9 Best Green Screen Apps in 2023

By Tani Adams 20 days ago, Software reviews

9 Best Green Screen Apps in 2023

Chroma key, also known as the green screen, is a tool that helps you create high-quality multimedia content. Today, many various green screen apps can help you create seamless backgrounds even on your smartphone. You can also crop out colored pixels using a monochromatic background and enhance the quality of your project right on your phone.

Top 9 Green Screen Apps

  1. Chromavid: iOS | Android - The most reliable
  2. PowerDirector: iOS | Android - Multi-layered green screen
  3. KineMaster: iOS | Android - Used by professionals
  4. WeVideo Movie & Video Editor: iOS | Android - Supports cloud connection
  5. Stop Motion Studio Pro: iOS | Android - Offers various features
  6. Veescope: iOS - Supports the highest resolution
  7. iMovie: iOS - Great for real-time recording
  8. Green Screen by Do Ink: iOS - Advanced toolset for photo backgrounds
  9. PocketVideo: iOS - The best app for YouTube videos

All green screen apps from this list are compatible with iOS, while some of them run under Android. They offer basic editing tools, various backgrounds and chroma key color settings. If you are new to film production, you can use our video editing services, letting specialists create a high-quality post-production instead of you.

1. Chromavid – Our Choice

The most reliable green screen app
  • Simple
  • Limitless recorded time
  • Without ads
  • Importing to your device
  • None

Verdict: Cromavid is a green screen editing app that delivers a great performance. It offers great Chroma Key effects and color customization. Besides, there are no recording time limits.

You can shoot videos and photos in real-time, then choose a chroma key color (it can be green, red, blue or yellow) and apply it to a wall. The next step is to select a background so that your colored wall is automatically repainted in the color of the selected background.

This green screen video app has also a set of basic backgrounds, which simplifies the process. You can use the free version of Chromavid, but it has watermarks, limited recording time and ads. If you don’t want to face these issues, you can purchase the Premium package for $2.99.

  • chromavid green screen app interface

    2. PowerDirector

    Multi-layered green screen
    • Supports 3D and 4K
    • Multi-timeline for editing
    • Customizable chroma-key colors
    • Various effects and transitions
    • A bit challenging due to a wide range of options

    Verdict: Cyberlink PowerDirector is the best green screen app due to its intuitive interface and multiple features, like a variety of Chrome colors, multi-layer editing, brightness and sharpness adjustments, a Denoise option, etc.

    You can change the transparency of any background and edit it right in the application. There is also a feature that allows you to blur the edges around the image, which helps you achieve a more realistic effect.

    Besides, the application allows you to create a double exposure effect by overlaying video and blending modes.

    You can use PowerDirector free to test the functionality of the application. However, it has certain drawbacks, such as watermarking and limited 720p resolution. The Premium package, which starts at $4.99, gives you a complete set of options without watermarks.

    • powerdirector green screen app interface

      3. KineMaster

      Used by professionals
      • Multiple layers
      • Direct sharing on social media
      • Records in real time
      • Preview is available
      • A free version goes with watermarks
      • Lacks color range for chroma color

      Verdict: KineMaster is a free green screen app with multi-layer support and useful editing tools. It is considered to be a professional application because of a chroma key that allows you to overlay videos, photos and text.

      The app also has advanced features, such as voice acting, speed adjustment, a variety of transitions, stickers, etc. KineMaster offers you a large collection of customizable backgrounds for different situations.

      You can set up a green screen and record real-time videos at once. Due to a variety of features, KineMaster is thought to be the best free video editing apps for Android and iOS. Its free version has watermarks that can be removed by purchasing a Premium package.

      • kinemaster green screen app interface

        4. WeVideo Movie & Video Editor

        Supports cloud connection
        • Cloud connection
        • Drag-and-drop option
        • Supports square and vertical videos
        • Email support
        • Poor speed
        • No auto-save option

        Verdict: Although WeVideo is mostly used as a video editor, it is also one of the best free green screen apps. The chroma key option can be used to enhance both imported videos and those recorded in real time.

