use its files for commercial purposes. You can download any vector file you need and keep working on it in vector programs for Mac or Windows.

Convenient Search Bar with Tags and Categories

easyvectors interface tags and categories

In some cases, it might take you a while to select suitable icons for your project. This is when EasyVectors comes in handy as it has loads of conveniently-organized categories and tags. For instance, you can search for EasyVectors abstract SVG to quickly find files you need to use without utilizing an online vector creator. When you visit the EasyVectors website, you will quickly find a search bar that allows you to find any file.

After selecting one file, you will be able to see recommendations, which will make it easier for you to find the file you need. This platform is an invaluable source for creatives, as it contains a huge collection of free resources created by famous graphic designers coming from all across the globe.

All the graphics files are of the highest quality, which makes them perfect for those who want to make their marketing efforts more efficient and create attention-grabbing posts for social media. You can find relevant categories at the top.

EasyVectors Price

On many platforms, you will find expensive collections of vector graphics, which makes EasyVectors stand out among the rest as everyone can use their libraries free of charge. You aren’t required to pay for a subscription either. There are no hidden payments, and the site doesn’t require signing up.

Even if you need to find vector graphics for commercial use, you don’t need to pay anything. Just find an image that meets your needs and download it to your device.

This platform supports an unlimited number of downloads, which makes it perfect for those who need to save money on high-quality pictures. You can get a variety of images for free without spending loads of money on expensive licenses.


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