13 Best Duplicate File Finders in 2023

13 Best Duplicate File Finders in 2023

Are you on the lookout for the best duplicate file finder to free up the storage space on your computer? Such software scan files on your hard drive and display all discovered duplicates. Thus, you can boost the performance of your PC and remove junk files.

Top 13 Duplicate File Finders

  1. Duplicate Cleaner Pro - All-around software for all file types
  2. dupeGuru - Customizable searching algorithm
  3. Nektony Duplicate File Finder - Merge folders & organize files
  4. MindGems Duplicate File Finder - Protect system files and folders
  5. Auslogics Duplicate File Finder - Effectively detects multimedia duplicates
  6. Easy Duplicate File Finder - Scans a variety of sources
  7. CCleaner - Automatic duplicate files remover
  8. AllDup - For home use
  9. XYplorer - Customizable keyboard shortcuts
  10. CloneSpy - Advanced features
  11. Wise Duplicate Finder - Detects damaged and old files
  12. AntiDupl - Image duplicate finder
  13. Duplicate File Detective - Possibility to scan network drives

These programs support almost all file types, such as ZIP archives, photos, audios, videos, PDFs, folders, subfolders, etc. They use the matching algorithms that search files by name, tag, size, metadata. Thus, you can find duplicate files by comparing the similarity between them and not just filenames.

1. Duplicate Cleaner Pro – Our Choice

All-around software for all file types
  • Detects edited duplicate files
  • Removes identical soundtracks
  • Straightforward interface
  • None

Verdict: If you are searching for the best duplicate finder, consider Duplicate Cleaner Pro. It allows you to detect identical photos, soundtracks, and documents in a matter of seconds. Then the program gives you the suggestions on what to do with the files: rename, move them somewhere else, and delete. It is possible to select each file individually or the entire list for fast removal.

Duplicate Cleaner Pro also compares similar images, for example, if the photo is edited or rotated. In this case, the program offers the flexibility of whether to delete similar files or not. Besides, it is possible to restore images, soundtracks and documents if you’ve removed them accidentally.

duplicate cleaner pro file finder interface

2. dupeGuru

Customizable searching algorithm
  • Multiple view modes
  • Automatically select identical files for removal
  • Detects duplicates based on various parameters
  • May crash if you scan the entire hard drive

Verdict: dupeGuru is a feature-rich duplicate finder that is compatible with Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. It works with the most common files, including archives, soundtracks, documents, and photos. You can adjust the software to find the identical files based on content or a filename. It is possible to search by such parameters as metadata, tags, and attributes.

dupeGuru can be the best file duplicate finder for those, who work with different files since it includes three modes to make the search even more efficient. If you use the Standard mode, the program will search for identical files of all types. Switch to the Music mode to work with audio.

dupeguru duplicate file finder interface

3. Nektony Duplicate File Finder

Merge folders & organize files
  • File preview
  • Automatically selects photos from a group
  • Rich format support
  • Confusing file sorting

Verdict: Nektony Duplicate File Finder serves as a handy tool for arranging your files, as it allows removing all duplicates in a quick way. You can scan different drives and folders, and indicate the file type or size for scanning. The program also finds hidden duplicate files.

The software allows finding absolutely identical images as well as similar photos. Once the searching process is over, you can compare the detected files and select the best pictures manually. Thanks to the automatic selection option, the program instantly selects the best picture in the group, thus speeding up your workflow. To organize your files, you just need to select a folder to move it or copy. You can also combine files using color-coded tags.

nektony duplicate file finder interface

4. MindGems Duplicate File Finder

Protect system files and folders
  • Locates similar files
  • Quick binary comparison algorithm
  • Keeps system files and folders fully protected
  • Haven't been found

Verdict: MindGems Duplicate File Finder can detect duplicate files in folders, a computer, or an entire network. Even if identical files have different names, the app will compare their content and list the, as duplicates.

Unlike standard clone removers that scan only the name and size of files, this program thoroughly analyzes the data stored to determine duplicates. Thanks to a top-notch binary comparison algorithm and internal preview, MindGems shows equally great results when dealing with photos, videos, audio and text files. Be default, it protects system files and folders and you can be sure that the key system elements won’t be deleted.

mindgems duplicate file finder interface

5. Auslogics Duplicate File Finder

Effectively detects multimedia duplicates
  • Allows restoring files
  • Filters and sorts search results
  • Quick scanning option
  • Folder selection seems a bit inconvenient

Verdict: Although Auslogics is a relatively new product, it is still a decent option to compete for the title of the “best duplicate file cleaner”. You can customize all the necessary parameters such as size, file types, filename, date of creation, and more for an effective search.

Once you get the searching results, you can choose between three options whether to move the files to the Recycle bin, delete them permanently or add them to the Rescue Center. The Rescue Center option will come in handy if you want to archive the files and recover them later. In case you accidentally remove the necessary document, you can easily restore it with this feature.

auslogics duplicate file finder interface

6. Easy Duplicate File Finder

Scans a variety of sources
  • Compares files byte-by-byte
  • Undo button
  • Offers the CRC checksums algorithm
  • Doesn’t notify about failed actions in the duplicate-finding mode

Verdict: Easy Duplicate File Finder is an excellent tool for detecting copied files on your PC, external hard drives, iTunes, cloud storage for photos and other services like Google Drive and Dropbox. It can work with numerous file types, such as audio, video, documents, images, etc.

