20 Best Graphic Design Companies To Contact In 2024

From the world’s top graphic design firms that establish industry trends to up-and-coming agencies that provide fast and reliable services for goal-oriented clients, this post covers the 18 best agencies involved in graphic design today. The prices of these companies range from $299 to $1299, allowing everyone to find something for their budget.

When trying to find a graphic design service for your brand, you’re likely bumping into the same few options time and time again. This post will help you break that mold by providing an overview of not only the best graphic design companies that everyone knows already, but smaller startups as well that will likely set the trends of tomorrow.

Top 20 Graphic Design Companies

  1. Landor - Globally-renowned clientele
  2. 99Designs - Professional graphic designs for any industry
  3. ManyPixels - Highly flexible approach to each client
  4. Inkbot Design - Accepts orders from companies of all industries and sizes
  5. SafeHouse Web - Offers a broad range of graphic design and branding services
  6. Crowdspring - Clear, focused direction
  7. Apptension - Top-notch design
  8. SmartSites - Unparalleled graphic design services for websites
  9. Jootoor - Designs based on competitor research
  10. Lien Design - Work with world-known brands
  11. Cat Marketing - Excellent choice of design services
  12. Flying V Group - Good value for money
  13. Negup Solutions - Developed over 250 successful projects
  14. Interbrand - Business strategy assistance
  15. Pixel Productions - Optimal branding solution
  16. Pentagram - Biggest independently-owned graphic design agency
  17. Nexus IT - Provides excellent 3D visualizations
  18. Wolff Olins - Oldest and most experienced option on the market
  19. Superunion - Team of exceptionally well-trained professionals
  20. Actual Marketing - Experienced team

As online marketing became increasingly more important, professional graphic design turned into an essential requirement for any brand or enterprise regardless of its size. Previously, design agencies primarily focused on developing brand identities, packaging, and printed media, while nowadays, the companies like Subraa also have to offer contemporary graphic design solutions that satisfy the company’s digital needs.

1. Landor – Our Choice

Globally-renowned clientele
  • Flexible approach to each client
  • Quality branding services
  • Blog contains a lot of useful information
  • IUCN partner
  • None worth mentioning

Verdict: Landor is among the top designing companies in the world and is the global leader in terms of brand consulting. Based in San Francisco, this agency has over 30 branches in 20 countries, while its portfolio includes projects with some of the largest brands out there. Landor is a gigantic company that employs professional strategists and creative experts that excel at completing complex graphic design projects.

Supported by smart software and global resources, the agency’s employees carefully weigh the pros and cons of all brand choices, develop creative experiences, and help even large enterprises conquer new markets and expand their reach. This company has previously worked for the likes of Amazon, Apple, Lego, Microsoft, and other giants.

Landor relies on data-based insight to merge business and brand strategies while producing state-of-the-art platforms for expressing the brand’s identity, philosophy, and key strengths. Armed with determination and creative graphic design ideas, their customers interact with massive audiences and incite cultural change.

landor graphic design company interface

2. 99Designs

Professional graphic designs for any industry
  • Quick turnaround
  • Broad selection of designs
  • Ensures a smooth experience
  • Multiple pricing plans
  • Prices can be rather high

Verdict: 99Designs is probably the biggest freelancing service involved in graphic design. Their uniqueness stems from the fact that instead of hiring a team of graphic designers, 99Designs represents a membership-based platform that can be joined by any designer as long as they pass a vetting process. All approved graphic designers can participate in competitions based on specific projects created by different brands.

The freelancers pay for a membership plan to participate in competitions, which is how 99Designs ensures only dedicated and professional applicants contend for the job. The designers are divided into 3 categories: Entry, Mid, and Top Level, with the ranking depending on reviews left by the platform’s curators.

The provided services and pricing packages include logo and branding, logo and business card, logo and social media designs, logo and hosted website, and so on.

