11 Best Bluetooth Mice in 2023

By Robin Owens 20 days ago, Computer Mouse

The best wireless mice for work and play.

the best bluetooth mouse

If you tend to travel a lot or your desk is constantly a mess, having a Bluetooth mouse will be comfortable. Besides, it’s also significantly more lightweight and maneuverable than wired ones.

Bluetooth mice are compatible with all modern OS and come with an array of performance-boosting functions.

Top 11 Best Bluetooth Mice to Buy

  1. Logitech 910-005132 - Our Choice
  2. Microsoft FTW-00001 - Switch between computers during the workflow
  3. Jelly Comb MV045 - Maximal hand support with vertical design
  4. Razer Atheris RZ01-02170100-R3U1 - The best Bluetooth mouse for Win
  5. SANWA GMAERGBT11 - Vertical mouse compatible with any device
  6. Microsoft Arc Mouse - Ultra-slim and lightweight
  7. Logitech M557 - 1-year battery life & side-to-side scrolling
  8. Jelly Comb MS04 - Compatible with iPad and iPhone
  9. SeenDa Bluetooth - Bluetooth 4.0 mouth for all your devices
  10. TeckNet - Tru-Wave precision and 5 DPI Selection
  11. AE WISH ANEWISH - Extra-precise designer mouse

Whether you’re looking for the best Bluetooth mouse with a minimalistic design or good ergonomics, you’ll certainly find the option you need below.

1. Logitech MX Anywhere 2S

Our Choice
best rated wireless mouse

DPI: 4000 | Interface: Wired / USB / Bluetooth / Wireless | Buttons: 5 | Ambidextrous

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⊕ Works on all surfaces (including glass)
⊕ Super-quick scrolling
⊕ Multi-device connectibility
⊕ Rechargeable battery
⊖ Costs quite a lot
⊖ Only for Mac and Windows

The MX Anywhere 2S offers such state-of-the-art features as dual-wireless connectivity (allowing you to use it as a wired model), super-quick scrolling, customizable buttons, and flow support that allows moving the cursor between several computers connected to one network.

The provided battery lasts for about 70 days on a single charge, and a fast 3-minute recharge will make the mouse usable for an entire day.

Even though this mouse is quite small, clicking the buttons is very convenient, and, what’s even better, the 2S offers great performance on virtually any surface (even glass), which makes it one of the best options for traveling.

2. Microsoft FTW-00001

Switch between computers during workflow
microsoft surface precision mouse review

DPI: 3,200 | Interface: Wired / USB / Bluetooth / Wireless | Buttons: 6 | Ergonomic: Right-handed

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⊕ Smooth transition from one device to another
⊕ Magnetic scrolling for ultimate precision
⊕ 3 customizable buttons
⊕ 2.4GHz wireless frequency
⊖ Not suitable for left-handed users
⊖ Quite expensive
⊖ Only for Mac and Windows

The first thing you’ll notice about this wireless mouse is the smooth transition between computers, which allows you to take multitasking to a whole new level by working on up to 3 systems while using only one mouse.

Additionally, the FTW-00001 offers an impressive polling rate: 2.4GHz makes it ideally suited for productive office performance and fast-paced gaming.

Meanwhile, the magnetic scrolling feature secures ultimate precision, and the 3 customizable buttons allow you to adjust the mouse to your needs.

The FTW-0001 has an ergonomic, curved build enhanced with a protruding thumb rest. It also includes a clickable scroll and a button that’s used for adjusting the scrolling wheel’s resistance.

3. Jelly Comb MV045

Maximal hand support
best cheap bluetooth mouse jelly comb

DPI: 2400 | Interface: USB / Bluetooth / Wireless | Buttons: 3 | Ergonomic: Right-handed

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⊕ Convenient vertical build
⊕ Simple transition between 2 computers/laptops
⊕ Three customizable DPI settings
⊕ Broad list of compatible devices
⊖ Not designed for lefties
⊖ Doesn’t have an alternative connection

This Bluetooth mouse offers a 2.4G wireless mode and is compatible with any device that has a USB input, including computers, laptops, smartphones, and Apple products.