The in-depth analysis of metadata, compressed files, and tags allows you to achieve precise results. The program matches files’ content based on the CRC checksum algorithm to guarantee that the scanned files are the exact copies without false positives. This Mac and Windows duplicate file finder includes the Folder Comparison mode designed to search for backup copies.

easy duplicate file finder interface

7. CCleaner

Automatic duplicate files remover
  • Keeps cookies
  • Has a mobile app for Android
  • Creates backups
  • Automatically installs third-party programs

Verdict: CCleaner is a popular duplicate file finder that comes in two versions for Windows and Android. It is an easy-to-use program with customizable features. You can adjust the desired parameters for automated operation. For example, you can specify which file types to delete or how often the program should run.

The program can detect and clear cookies, but you can still adjust which ones you want to store, for example, you may need to save passwords. In case several people work with your computer, you can adjust CCleaner so that it will delete all traces of your activity.

ccleaner duplicate file finder interface

8. AllDup

For home use
  • Detects files by date
  • A wide range of customizable options
  • Free
  • Only Windows-compatible

Verdict: AllDup is a Windows duplicate file finder that makes the process of deleting repeating files a breeze. Besides, you can use this software absolutely free of charge, which makes it a popular option among users. AllDup scours your drives to find files based on file type, name, date, size, tags, etc.

AllDup offers two modes – for images and audio. It is possible to define the desired parameters (for example, the file format or size) to achieve more accurate results.

alldup duplicate file finder interface

9. XYplorer

Customizable keyboard shortcuts
  • Allows adjusting parameters
  • Detects files by recent location
  • Filtering and sorting features
  • May crash

Verdict: XYplorer is an easy duplicate file finder designed to remove repeating files and save disk space without any hassles. It has convenient sorting options that allow you to find duplicates by filename, date modification, size, and content. Once the scanning process is completed, XYplorer divides the identical files into categories. This allows you to quickly view the particular groups and delete the necessary files.

To simplify your work, you can assign the keyboard shortcuts to perform particular commands. It is possible to operate the program and navigate your file system using several shortcut keys. However, you can still use your mouse as a main tool to control the program.

xyplorer duplicate file finder interface

10. CloneSpy

Advanced features
  • Customizable searching options
  • Multiple solutions concerning duplicates
  • Completely free
  • Overwhelming user interface

Verdict: CloneSpy can be called the best free duplicate file finder because of its fast and effective performance. It can work with a variety of file types and organize a search by a filename, size, date, metadata, etc. With CloneSpy, you can even clean up your system from empty folders.

The program also can detect multiple versions of the same document and remove the older ones. As soon as the scanning process is completed, you can view files and either remove them or add them to the recycle bin for later use.

clonespy duplicate file finder interface

11. Wise Duplicate Finder

Detects damaged and old files
  • Searches for empty folders
  • Creates backups
  • Automatic and manual duplicates removal
  • Takes time to scan the files

Verdict: Wise is a duplicate file finder for Windows OS. It boasts broad functionality, which allows you to remove copied files either automatically or manually. Due to the ability to create backups, you may not worry about accidental file removal.

Wise Duplicate File Finder can also find a zero-length or damaged files to ensure your system is free of digital clutter. You can select a particular location that may include numerous repeating files.

wise duplicate file finder interface

12. AntiDupl

Image duplicate finder
  • Supports numerous image formats
  • Well-elaborated comparison tool
  • Quick real-time scanning
  • Works only with images

Verdict: If you want to delete copies of your photos, you can consider AntiDupl as the best duplicate file finder. It is also possible to use it as effective image comparison software. AntiDupl is compatible with a slew of image formats, such as JPEG, TIFF, GIF, BMP, PNG, EXIF, ICON, EMF, JP2, WMF, PSD, TGA and DDS.

Here you can work with multiple photos at the same time, remove them, merge or save to a different location. AntiDupl performs advanced scanning, matching not only the filenames and sizes, but analyzing the entire content of the image. All the results are displayed in a raw, so you can easily select the source file and its copies.

antidupl duplicate file finder interface

13. Duplicate File Detective

Possibility to scan network drives
  • Integrated checksum verification tool
  • Exports search results in HTML, CSV, and XML formats
  • Performs batch operations
  • Trial version has limited functionality

Verdict: Duplicate File Detective Finder is a powerful duplicate file remover suitable for professional use. Aside from scanning your system, it can detect duplicates on network drives. The program boasts the ability to replace identical files with a Symbolic link. Duplicate File Detective Finder can create a variety of reporting options.

You can preview, print, or save your search results in multiple file formats, including XML, HTML, and CSV. Also, the program can email the reports automatically.

duplicate file detective finder interface