99designs graphic design company interface

3. ManyPixels

Highly flexible approach to each client
  • Top-tier designers
  • Fast results
  • Affordable and scalable services
  • Guarantee 24-hour turnaround
  • Limited number of services

Verdict: ManyPixels is one of the go-to design companies for brands interested in quality services that will be provided on a case-by-case basis. Supported by a large team of famous graphic designers that have experience in dealing will all possible types of graphic designs, this agency provides has 24-hour project completion service while ensuring all results are of the highest possible quality.

ManyPixels handles the employment and distribution of designers by itself while also being in charge of quality control, allowing the agency's clients to rest at ease after submitting their orders. Another benefit of approaching this company is that you can request as many revisions as you want.

When you approach ManyPixels for the first time and post your order, they’ll pair you with a suitable graphic designer. That employee will complete your project and send you the initial draft within 1-2 business days per your agreement.

manypixels graphic design company interface

4. Inkbot Design

Accepts orders from companies of all industries and sizes
  • In-depth market analysis
  • Employs modern tools
  • Exceptional commercial awareness
  • Expansive portfolio
  • Site doesn’t offer pricing info
inkbot design graphic design company logo
Inkbot Design

Verdict: Inkbot Design excels in personalized logo design, branding, web design, (like WebDesignDev) and website development while servicing clients of all industries and sizes. This firm will help you learn how to reach your target audience and make sure you send them the right message. Inkbot Design isn’t simply interested in finding clients, but rather people who have the same values and aspirations.

You can reap multiple benefits from collaborating with this agency. Its employees start by helping you determine and shape your brand strategy. Once you’ve done that, you’ll have a much easier time reaching your goals by properly positioning your business and expanding your client base.

Other than that, Inkbot Design is ready to provide engaging marketing content, site designs, brochures, ads, and other promotional materials. If you want to guarantee your company is represented efficiently and consistently, you can’t go wrong with this agency.

inkbot design graphic design company website

5. SafeHouse Web

Offers a broad range of graphic design and branding services
  • Personalized web designs
  • Design approach follows all current trends
  • Reliable and prompt communication process
  • Team of experienced professionals
  • Blog section is rarely updated
safehouse web graphic design company logo
SafeHouse Web

Verdict: SafeHouse Web is a reputable graphic design service that allows businesses and photographers to establish a professional branding identity, receive a modern website, and enjoy SEO and social media marketing to grow and expand their client base. I appreciate the fact that they adjust the web design process to accommodate the business plan of each client while adopting an unconventional development approach.

Another advantage offered by this agency is related to social media marketing, as you can entrust its employees with everything from creating and publishing content to measuring your return on investment, which is something missing from most competing services.

SafeHouse Web continuously improves its strategies and is always on the lookout for new solutions that can help grow your business even more efficiently while catering to all the unique needs of your business and its clients.

safehouse web graphic design company website

6. Crowdspring

Clear, focused direction
  • Work with different types of business
  • Effective strategies
  • Affordable prices
  • Highly professional team
  • Some categories are outdated

Verdict: Crowdspring lists more than 220K creative professionals based in 195 countries across the world. They provide logo, graphic, and web design services. Besides, they can help companies of various sizes to develop the design of a product and create brand elements, including brand names. Using their services, you can streamline your workflow by outsourcing a variety of tasks to dedicated professionals. Crowdspring will take care of the most complicated tasks, which will allow you to focus on developing your business.

After analyzing your business niche, these professionals will find a way to improve your products and make them stand out among the rest. You can use this service to design banners, brochures, menu cards, and other materials that will help you improve the recognition of your brand.

crowdspring graphic design company website

7. Apptension

Top-notch design
  • Intuitive processes
  • Effective interaction
  • Excellent results
  • Fantastic portfolio
  • No list with prices
  • Lacks discounts
apptension graphic design company logo

Verdict: Taking a comprehensive approach to product design and strategy, Apptension establishes a strong connection with clients to find out their business goals, target audience, and market trends. The company’s experts know well how to develop money-generating designs and analyze the market and users to let businesses create industry-leading digital products. Besides, they make sure that each product helps businesses achieve their goals and satisfy the needs of the potential audience.