The 33-feet operating distance allows you to connect to a huge TV screen, which can be used for presentations or group gaming.

The three customizable DPI values (1000, 1600, 2400) enable users to adjust the mouse’s sensitivity quickly, depending on what you’re planning to do.

The buttons are quiet, allowing you to focus on work and not disturb the colleagues or family members near you.

4. Razer Atheris

The best Bluetooth mouse for Win
best bluetooth mouse for windows razer atheris

DPI: 7200 | Interface: USB / Bluetooth / Wireless | Buttons: 5 | Ergonomic: Ambidextrous

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⊕ 7200 DPI optical sensor
⊕ Battery lasts for 350 hours
⊕ 2.4GHz connectivity
⊕ 5 customizable buttons
⊖ Only for Windows
⊖ Inferior precision compared to full-size mice
⊖ Quite heavy

This model is one of the smallest Razers ever released, with a size of only 3.9 by 2.9 inches and batteries that weigh 3.5oz.

This Bluetooth mouse for PC is nicely suited for office use and can help graphic designers and gamers up their productivity if they travel a lot.

The most notable feature of the Atheris is the 7200DPI optical sensor, which offers terrific sensitivity for playing video games or working in image/video editing software.

Additionally, you don’t have to set up the device yourself, as the manufacturer provides impromptu adjustments and 1000Hz ultra-polling.

The Atheris has a rubber-coated, durable wheel and pleasantly-clickable buttons. Overall, this product deserves to be considered for the best Bluetooth mouse title.


Vertical mouse compatible with any device
sanwa bluetooth mouse for tablet and laptop

DPI: 1600 | Interface: Bluetooth / Wireless | Buttons: 6 | Ergonomic: Right-handed

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⊕ Customizable DPI
⊕ Back and "Forward" buttons
⊕ Doesn’t need a receiver
⊕ Can be used with most OS
⊖ Not usable on all surfaces
⊖ Lacks connectivity options
⊖ Batteries have to be bought separately

This SANWA vertical mouse offers great ergonomics and works with every OS out there, including Windows, macOS, iPadOS, and Android, without requiring a receiver.

Regardless of whether you’re working on a PC, laptop, or tablet – this product has you covered. The only caveat is the limited compatibility with Apple devices.

The most interesting features of this top Bluetooth mouse are convenient web surfing thanks to the "Backward" and "Forward" button and the auto-sleep function that prolongs the battery life.

Size-wise, the GMAERGBT11 is 2.7” by 4.7” by 2.6” small, weighs 3.3oz, and is powered by a pair of triple-A batteries.

6. Microsoft Arc Mouse

Ultra-slim and lightweight design
top microsoft arc mouse with bluetooth

DPI: 1800 | Interface: Bluetooth / Wireless | Buttons: 2 | Ergonomic: Ambidextrous

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⊕ Compact
⊕ 6 months’ battery life
⊕ Customizable DPI levels
⊖ Compatible only with Windows 10/8.1/ 8
⊖ Full scrolling plane slows down button clicking

This BT mouse comes with a 2.4GHz frequency and nearly 33-feet of wireless coverage. It has a size of 5.17x2.17x0.56-inches and weighs a mere 2.91oz while working on two AAA batteries.

Its stylish, super-thin body makes it one of the best mice for users, who are constantly on the move.

When not used, the Arc lays flat, which automatically turns off Bluetooth. By putting the mouse in the arc position, you turn on Bluetooth and receive a convenient grip that is optimal for the shape of your palm.

Everything about this mouse screams minimalism. The upper button zone is a simple large surface that looks like a trackpad.

The Arc doesn’t have any extra buttons, but it does support both vertical and horizontal scrolling for faster, more convenient navigation.

7. Logitech M557

1-year battery life and side-to-side scrolling
logitech m557 bluetooth mouse for pc

DPI: 1000 | Interface: Bluetooth / Wireless | Buttons: 3 | Ergonomic: Ambidextrous

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⊕ Wide compatibility
⊕ Side-to-side scrolling
⊕ Impressive battery life
⊕ Customizable controls
⊖ Bluetooth connectivity only

The M557 is one of the few Bluetooth mice that are compatible with all modern platforms, as long as they support Bluetooth.