        You can edit the same project from different iOS or Android devices, since the application is cloud-based. Besides, you can use the web version of the program instead of installing the application.

        The app works with different video formats, both square and vertical, so you can use a green screen to create a video for Instagram, TikTok, etc.

        • wevideo movie video editor green screen app interface

          5. Stop Motion Studio Pro

          Offers various features
          • Various backdrops, foregrounds, transitions
          • Integrated audio
          • Easy-to-use
          • 4K Ultra HD support
          • Paid only

          Verdict: Stop Motion Studio Pro comes with a huge collection of features that allow you to create professional movies, such as backgrounds, scene transitions, foregrounds, color adjustments, integrated music.

          You can apply the desired background by choosing a blue or green chroma color. You also have the music option for a green-screen video, where you can adjust the volume and remove extraneous noise.

          With support for 4K Ultra HD resolution, Stop Motion Studio Pro is one of the best green screen apps. You have to pay $4.99 to use it.

          • stop motion studio pro green screen app interface

            6. Veescope

            Supports the highest resolution
            • Easy-to-adjust light exposure and white balance
            • 20+ backgrounds
            • Available preview
            • The green screen for various backgrounds
            • Without undo or redo feature
            • A free version has watermarks

            Verdict: Veescope Live Green Screen is the best green screen app for iPhone that allows you to work with imported files as well as those captured in real-time. The app supports HD Ultra and 4K resolution for clips and up to 12 megapixels for images. The green and blue chroma keys are suitable for any background.

            You can change the background while live streaming. With the Remote function, you can switch between backgrounds, and the screen color will match each background. Besides, you can adjust the appropriate lighting for high-quality shooting. Due to the latest Pitch Zooming feature, you can preview your project.

            • veescope green screen app interface

              7. iMovie

              Great for real-time recording
              • 4-point mask effect
              • Real-time recording
              • Customizable green screen effect
              • Clears the background from defects
              • iOS only

              Verdict: Due to the latest updates, iMovie boasts an integrated green-screen effect. You can choose a green or blue color for working with videos or images.

              You can overlay a green- or blue-screen clip on a solid-color or animated background movie.

              If your subject is green or has green details, you should use a blue background and vice versa.

              Typically, the input-clip audio and the audio of the blue/green-screen video are played at the same time. To make the original audio louder, change the sound volume of the green/blue-screen clip.

              This green screen video app allows you to add photos with transparent backgrounds to use them as overlays.

              • imovie green screen app interface

                8. Green Screen by Do Ink

                Advanced toolset for photo backgrounds
                • Great import ability
                • Live-stream recording
                • Supports image green-screen
                • Replaces shadows
                • Costly

                Verdict: Green Screen by Do Ink is a video editor for iPhone and iPad that works with photo and video content.

                It is the best green screen app for iPad, due to its friendly interface and ease of use. The application comes with the Source Selector, Preview Window and Toolbar options that allow you to choose all the Chroma key tools.

                The app lets you use pre-imported files from outer storage or live videos. By using the mask and paint options, you can create content suitable for both commercial and personal use.

                You can share the finished file on all social networks, like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, as well as on platforms, such as YouTube, etc.

                • green screen by do ink green screen app interface

                  9. PocketVideo

                  The best app for YouTube videos
                  • Free of charge
                  • Various multimedia stickers
                  • Easy-to-use
                  • Ultra HD support
                  • No guides

                  Verdict: PocketVideo is one of the best free video editors for YouTube with a green screen option that is easy to use. If you are a beginner, you can use the built-in hints to guide you through the app functions.

                  The green screen settings allow you to choose the parameters you want and add the desired background. Along with the chroma key option, this free green screen app comes with a video editor, where you have access to re-size and color correction tools, filters and effects, audio and video sharing options.

                  • pocketvideo green screen app interface
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