Canva vs Design Wizard: Which Software To Choose

By Eva Williams 15 days ago, Software Reviews

The Canva vs Design Wizard comparison might be interesting for amateurs and professionals who are looking for a graphics and photo editor with a simple user interface.

Canva has many professional templates that help create, customize, and share your projects in a few seconds. You can use stickers, brochures, awesome videos, and workplace presentations.

Design Wizard is a graphic design software that allows creating and sharing designs. You will get access to a library of templates and pictures.

What Is Canva?

canva logo

Thanks to in-built libraries, Canva helps create pictures and implement your graphic design ideas. It supports the most popular formats. Plus, you can save your designs and use them in the future. Moreover, you can download them to your devices.

Canva is affordable and easy to use. It might be useful for those who need to create flyers, brochures, ads, social media reports, etc. You can also use various customizable templates.

  • canva interface
  • canva interface

    Canva: Strengths and Weaknesses

    Handy management options. To organize materials in Canva, you can group projects by folders and use a content planner to see all scheduled designs. You can create a design from scratch or use an already created one. Canva stores all your projects so you can use them any time.

    Plenty of templates. About 400,000 design templates and stock images will make your life easier. This flyers software enables you to achieve fast results with minimum effort. Click on the Templates Tab and you will see different templates to choose from. You can upload your own images by using the Upload Tab or find pictures in the integrated library.

    Handy applications. Canva has versions for Mac and Windows as well as an online version with cloud storage. There are also apps for Android, iOS, and iPad.

    Custom fonts. Canva has a great collection of fonts for all tastes, including unique fonts and font pairs. If you want several fonts for your design, Canva will choose matching font pairs. Moreover, if you subscribed to a Pro Plan, you can upload your own licensed fonts.

    Ready-made animation effects. The software provides free and paid animation features. If you don’t want to pay, you can use Block, Breathe, Fade, Pan, and Rise effects. To animate an image or its element, click on the “Animate” button.

    Shapes and stickers. Canva leaves most competitors behind thanks to its shapes and graphic elements. You can’t create designs from scratch, but you have a wider choice of lines, dots, and their combinations. Users can create diagrams and add lines to make projects unique. There are also sticker collections that you can find by keywords.

    Extended download and sharing options. Canva allows publishing your works directly on social networking platforms. When your design is ready, press the “Download” button. Then, you need to choose a format.

    Canva has many collaboration features and allows you to share links with your colleagues. Thanks to it, all team members can edit a project. It makes the working process simpler than ever.

    Weak “help” section. Although you can find some helpful information here, it might be difficult to understand. Moreover, text tutorials are more convoluted than video tutorials.

    Limited collaboration options. Canva has some collaboration features, but they are not exactly what we want them to be. For example, team members can’t work simultaneously. They can create and edit designs separately. If one person is editing a design, another one can’t apply any changes.

    What Is Design Wizard?

    design wizard logo

    If you are not eager to plunge into technical details but still need to create appealing visual material, Design Wizard is exactly what you need. Here, you will find templates for different businesses.

    However, if you are looking for total control over your visual projects, Design Wizard is not for you. It is an excellent solution for energetic social media users, like bloggers.

    • design wizard interface
    • design wizard interface

      Design Wizard: Strengths and Weaknesses

      Effective dashboard. It is a basic working environment that is easy to understand even for beginners. It supports the most popular sizes and allows you to view your projects as a gallery or a list. Plus, you can find your designs by clicking on the magnifying glass icon.

      Simple control elements. Even if you see this service for the first time, you will easily cope with its tools. First, you have to upload your images or videos by clicking the “Uploads” button at the bottom of the toolbar on the left. Then, you need to edit your file. If you want to enhance brightness, saturation, contrast, you can find the relevant sliders in the “Advanced” section.

      Many sizes for social media. If you are a blogger or an active social media user, this service will come in handy as it has many templates of various sizes for LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Tumbler, Soundcloud, Google, etc. Design Wizard will help you create eye-catching graphics for your platform.

      Extensive library of stock images. Design Wizard uses the Pikwizard library with many free stock images. There are pics you will not find on popular stock platforms, which will help you create unique content.

      Drag-and-drop video templates. A simple video editor allows you to create videos in a matter of minutes. Design Wizard allows you to get professionally edited videos for various purposes. You can use them to promote your brand, company, or event. You can edit templates by customizing colors and text to communicate your brand message.

      Useful video tutorials. Design Wizard offers simple and accessible tutorials that will help you master it and learn more about the information search, export and import features.

      Pre-formatted templates. Design Wizard provides around 15,000 templates for Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. You can create designs for printing, including gift certificates, and menus. You can also choose the size of your video depending on the platform you plan to publish it on. Design Wizard templates are a fast and easy way to create video clips.

      No offline version. Design Wizard can be accessed only via a browser. Thus, you cannot use it on the go. The main editing window can be incorrectly displayed if you access the service via your smartphone.

      Canva vs Design Wizard: Price

      When comparing Canva vs Design Wizard, you will notice that they have similar pricing policies.

      canva price

      Canva has three subscription plans:

      Free Plan. With it, you can easily create visuals as you like. It is an ideal option for freelancers who work on up to 15 projects a month. Plus, you can use around 100 design types, 8000 templates, and thousands of free images.

      Pro Plan will cost you $9.95 a month. This plan is suitable for professionals. You will get access to about 420,000 templates, 75 million graphics, photographs, images, and videos. Plus, you will get access to the Brand Kit where you can store brand assets, like colors and logos.

      Enterprise Plan. You will have to pay $30 a month. This option is perfect for agencies or corporations. It allows working with team members. You will also get access to design workflows, unlimited storage, and the Brand Kit for storing brand assets.

      design wizard price

      Design Wizard also has a free version with 15MB of storage. However, you will need to pay extra to download each design. Paid plans include:

      Pro Plan costs $9.99 per month. You get 1GB of cloud storage and 60 downloads per month.

      Business Plan. You will have to pay $49.99 a month. It includes 10GB of storage and unlimited downloads. The main advantage of the Business Plan is its video editing options.

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      Having compared Canva vs Design Wizard, you will see that they have similar interfaces and can be accessed online via any browser. However, if you plan to develop your blog or promote your business online, you should select the option that suits your needs best.

      Canva is suitable for those who need an advanced brochure maker or want to edit photos, images, and videos. The service is regularly updated with template styles, fonts, and image enhancement options.

      Design Wizard is a basic graphic and photo editing software for beginners designed primarily for personal use.

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