You don't even need a receiver. Moreover, the functions of all buttons can be changed according to your needs and preferences.

The optical sensor has a DPI of 1000 and provides smooth and precise cursor maneuvering, allowing you to work confidently on all kinds of surfaces.

The small size and compact design make the mouse extremely convenient. Regardless of whether you’re holding the M557 in your left or right hand, with your fingers or the entire wrist – using it is always comfortable.

The mouse wheel can not only be scrolled up and down, but you can also tilt it to the left and right to move backward and forward between webpages, opened windows and apps.

8. Jelly Comb MS04

Mobile mouse for iPad and iPhone
jelly comb mobile bluetooth mouse

DPI: 2400 | Interface: Wired / USB / Bluetooth / Wireless | Buttons: 3 | Ergonomic: Ambidextrous

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⊕ 3 possible DPI levels
⊕ Rechargeable 300mAh battery
⊕ Convenient switching between 3 devices
⊕ Broad compatibility
⊖ Buttons can’t be customized
⊖Only available in white and silver

The MS04 just might be the best Bluetooth mouse on this list because of the user experience it provides. It offers a quick response rate, seamless tracking, and accurate navigation.

If you also consider the 2.4GHz frequency, high sensitivity, quiet buttons, durable rechargeable battery, and the ability to switch between three systems with a single click – you get a fantastic wireless mouse for an extremely attractive price!

Another big advantage of the MS04 is the number of compatible systems that include Windows, macOS X, and Android.

Finally, the 3 DPI settings let you pick the exact sensitivity level you need for your workflow.

9. SeenDa mouth

Bluetooth 4.0 mouth for all devices
seenda bluetooth 4 mouse

DPI: 2400 | Interface: Wired / USB / Bluetooth / Wireless | Buttons: 3 | Ergonomic: Ambidextrous

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⊕ 3 selectable DPI levels
⊕ Impressive compatibility
⊕ Rechargeable battery
⊕ 3-device simultaneous connectivity
⊖ Buttons aren’t customizable

In terms of available features, this mouse is the same as the previous option, only released by a less popular manufacturer.

It offers three customizable DPI levels, has silent buttons, a rechargeable battery, and a Type-C three-way connection, which means you can use it with iPhones and iPads, as well as Windows and Android devices.

This mouse is available in black and has a slightly different scroll wheel compared to the MS04.

The manufacturer also offers an 18-month warranty, which guarantees you get your money back should the mouse start malfunctioning.

10. TeckNet

5 DPI selection
tecknet budget wireless mouse

DPI: 2600 | Interface: Wired / USB / Bluetooth / Wireless | Buttons: 2 | Ergonomic: Right-handed

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⊕ 5 DPI levels
⊕ Forward/Backward buttons
⊕ Smart power saving
⊖ Only for right-handed users
⊖ Lacks connectivity options
⊖ Only for Windows

While this Bluetooth mouse for laptops has a lower polling frequency (130Hz), it offers 5 DPI levels (2600, 2000, 1600, 1200, and 800), providing incredible precision versatility.

The Tru-Wave feature provides smooth tracking on practically any surface. Another handy inclusion is the 2 extra buttons.

TeckNet utilizes a smart power-saving function that prolongs battery life. If you don’t use the mouse for over three seconds, it automatically goes into sleep mode.

Thanks to that innovation, a single triple-A battery can last for almost 2 years!

The mouse is also supplied with an indicator that lights up when it’s time to replace the battery. You can connect this model to laptops, PCs, and even Windows 8 tablets.


Extra-precise designer mouse
ae wish anewish bt mouse

DPI: 1600 | Interface: Bluetooth / Wireless | Buttons: 2 | Ergonomic: Ambidextrous

rank rank Rating

⊕ 3 adjustable DPI settings
⊕ Broad compatibility
⊖ Lacks connectivity options
⊖ Not suitable for gamers
⊖ Buttons can’t be programmed

The ANEWISH is considered by many to be a designer mouse. It includes 3 DPI settings, with a max value being 1600.

It’s also supplied with powerful optical chips that offer superior speed and precision compared to a traditional mouse.

