8 YouTube Shorts Apps in 2023: Benefits & Rating

By Eva Williams 22 days ago, Software reviews

These YouTube shorts apps will help you cut videos, clean up the audio track, add professional transitions, and perform color correction straight from your smartphone in a couple of taps. Acquaint yourself with this list of applications if you’re interested in getting the best YouTube shorts app to edit videos on the go or if you don’t have money to purchase expensive software.

Top 8 YouTube Shorts Apps for Editing on The Go

  1. Adobe Premiere Rush - Multitrack timeline for creating complex effects
  2. FilmoraGo - Chroma Keying
  3. YouCam Video - For adding realistic makeup
  4. VideoLeap - Film effects
  5. KineMaster - Wide scalable timeline
  6. Funimate - Creative effects and lip synchronization
  7. Movie Maker - For beginners
  8. Filto - Dynamic filters and stickers

This YouTube shorts app list includes an array of unique and refined tools, where Adobe Premiere Rush can serve as an irreplaceable tool for performing color correction and adding creative transitions, FilmoraGo offers a convenient timeline, which lets you quickly move around, cut, and merge video and audio tracks, add pop-up text, and so on, while YouCam video provides an enormous range of tools for retouching faces, fixing various flaws, and adding realistic makeup.

If you happen to find the offered functionality of these apps to be lacking, you can always request professional retouching and color correction of your videos from our service.

In contrast to video editing software for Windows, YouTube shorts apps are intuitive, user-friendly, and don’t require any special skills for performing quality video editing.

1. Adobe Premiere Rush – Our Choice

For color correction
  • Allows creating animated filters
  • Built-in library of free original soundtracks
  • Multitrack timeline
  • Allows performing color correction in a couple of taps
  • Offers cloud storage that offers up to 100GB of space
  • 4K export is only available for premium users

Verdict: Adobe Premiere Rush is a simplified editor from Adobe that is partially AI-based. It includes an array of tools for performing color correction and noise reduction as well as a multitrack timeline that allows you to create such complex effects as “picture in picture”. Unlike other free video editing apps, Adobe Premiere Rush offers an enormous built-in library of original soundtracks that you can use as background music without worrying about being demonetized on YouTube or receiving a copyright strike.

It’s also worth noting the offered powerful import settings that allow you to choose a resolution of up to 4K and set the desired framerate for the original video (30 or 60 frames per second). I should also mention the available import templates that allow you to prepare a video to be immediately published on YouTube.

adobe premiere rush youtube shorts app interface

2. FilmoraGo

Expanded timeline
  • Convenient timeline
  • Lots of templates for fast editing
  • Allows recording and adding voiceovers
  • Double Take/Multicam
  • AR camera allows creating emojis
  • Free version applies a watermark upon export

Verdict: FilmoraGO is a simple and intuitive shorts YouTube app with advanced timeline functionality. Here you'll be able to add video and audio tracks and create animated text and pop-up icons for any part of the video. YouTube podcasters can also take advantage of the voiceover feature that lets you record your podcasts straight on your iPhone (you can comment, translate, or narrate videos of any length).

Among the offered professional effects, you’ll find chroma keying that allows you to avoid using third-party green screen apps and the ability to swap the background in just a couple of taps. Regardless of whether you have created the video using a template or from scratch, the export process remains the same and allows you to pick a premade template and set the desired quality (the free version is limited to 1280p). It's also worth noting that the free version adds a watermark to all your exported videos.

filmorago youtube shorts app interface

3. YouCam Video

For facial retouching
  • Professional retouching tools
  • Allows applying realistic makeup
  • Has a before/after mode
  • Over 100 makeup effects
  • Allows editing the hair color
  • Free version limits the maximum video length

Verdict: YouCam Video is arguably the best YouTube shorts app for video bloggers who record podcasts. The editor is primarily designed for facial retouching and allows you to improve the skin tone in your videos, get rid of acne, make the eyes more pronounced, perform teeth-whitening, add volume to the lips and make your nose smaller. I should also mention that this editor offers an array of tools for creating fake makeup and lets you add realistic eyeshadows, change the color of your lips, apply eyelashes, and even recolor your hair.