By creating eye-catching product interfaces, Apptension’s designers aim to grow your clientele. Therefore they tinker with color combinations, typography, icons, and imagery that present the client’s brand in the best light improving the overall UX.

apptension graphic design company website

8. SmartSites

Unparalleled graphic design services for websites
  • Communication speed
  • Results almost immediately
  • Comfortable spending money
  • High level of service
  • Need to manage the relationship
smartsites graphic design company

Verdict: SmartSites is a renowned web design and digital marketing agency that heavily emphasizes search engine marketing. Thanks to their unique approach and dedicated team of experts, this agency rapidly grew into one of the best graphic design companies in the United States.

SmartSites lets you order web design and development services, SEO, Google AdWords PPC management, as well as graphic and logo design, while primarily working with New Jersey and New York-based brands.

The agency helps create a framework for your site by providing in-depth keyword and competition research. They also complement your web pages with effective CTAs that significantly increase user engagement, while ensuring the site loads instantly and is optimized for all devices.

smartsites graphic design company interface

9. Jootoor Designs

Designs based on competitor research
  • Broad selection of design services
  • Reasonable pricing policy
  • Experienced team of professionals
  • Open communication channels
  • Site doesn’t provide pricing information
jootoor graphic design company logo
Jootoor Designs

Verdict: Jootoor Designs is a reputable agency that offers a broad selection of digital marketing services to help their clients establish a market presence and grow their audience. Other than graphic design, Jootoor Designs also provides website design, search optimization, and SMM services. The thing I appreciate the most about their graphic design services is that their employees conduct in-depth market research to determine what kind of design would provide the best results for the brand of each client.

They examine the environment in which your company operates to give your services/products an edge over the competition. Jootoor Designs is ready to design professional brochures, banners, menu cards and posters that will help promote your brand. Additionally, you can request different stationery items like business cards, letterheads, envelopes, etc.

jootoor graphic design company interface

10. Lien Design

Work with world-known brands
  • Professional approach to work
  • Responsive team
  • Lots of design samples on the website
  • Award-winning company
  • No price list on the website
lien design graphic design company logo
Lien Design

Verdict: Lien Design creates graphic design for companies all over the globe. You can order package design, logo development, branding, and marketing. The company stands out from competitors with its recognizable, strategic, and marketable designs.

The team offers premium-quality design services and creates visuals that are in line with real-world business demands. Experts have assisted clients from different niches and of various sizes, including aspiring startups and reputable giants like Glaxo Smith Klein, Pepsi, Kimberly Clark, Gatorade, and Miller Brewing Company.

The company consists of skilled designers with many years of experience under their belt. So, addressing them, you start cooperating with a team of experts, who understand the importance of effective project management and customer support. They are proud of timely communication and thorough attention to detail at all stages of project development. Besides, they keep clients informed about the progress.

lien design graphic design company website

11. Cat Marketing

Excellent choice of design services
  • Many examples of works on the website
  • Quick communication
  • Team of experts
  • Advanced market analysis
  • No fixed pricelist
cat marketing graphic design company logo
Cat Marketing

Verdict: Cat Marketing is a top-level company with a team of experts who provide a variety of design services. They create logos, flyers, event tickets, and various graphic designs. The agency will analyze your target audience to bring your message across more effectively.

There are several advantages of working with the agency. It can help you with creating your brand strategy from scratch and improving an existing one. Due to this, it will be easier for you to scale up your business and extend your number of clients.

cat marketing graphic design company website

12. Flying V Group

Good value for money
  • A wide choice of services
  • Brand development
  • Team of experts
  • A collection of design samples in a portfolio
  • No price list
  • Customer support requires improvement
flying v group graphic design company logo
Flying V Group

Verdict: Flying V Group specializes in creating designs for eCommerce platforms and landing pages. Besides, the company can optimize websites to improve their search engine ranking. It creates projects from scratch and can improve the online visibility of your brand.