The list of compatible devices is also impressive and includes PCs, MacBooks, iPads, laptops, and iPhones.

Other features that deserve a mention in this Bluetooth mouse review, are the quiet clicking and rechargeable integrated battery that lasts for up to a month thanks to the provided energy-saving functionality.

The compact and thin body of the mouse makes it suitable for both right- and left-handed users. Overall, it’s a great wireless model for its price.

Best Bluetooth Mouse Comparison

Image Name Features  
logitech best bluetooth mouse for windows 10
Logitech 910-005132
For any surface
  • DPI: 4000 Wired / USB / Bluetooth / Wireless
  • Buttons: 5
  • Ergonomic: Ambidextrous
best wireless bluetooth mouse microsoft
Microsoft FTW-00001
For 3 devices
  • DPI: 3,200
  • Wired / USB / Bluetooth / Wireless
  • Buttons: 6
  • Ergonomic: Right-handed
best bluetooth mice jelly comb
Jelly Comb MV045
Hand comfort
  • DPI: 2400 USB / Bluetooth / Wireless
  • Buttons: 3
  • Ergonomic: Right-handed

How to Choose the Best Bluetooth Mouse?

bluetooth mouse

Estimate Your Needs

Start by evaluating your needs. What do you need a Bluetooth mouse for? Graphic design? Office use? Web browsing? Video games? Maybe you need the best iPad mouse?

Do you travel a lot and always have your laptop with you? Do you work on different surfaces? What OS do you use? Do you need the best Microsoft Surface mouse? Answer those questions to avoid overpaying for features you won’t need.

Optical or Laser

Computer mice come in one of two types: optical and laser, both of which use the same technology. The primary difference between them is that optical models are equipped with a LED to reflect the surface below it, while laser mice have a laser to track motion.

That means optical models are only usable on flat and opaque surfaces, while laser ones are more versatile and can even work on glass.


Hold the mouse in your palm. Since you’re going to use it for hours each day, it should feel convenient and comfortable to hold. If you’re left-handed, picking a properly designed mouse becomes even more important.

The level of comfort a mobile Bluetooth mouse provides depends on several factors, including your preferred grip.

Don’t purchase an inconvenient model in hopes of getting used to its shape later – that won’t happen. That is especially relevant for all kinds of experimental shapes designed exclusively for gamers.


bluetooth mouse

DPI stands for “dots per inch” and allows you to determine how far the cursor will move for each inch the physical device has been moved. For instance, for a 4K screen that has a width of 3840px, you’d need to drag a 400DPI mouse for about 10” to move the cursor from edge to edge.

Mice with high DPI are perfect for high-resolution or multi-screen setups, as they allow you to navigate the screen faster. For gamers, high DPI allows you to turn around and act quicker.

Lower DPI is better if you want more control and precision. That’s why it’s best to pick a mouse that has an adjustable DPI, since some games demand a high DPI, while software like Photoshop requires precision, which is only achievable with a lower DPI.

Additional Buttons

The left and right buttons along with the scroll wheel are mandatory parts of a mouse. However, some models that contend for the title of the best Bluetooth mouse also have extra buttons, typically on their side.

They can be customized to perform specific functions like the “Back” button in a browser. If you’re constantly using the same software, extra buttons can be very helpful and are usually easily programmable.


  • • Are wireless mice of the same quality as wired models?

Graphic designers and users, who are constantly on the go, will definitely appreciate the wireless models more. When it comes down to it, the only benefit of a wired mouse is the lack of batteries. That is especially true since the latest Blue Tooth mice are just as fast and reliable as their wired counterparts.

  • • What is the most comfortable mouse?

It’s a matter of taste and preference. The market is currently divided between two main types: ergonomic horizontal and vertical mice. Try holding both and pick the more comfortable one!

  • • Is Razer superior to Logitech?

Logitech typically produces mice that are better for everyday use, while Razer releases devices that provide excellent gaming experience.

  • • Is the Apple mouse worth it?

Their mouse has many pros, being a unique, small, and stylish device. However, if you’re a graphic designer, picking a mouse that doesn’t have visible buttons or scroll wheel isn’t ideal. Its low profile might also be uncomfortable for some users.