6 Best Internet Filter Software in 2022

If you worry that your kids or any other family member may unconsciously get affected by toxic web content, you’d better use the best Internet filter software. There are many programs of this kind, all of which are designed for monitoring social media activity, restricting access to harmful web platforms, etc.

It takes several minutes to install such filter software and you’ll get an efficient tool to ensure your relatives are protected from potential threats awaiting them online.

Top 6 Internet Filter Software

  1. Qustodio - For multiple devices
  2. FamilyTime - SafeSearch feature
  3. Net Nanny - For monitoring kids
  4. FamiSafe - Location tracking and geofencing
  5. Pumpic - Controls social media apps
  6. Surfie - Keyword monitoring tool

If you are pondering about downloading filter software, you need to define your goals first. Do you want to see who your relatives communicate with on social networks? Is your main aim to limit the time your children spend online? Do you need to ensure they won’t go off-limit areas?

The best Internet filter software can generate monthly reports for you to see what sites your kids and other family members visit. The bragging point of most programs is that they are multi-platform, so you can keep tabs on the nearest and dearest regardless of your location.

1. Qustodio - Our Choice

For multiple devices
  • 29 filter categories
  • Ability to record a child's activity
  • You can track a device's location
  • Not found

Verdict: The main purpose of using Qustodio is to block harmful websites that may contain viruses and other harmful elements. Moreover, it will also block those sites that are used by hackers to collect your personal information. It has 29 filter categories to help you stay safe.

This parental control app also blocks all those sites that are registered in the "bad" areas in the World Wide Web. This is one way of protecting you from the danger that lies on the Internet.

qustodio internet filter software interface

2. FamilyTime

SafeSearch feature
  • Unlimited devices
  • You can block specific categories
  • Highly secured servers
  • No web content filtering

Verdict: FamilyTime can keep track of all of the activities that your children are doing on the computer. It can block out things that it sees as inappropriate or harmful to your children. It is very similar to the Internet security suites that you would put on an office computer where you need to keep a good guard around all of the computers that are in the building.

With this tool, you will have more control, and it allows you to monitor the things that your kids are doing on the computer more closely. This program is actually very easy to use, so even the older children should be able to figure out how to install it and keep it protected;

familytime internet filter software interface

3. Net Nanny

For monitoring kids
  • 18 filter categories
  • An app blocker feature
  • Low prices
  • No location features

Verdict: When it comes to looking for a good program to control your child's Internet activity, Net Nanny is here to help. With the help of this Internet filter software, you can set up the rules so that only certain people can have contact with your children.

Once you have created an account on the Net Nanny website, you will be able to keep track of how much time your kid spends online or whether or not he/she visits any social networking sites. One more reason to use this parental control app for iPhone is low price if compare with other solutions.

net nanny internet filter software interface

4. FamiSafe

Location tracking and geofencing
  • A great web filtering feature
  • You can examine a web history
  • With real-time automatic alerts
  • Only 3-day trial with limitations

Verdict: The FamiSafe comes with many features such as blocking sites that are inappropriate. It is also able to block any sites that are considered to be spam, as well as any sites that contain viruses or malware.

This software blocks all of the ads on the Internet. There is no need to even worry about the potential danger on the Internet anymore because your children are protected from it thanks to this powerful program.

famisafe internet filter software interface

5. Pumpic

Controls social media apps
  • Has a word monitoring feature
  • You can track social media activity
  • Has a Windows version
  • No direct customer support

Verdict: Pumpic is designed to make sure that the people who use the internet can stay safe and protected. This program was created to help people block the things that are going on and not allow them access.

With this particular software, you can help keep your children safe while they are online. It offers multiple strategies for filtering. So you can set it so that only certain things online will be able to get through.

pumpic internet filter software interface

6. Surfie

Keyword monitoring tool
  • Automatic backups
  • It is available for business and personal
  • Notifications if backups fail
  • Weak functionality

Verdict: Surfie provides protection against unauthorized access by browsing activities, whether by accident or otherwise. With Surfie, you have the added security and peace of mind that your computer is protected.

It monitors all of the websites you visit, recording everything from the type of website (such as social networking sites) to the amount of time you spend on each site. It then encrypts this data and stores it in a separate file so that you have complete privacy whenever you browse the Internet.

surfie internet filter software interface