Apple Photos vs Lightroom

By Ann Young 17 days ago, Software Reviews

Apple Photos vs Lightroom: What Program to Choose

You’re not sure that Apple Photos will be enough and you need to install Lightroom?

Apple Photos is a free, interactive, simple to use program for organizing and sharing your pictures and videos. It was created mainly for storing and managing photos and can perform only basic image editing.

In turn, Lightroom is a professional photo editing program used by experienced photographers all over the world. It’s used for raw color correction and batch editing.

What Is Apple Photos?

apple photos logo Apple Photos is a program that is built into macOS and iOS. It is simple and has an understandable interface. You can use plain shortcuts to easily organize and store your photos.

There are four main tabs in the iOS version: Photos, Shared, Albums and Memories. The macOS version has one more tab – Projects.

  • apple photos interface
  • apple photos interface

    Apple Photos: Strengths and Weaknesses

    + Easy to manage photos. The main idea of Apple Photos is simplicity. Apple has always tried to make their photo editing software very user-friendly.

    + A lot of filters. Apple Photos offers plenty of filters. You can use them as filters on Instagram or Luminar. Just one click and you will be able to add Vivid, Dramatic, Mono, Noir, and many other filters. Also, this program provides a great auto-enhance tool and the possibility to undo your edits or revert them in a single click.

    + Sharing files & compatibility with devices. It’s very easy to share your photos in this program. Only a few clicks and you will be able to share pictures and slideshows via Message (text), Mail (email), iCloud Photo Sharing, Notes, Twitter, Facebook, or Flickr. You will also have a chance to save PDF files to iBooks or share them with other Apple devices via AirPlay.

    + You can access your photos from anywhere. In case you don’t have an Internet connection, you can see the low-resolution thumbnail of your photos.

    - Warnings and limitations. Comparing Apple Photos vs Lightroom, I must say that the main disadvantage of Apple Photos is that it can be used only on Apple devices. The mobile version is also strictly for iPhones and will never be available for Android smartphones.

    - Only 5GB for free. If you are planning to use the iCloud-based storage options to the fullest, you will have to pay for additional space on iCloud Drive storage. Apple provides only 5GB for free.

    - It can be used only on the MacBook. You can’t use this program on Windows and Linux.

    What Is Lightroom?

    lightroom logo Lightroom is a robust but simple to use program for editing photos with a cloud-based workflow. It means that your photos are saved in the cloud and you can access them anywhere and anytime.

    Lightroom is suitable for both professional photographers and beginners. Using it, you can import, organize, and edit all your pictures. Also, among the latest updates, there are the Texture slider, Flat-Field correction, and the Enhance Details tool.

    The interface of this program is more optimized, which is suitable for users who prefer mobile applications to desktop ones.

    When the application opens on your computer, you see only your pictures and different icons. Click on an image to open it and you can start editing. Click the icon to open the toolbar and options.

    • lightroom interface
    • lightroom interface

      Lightroom: Strengths and Weaknesses

      + Edit photos anywhere. Using sliders, filters, presets, color grading, tone curve, split tinting, and other tools, you can easily take pictures the way you want. You can edit photos on your smartphone, tablet, through a web browser or on a PC – any changes are automatically displayed on all your devices.

      + It is convenient to share pictures. You can publish photos from Lightroom directly on social networks or in Adobe Portfolio.

      + Smart rubricator. Using machine learning, Adobe Sensei technology automatically recognizes people and other objects in photos, and then adds unique tags for quick search.

      + Presets. This program also has a very handy thing called Presets, which gives it a big advantage if we compare Lightroom vs Apple Photos. This is a set of predefined settings. All photographers have their own basic set of presets for particular themes. Also, it’s very convenient to use presets for batch processing of groups of files.

      + Tutorials right in Lightroom. Interactive guides that are available on PC and mobile devices will help you gain photo editing skills right in the Lightroom app.

      + Mobile application and a website. Lightroom Mobile App is more interesting than the desktop one. Actually, it even has the People and Profiles tools together with a slider control for the Upright, Guided Upright, and Geometry tools.

      In the mobile application, you can access all the photos that you see synchronized in the desktop application. Besides, there you can even use the gradient tool and perform selective editing with a brush.

      — Organize. In the Library mode, if you double-click, you will be between thumbnail and screen-fit view. One more click will zoom it to 10 percent. Unfortunately, Zooming is limited to Fit, Fill, and 1:3 and 1:2 ratios. Also, you can’t do it with a mouse wheel, which is very common for image editors.

      — Speed of import. The process of import used to be one of the main disadvantages of Lightroom. A lot of users complained about slow import. Developers have fixed this problem, but the speed of import is still inferior to competitors.

      — Price. Lightroom offers you to use its trial version for only 7 days, a monthly subscription. Apple Photos, in turn, is a free program.

      Apple Photos vs Lightroom: Price

      apple photos vs lightroom price

      Apple Photos is completely free. All you have to pay for is additional cloud storage. As a standard, the software offers 5GB of iCloud storage. You can buy extra storage for $1 per month.

      You can use Lightroom only if you buy a subscription. You can get Lightroom, Adobe Spark (to create social graphics, videos, and web pages), Adobe Portfolio (to create websites), and 1TB of cloud storage for $9.99 per month.

      Even though Lightroom isn’t a free program, you can use it for free with a trial period for 7 days. When it finishes, you will need to pay for a subscription. Below, you can see the prices for different plans.

      For students and teachers, there are discounts of up to 60%. You can get the All Apps plan for only $19.99 per month for the first year and $29.99 per month starting from the second year. Usually, it’s $52.99 per month.

      Apple Photos vs Lightroom: – Who Wins?

      Apple Photos is a great basic photo editing program for Mac and iPhone users who wish to store and share their pictures and videos without a lot of editing. This program is simple to use, provides non-difficult sharing and full access to your photo library on multiple devices.

      Lightroom is the most popular program for batch picture editing. It offers plenty of features, excellent organization tools, modern adjustments, and all the necessary output and printing options.


      apple photos vs lightroom presets

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