Besides providing professional web design services, Flying V Group offers a whole range of marketing solutions for those who want to develop their brands. You can entrust this team with a variety of tasks, including the development of your business strategy.

In addition, the company can perform SEO optimization, launch a PPC campaign, as well as promote your brand on social media. It is based in Orange County and remains the top choice for those who are interested in leveraging effective marketing solutions.

flying v group graphic design company website

13. Negup Solutions

Developed over 250 successful projects
  • Top-level customer support
  • Respond to clients’ inquiries in no time
  • Professional designers
  • Analysis of the market trends before the start
  • Company resources may be scarce for large projects
  • No fixed prices
negup solutions graphic design company logo
Negup Solutions

Verdict: Negup Solutions is one of the best graphic design companies that has been active on the market for ten years. Its professional and talented staff provides graphic design solutions that convey your business message explicitly. To satisfy the needs and expectations of their clients, the specialists analyze the market first and define the current trends.

Besides, the company delivers services in web design and development, digital marketing, and branding. Working with clients from various industries, the experts do their best to add interactive elements to websites to make them more attractive.

negup solutions graphic design company interface

14. Interbrand

Business strategy assistance
  • Offer in-depth, insightful analysis
  • Clear, focused direction
  • Useful strategizing
  • Won numerous awards for their services
  • Disappointing level of overall satisfaction
interbrand graphic design company

Verdict: Interbrand states that any company that wants to grow its business quickly needs to establish a clear strategy and provide unparalleled customer experiences. The agency strives to live up to both those goals by merging strategy, creativity, and technological resources that serve to elevate the businesses of their customers to the next level.

This agency is represented by over 20 offices in 17 countries and has become widely known after coming out with the Best Global Brands report. While cooperating with some of the biggest companies on a global scale, Interbrand continues to pave the way forward for the brand-building industry.

The agency transforms clients into active participants, as both parties work together to better define their brand and present it in the best possible light. If you would like to work online only, you'd better refer to Design Wizard with its free templates and easy designs customization.

interbrand graphic design company interface

15. Pixel Productions

Optimal branding solution
  • Competitor research
  • Help better define your brand
  • Brand identity design
  • Improve brand positioning
  • Limited number of cases
pixel productions graphic design company
Pixel Productions

Verdict: Pixel Productions is among the top graphic designing companies for anyone interested in a full range of services that offer a mix of business expertise, customer psychology knowledge, and advanced communication tactics that help enterprises better define their brand philosophy and positioning.

The biggest distinction you’ll notice when ordering a project from Pixel Productions compared to a regular graphic designer is that their team excels at working together to produce branding elements that immediately resonate with the audience.

The agency mixes analysis, creativity, and online marketing to establish your brand and products as both high-quality and must-have in the perception of your target audience. There’s a lot more to brand growth and attracting more clients than simply having the best possible price. The Pixel Productions team knows that and will supply you with the combination of creativity and reach needed to build a trust-based relationship with your customers and ensure your CTAs deliver the results you want.

pixel productions graphic design company interface

16. Pentagram

Biggest independently-owned graphic design agency
  • High-profile client base
  • Reputable partners
  • Free lunch for clients
  • Collaborative, flat hierarchy
  • Outdated business approach
pentagram graphic design company

Verdict: Pentagram is an independently-owned company that provides a broad list of graphic design services including brand identity, packaging, installations, web design, digital experience creation, ad campaigns, sound and motion design, etc.

The agency is owned by 24 partners that act as both owners and active graphic designers, directly working with customers and demonstrating an impressive commitment to their craft, as they have been providing such services for over 40 years now.

