Ashisoft File Finding Software Review 2022: Pros & Cons


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  • Platforms: Windows
  • Pricing: Free/From $1.66/month

Verdict: Ashisoft is an efficient application for scanning devices and cloud storage in order to detect duplicates. I like that using this app, you can quickly find duplicates of photos, videos, songs, and other multimedia files and then delete them all with one click. The application works remarkably quickly, which is great if you need to get rid of numerous files before uploading new data.

  • Search and delete duplicates on devices and cloud
  • Side-by-side comparison of duplicates
  • Preview feature
  • Folders for files that you don’t want to delete
  • Incorrect subfolder scanning
  • Windows-compatible only
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Ashisoft harnesses smart technologies while detecting duplicate files, so you can be sure you’ll get accurate results. Using the application, you can free space on your HDD, SSD, and cloud storage, thus making your computer work faster. Ashisoft is in high demand among photographers and other users, who frequently deal with packs of files and need to manage them as efficiently as possible without depleting inner and outer storage space.

Ashisoft: Main Features

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Ashisoft is a user-friendly file finder for Windows that guarantees meticulous scanning of the chosen location and complete removal of detected duplicates. The entire process is very quick. You need to select one or several folders for the app to analyze and set the parameters for locating duplicates.

There are several filters, so make sure to study them all. Besides, you can take advantage of the Selection Assistant to categorize files by groups, dates, drives, folders, etc. Next, click the “Start” button, wait several seconds, and delete all listed copies.

If you have documents or media that you want to protect from accidental deletion, you can save them to special Protect Folders. During the search for duplicates, Ashisoft won’t scan these folders, so you can be sure that these files are intact. In addition to automatic deletion of found copies, you can also compare the results and manually delete or keep the ones you need. Besides, you can exclude certain files and folders on your computer and they will be concealed from the app.

Quick Detection and Removal of Duplicates Based on Chosen Filters

ashisoft duplicate photo finder

Being a feature-packed duplicate photo finder, Ashisoft accurately locates identical files on computers and cloud storage for photos, so you can forget about the mess of manual search. What’s more, it can find duplicated pictures even if they are rotated or edited. Thanks to extensive photo format support (over 60 formats), you can be sure Ashisoft won’t miss a single picture.

The application finds similar photos, and by comparing them side-by-side, you can choose the one that you want to save. If images have been flipped or resized, Ashisoft will still display them in the list of copies. What’s more, it identifies flipped pictures regardless of their names and shooting data. If you activate scanning based on the format, it will detect photos and perform the further comparison.

You can also filter your search options. For example, you can search for duplicates with the same name, format, size, extension, similar image, etc.

In addition to finding photo content, it can also function as a duplicate video finder. By resorting to the Selection Assistant, it is possible to mark clips by groups, dates, folders, and other parameters. Besides, Ashisoft comes with an embedded video player, so you can play a clip and decide whether you really want to delete it.

Easy Scanning of Duplicate Songs on a Device or iTunes

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If you are an audiophile and have an extensive collection of songs stored on your computer, you may want to filter them and remove duplicates. Using Ashisoft, you can easily cope with such a task. The app can compare ID3 tags such as title, album and artist or ignore such details and solely focus on music content. Next, you can examine the preview list with the details about each song and choose those you want to delete. Ashisoft supports all popular audio formats (MP3, MP4, WMA, FLAC, and OGG).

If you store your favorite audio in the iTunes library, you can still take advantage of Ashisoft capabilities. Define the search parameters and let the app do its job. Thanks to AI-driven algorithms, it will not only find duplicates but also sort them into different groups.

If the internal storage on your iPod, MP3 Player, or other devices is frequently filled, you should have a closer look at the files kept there. It happens quite often that people accidentally download several versions of the same song, and forget about this over time. Ashisoft can precisely analyze your files and display duplicates. Using a built-in hi-res audio player, you can listen to audio found to figure out whether you want to keep it or banish.

Convenient Search Options to Remove Duplicate Emails and Contacts in Microsoft Outlook

ashisoft duplicate email finder

If your email folder is always packed with letters, it may become a total disaster at the end of the week to sort them through. Fortunately, you can keep your emails neatly arranged by using this duplicate file finder with some organizational capabilities. Ashisoft looks for duplicates in all Microsoft Outlook folders, including Microsoft Exchange and Public Folders, or any other folder you choose.

In addition, the app also detects duplicate Outlook contacts to free even more extra storage. After the scanning, you will see how much the performance of Outlook will improve, considering that this program consumes a lot of space.

Once Ashisoft identifies the duplicate files, you can decide what to do with them other than deleting everything. For example, you can merge all duplicates and save them to a separate folder for later viewing and use. You can also move files to other folders on your computer.

Print Directory Tool for Extended Capabilities

ashisoft print directory

People working with multiple files on a day-to-day basis, praise Ashisoft for the possibility to create a full list of folders and files for different purposes. Thus, you can make a written enumeration of your files and folders with clear details concerning their contents. What’s more, you can adjust the list based on your demands – display filenames only, include file size, date, time, path, extension, attributes, etc. Besides, you can define the output format – text, HTML, or RTF files.

Another highlight of the Print Directory feature is that it adds an option to the Windows Explorer context menu for directories. Thus, you can instantly create a listing for a directory from within Explorer. You can set up a variety of filters regarding the use of the contents of this list, as well as exclude individual files or folders permanently from the list of content that will be scanned by Ashisoft.

Ashisoft Prices

If you don’t need all the advanced features of this application, you can settle for a free version with the basics. However, for more profound tasks that require sophisticated tools and functions, you should choose from the provided paid plans.

Ashisoft is available as a one-time purchase as well as on the subscription terms. Now it costs $1.66/month or $19.95 yearly. All subsequent updates you will get for free.

Alternatively, you can spend $29.95 once and use it forever. Major updates and features will be provided according to the paid upgrade policy.