Other than retouching and makeup, you can use this app to apply creative effects and filters. However, it’s important to note that the free version doesn’t give you access to all the tools including Eye Tuner and Face, Lip, and Nose Shaper. It also has restrictions regarding the maximum length of the video and watermarks.

youcam video youtube shorts app interface

4. VideoLeap

Masks for high-precision editing
  • Allows animating keyframes
  • Non-destructive editing
  • Scalable timeline for precise frame manipulations
  • Unique adjustable film filters
  • Allows adjusting the background color
  • Most premium video and audio filters are locked behind a paid subscription
videoleap youtube shorts app logo

Verdict: Videoleap includes a huge selection of templates for simplified editing as well as an array of creative filters, transitions, and advanced tools, the most interesting of which are masks. You can perform high-precision color editing, and adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation, and even animate keyframes. The app also allows you to replace the background using the chroma key. When you look at its unique filters, the ones that stand out the most are customizable film effects that will help you produce cinema-like footage.

When it comes to editing the soundtrack, there are over 100 audio effects for you to choose from. Additionally, you can adjust the frequencies using the equalizer and even record voiceovers without having to resort to other free audio editing software. I should also mention the built-in mini-tutorials that are tied to each feature. That said, if you plan to edit complex, long videos for YouTube or want to share a podcast about your latest adventure, you’ll have to buy the premium edition since the free version doesn’t allow you to import videos that are over 15 minutes long.

videoleap youtube shorts app interface

5. KineMaster

Built-in audio library
  • Allows adding a new background
  • Allows combining and creating unique VFX
  • Creative transitions
  • Library of various visual assets
  • Allows adding voiceovers
  • Resolution is capped at 1080p
kinemaster youtube shorts app logo

Verdict: KineMaster is an established app for professional mobile video editing. Even though the interface of this editor might seem inconvenient, it makes up for it with impressive functionality, as it allows you to mix dynamic videos, use thousands of built-in filters and sound effects, add pop-up icons and stickers to your videos, and create your own captions. I should also mention the ability to voice videos straight from the editor and to use special sound effects for changing your voice.

The broad scalable timeline is also worth mentioning since it allows you to place as many tracks as you need and conveniently tie any type of pop-up effects to certain frames. This app also has a reverse and speed control tool that allows you to create slow-motion footage to focus the viewer’s attention on specific moments. The offered export options here are also of the highest caliber, as the editor offers 4K support and allows saving videos in 60fps.

kinemaster youtube shorts app interface

6. Funimate

For enhancing the background
  • Automatic backups
  • It is available for business and personal
  • Notifications if backups fail
  • Easy restore process
  • Has video masks
  • Weak functionality
  • Expensive subscription
funimate youtube shorts app logo

Verdict: Funimate is possibly the best YouTube shorts app for beginners, as it allows you to perform basic editing and cutting as well as add transitions and animated text. Another handy inclusion is the expansive library of various assets like stickers and background images that you can use to make your videos more unique, which can be particularly relevant if you’re putting together a compilation of funny clips.

I also like the lip-synch effect and masks that you can apply to your footage. If you have action scenes, you can anchor keyframes. When importing your clip, you can pick YouTube as the desired platform and the app will automatically choose the optimal settings. However, it’s worth mentioning that most unique effects aren’t available for free. Another drawback is that the editor doesn’t support 4K videos.

funimate youtube shorts app interface

7. Movie Maker

Stylish, modern design
  • Animated text and a huge font library
  • Allows reverting changes
  • Fast cuts
  • Can increase the volume of the audio track
  • Stylish project library
  • No tools for color correction
movie maker youtube shorts app logo
Movie Maker

Verdict: Movie Maker is another simple YouTube video editor with a modern interface. Here you’ll find a stylish file library that allows you to view all your videos and add them to the timeline. The presented functionality is rather basic, as the app only lets you cut and merge clips, add a soundtrack, adjust the volume, and add borders and pop-up text. I should note that it also offers stylish premium fonts, which allow you to adjust the size, color, and placement of the text.

I like that this editor lets you go back to the original state of the video at any time. All changes are stored in the cache memory of your device before you export the project. The export settings are limited but I like that the editor allows editing videos of any size with the maximum import resolution being 1080p.

movie maker youtube shorts app interface

8. Filto

Dynamic filters and stickers
  • Allows importing audio tracks
  • Skin tone adjustments
  • Customizable creative filters
  • Background editor
  • Dynamic stickers
  • Only for beginner YouTubers and Tik-Tok bloggers
filto youtube shorts app logo

Verdict: If you’re recording small podcast videos for your YouTube or Tik-Tok channel, you can surprise your viewers with creative filters. Filto offers an array of both modern and imitation effects, among which you’ll find VHS, Star Bling, Retro VCR, Vintage, and many others. You can also use the app to add music and pop-up stickers included in the library.

This YouTube shorts app offers basic color correction that allows you to add/remove grain, adjust the skin tone, etc. It also provides the ability to apply filters directly to the background if you’re recording the video in a studio or against a white backdrop.

filto youtube shorts app interface