The company’s structure stands apart from other graphic design agencies and resembles a collaboration of multiple smaller studios (each led by one of the partners) under a single umbrella. This is the only large agency on this list where the owners of the business are also the designers that will work on your projects.

pentagram graphic design company interface

17. Nexus IT

Provides excellent 3D visualizations
  • Offers various IT services
  • Quality-centric team
  • Matching the customer's vision
  • Works with e-mails and domains
  • No prices specified on the site
  • Graphic design options could be more
nexus it graphic design company logo
Nexus IT

Verdict: If you’re looking for top-notch digital services for your startup or large organization, then Nexus IT is the way to go. In the service package, you can find IT support, website design, search engine optimization, graphic design, and more. The team takes a client-centric approach, trying to maximize the client’s vision of how their business will ultimately look and function.

What’s more, Nexus IT provides 3D rendering services, which, competitors don’t offer as a rule. In their work, they use only high-end 3D rendering software to achieve realism in visualizations created for your websites and ecommerce platforms. The company focuses on long-term cooperation, prioritizing top-quality results.

nexus it graphic design company website

18. Wolff Olins

Oldest and most experienced option on the market
  • Strive to understand all of your needs
  • Clear and decisive design approach
  • Use the latest available tools
  • High commercial awareness
  • Don’t provide pricing information on their site
wolff olins graphic design company
Wolff Olins

Verdict: Wolff Olins is one of the best graphic design studios when it comes to shaping brand identities that elevate the business and reach new audiences. They state that brands have the power to change how customers think and live on several levels.

This agency has over half a century of experience in helping establish and elevate some of the most prominent global brands. Just as Siegel+Gate stood for “simplicity” and Saffron for “disruption”, Woll Ollins is focused on collaborating with aspiring leaders that want to radically improve their brands.

The services provided by the company cover 4 key areas: leadership story, customer experience, employee experience, and equipping to deliver. The graphic designers also state that they approach their work from the user's point of view, crafting experiences that will be enjoyable to the majority, not a selected minority. If their prices are too high for you but you want services of the same high level, you can get in touch with All Time Design.

wolff olins graphic design company interface

19. Superunion

Team of exceptionally well-trained professionals
  • Develop brand identity
  • Useful insight and research
  • Brand portfolio and architecture
  • Digital asset management
  • No detailed pricing information
superunion graphic design company

Verdict: Superunion was established by revolutionary-minded individuals who strongly believe that creative ideas can provoke positive, lasting change. The agency’s name is fitting, as it represents a collaboration of 5 individual agencies (Brand Union, The Partners, Lambie-Nairn, Addison, and VBAT) that together created a super studio.

As a union, this agency has over 23 branches in 18 countries, as its client base includes BBC, London Symphony Orchestra, Dell, Deloitte, Ford, Nestle, and Tesco. Superunion is focused entirely on providing branding services that take a company’s existing foundations and either improve them into something modern and eye-catching or completely rebuild the brand’s visual identity so that it better matches its current vision and values.

The company’s experts also excel at combining insight and evidence while providing the creative spark necessary to make a lasting impact and match all of their client’s expectations. Such a unique combination of talents is how Superunion became one of the best graphic design companies and established a global network in the process.

superunion graphic design company interface

20. Actual Marketing

Experienced team
  • Many user reviews
  • Professional work approach
  • Brand image improvement
  • Impressive list of clients
  • No price list on the website
actual marketing graphic design company logo
Actual Marketing

Verdict: Actual Marketing specializes in creating web designs, including logos, pictures, and graphics. Clients contact the company when they need to develop a unique style guide to make their brands stand out. The experienced team will select your company’s colors, fonts and other elements to help you create a consistent style. In addition, the company specializes in print media design and packaging development.

The team includes professional designers. Each of them has years of experience and can solve even complex tasks at a high level. The company is good at working on projects of different complexity and provides support to its clients. It always keeps in touch with its customers and discusses with them all the details of a project.

actual marketing graphic design company website