10 Best Online iPhone Photography Classes

The level of quality provided by iPhones is now so high that even some experienced photographers tend to use them instead of a professional DSLR camera.

If you’re searching for the best online iPhone photography class, you’ll be happy to see the number of different options you can choose from. It’s easy to find something designed specifically for your skill level, needs, budget, and preferred photography genre.

Top 10 Online iPhone Photo Classes

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1. iPhone X: The Quick Guide to Great Photos + Video

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This is probably the best online iPhone photography class if you want to learn about the iPhone X camera. Over 1 hour and 15 minutes, Chase Jarvis will acquaint you with both basic and advanced tips, while also sharing his own experience.

You’ll discover how to handle all aspects of iPhone photography including lighting, composition, lens choice, and image post processing. The class also goes over the video recording functionality of the iPhone X, 11, and 12, as well as suggestions regarding how to use ultra-wide and telephoto lenses.

2. Becoming an Instagram Influencer

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If you’re looking for an iPhone photography course online that can help you become an Instagram influencer, this option might interest you. Sean Dalton is a popular photographer who excels at explaining how to have a successful Instagram.

This lesson goes over how he managed to build a follower base of 25000 in less than 9 months. This class takes less than an hour to watch and will help you understand what goes into becoming an influencer other than boosting your follower count. Sean covers useful tips and methods that will help you quickly start building your Instagram brand while having meaningful engagement with your audience.

The subjects covered in Dalton’s class include the art of establishing a theme for your profile, using appropriate and relevant hashtags, what constitutes quality content, and how to make companies interested in collaborating with you.

3. iPhone Photography Class Secrets

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This beginner-friendly class covers everything involved in becoming a well-versed iPhone photographer. It grants you all the tools required for taking and retouching photos, with all information being professionally presented while remaining entertaining, which proves that author has a clear talent for teaching.

The course contains videos that go through each aspect of iPhone photography, from the process of taking quality photos to image post processing secrets. You can view the videos either in SD or HD quality and some lessons also come with PDF guides. You can print them out to use for future reference when you’re experimenting with various apps mentioned in the videos.

4. Mobile Photography Basics for Instagram Success

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Tyson Wheatley is among Instagram’s leading smartphone photographers. His iPhone photography courses will help you both take better photos and learn how to build your portfolio, subscriber base, and Instagram identity.

Tyson’s 30-minute lesson will take you to the streets of New York, where you’ll see his process of taking photos of people, cityscapes, and streets. Wheatley also talks about his signature photography techniques, image editing secrets, and tactics for putting together a coherent Instagram look.

By the end of the course, you’ll have the necessary tools and skills to take amazing photos that will be a perfect fit for your Instagram page.

5. iPhone Photography Class: Shooting to Storytelling

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In this iPhone photo academy lesson, Richard Koci focuses his attention on iPhoneography – the craft of capturing, enhancing, and publishing photos using an iPhone. The lecture goes over the process of taking the photos, culling, and retouching them by relying on various apps for photographers. Richard also gives tips on how to engage the iPhone photography community by posting images on your Instagram page.

The course includes a bonus section of Koci and other successful iPhone photographers meeting at a conference in San Francisco to talk about shooting approaches, image post processing, and different iPhoneography storytelling methods.

6. Mobile Photography Class Weekly

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This course was put together by Sean Duggan and deserves the attention of anyone interested in studying everything from taking visually impactful iPhone pictures to advanced photo editing techniques on tablets and smartphones. The course gets new episodes that go over aspects like lenses, tripods, Instagram branding, etc.

You’ll discover a new technique or photography trick each Tuesday. Whether you’re a beginner or somewhat experienced iPhone photographer, you’ll quickly hone your skills with the help of this course.

7. iPhone Photo Class: Coffee, Dessert, and More

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This half-hour lecture will take you on a trip with Adam, during which he’ll show you his photo shooting process at two of his favorite Brooklyn cafes. You’ll learn how to take the perfect picture of your food and drinks, improve it in Photoshop apps like Snapseed and VSCO Cam, and create a work of art out of a regular iPhone photo.

Adam gained recognition for his iPhone food photos that emphasize beauty, symmetry, and minimalism. His course explains the thought process and technique behind each photo, helping you adopt the same approach to your lifestyle and food photography.

After finishing the lesson, you’ll be able to organize a photoshoot of your breakfast or dinner routine that will look authentic, eye-catching, and fit right into your Instagram page.

8. Mobile Photo Class: Creating Consistent Look & Feel

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Joe Greer is widely popular for his awe-inspiring landscape photos and portrait photography that conveys a dynamic, authentic, and cozy atmosphere, which is further supported by an inviting color palette. How did he manage to create such a look?

This 35-minute iPhone photography course will take you on a journey with Joe across Oregon, as he’ll explain his photography style while also giving vital suggestions regarding photo editing apps like VSCO.

After absorbing Greer's passion and photography knowledge, you'll be prepared to take unforgettable photos of your own. Whether you decide to share them with classmates or Instagram subscribers, you'll be inherently proud of the unified look you've managed to develop for your images.

9. iPhone Photo Class: Make Your Pictures Stand Out

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Put together by Mariya Popandopulo, this iPhone photography academy course is ideal for anyone planning to improve their skills. During the course, you'll study the ins and outs of image composition and main types of photography.

Mariya will explain all the technicalities involved in iPhone photography and the editing process while giving useful tips on how to make the most of any type of camera. If your goal is to elevate your craft to a new level without having to invest in essential photography equipment or expensive lenses, then this is the course for you.

10. Mobile + iPhone Photo Class: A Complete Course

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If you want to capture stunning pictures on your phone, then this is among the best iPhone photography lessons for you. The class starts with a breakdown of the iPhone camera’s functionality including exposure triangle, focal length, depth of field, lighting, dynamic range, resolution, and other essential specs.

Next, you’ll discover what pro photography techniques can be applied for taking iPhone pictures. The course also goes over the best filter apps like the Lightroom Mobile App, Snapseed, and VSCO, while teaching you how to maximize their usefulness.