Animoto vs Adobe Spark: Which Is Better

By Eva Williams 24 days ago, Software Reviews

Animoto vs Adobe Spark: Which Is Better

Is it difficult for you to decide Animoto vs Adobe Spark to install for producing professional video content?

Animoto is comprehensive software that is used for producing videos made of your social media photos in minutes. It has many instruments for editing slide videos.

Adobe Spark is social media graphics software for desktop and mobile devices that offers a great range of templates and editing instruments. It can be used for producing short videos and web pages to attract attraction to your account on social networks and beyond.

What Is Animoto?

animoto logo Animoto is an effective instrument for producing business videos for posting on social media networks. The software lets you make professional video content from your photos and videos just in several minutes. You don’t any editing skills to use this program.
It is necessary to log in to your account via a browser or mobile device to start making videos. You can start from scratch (select the colors, styles, and frames, add text, background, and music) or decide on one of the many templates this program offers. Such an approach is convenient for both beginners and professionals, because it allows you to achieve spectacular results fast.
  • animoto interface
  • animoto interface

    Animoto: Strengths and Weaknesses

    icon Fast image loading. Animoto can upload many images simultaneously. Simply drag and drop your photos and video clips into ready-made templates to produce a video worthy of publication in several minutes.

    Animoto supports JPG, non-animated GIF, PNG and TIFF formats with a 20MB file size limit for images. Short clips lasting 2-5 seconds will help keep the animation smooth.

    icon Many design tools. Animoto makes it easy to edit images, add some inscriptions to them, adjust the color of the photo, or crop it. You can also edit the clip: crop or mute it so that it fits smoothly into your overall project. Animoto app also allows adding an animated text. It will animate these text blocks in a different way depending on the video style you have chosen.

    icon Videos for any occasion. You can choose either a slideshow or a commercial video. The program enables you to create influential professional videos for any occasion or business in minutes. These may be social media, promos, business, holidays, reviews, lists, etc.

    icon Beautiful universal video templates. Professionally designed templates bring flexibility to the entire process. Animoto offers more than 100 ready-made video styles (templates) for defining the animation design, transitions, and typography of your video. There are both free and premium templates.

    icon 1 000 000+ stock images. The advantage of this program is that it provides you with access to over a million great Getty images, free stock photos and videos if you’ve bought Professional or Business plans. Unfortunately, the free version doesn’t have this feature.

    icon Support numerous audio and video formats. The software supports more than a dozen video formats, including MP4. As for audio formats, Animoto works with MP3, AAC, and M4A, so you can download music for your clip from almost anywhere.

    icon Excellent effects and music. Work with captions, colors, frames, and styles to make your video better. By using Animoto, you can quickly customize fonts, music, and more to improve your clips. Another interesting feature is the speed of the video, which depends on the song selected. The animation syncs with the background music you choose automatically and you can use it to speed up or slow down the slide clip.

    icon Trouble-free video posting. Animoto helps you create content for YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media networks. Before posting, click Preview video to see how it will look like. After that, you just need to name and describe it, select the video quality and upload it. Animoto will create a page for your video, from where you can post or embed it, share a link, and even track video playback.

    icon Watermark in a free version. The watermark on a sampler takes up the entire last slide, so the viewers focus their attention on the brand logo, but not on the video content itself.

    icon You can't change the font size. A trial version of Animoto has limited functionality. For example, you can only choose from three fonts. Also, you cannot change the font size, though you can variate text color and weight.

    What Is Adobe Spark?

    adobe spark logo Adobe Spark is easy-to-use online software that allows even amateur designers to create high-quality graphics, short promos, and spectacular one-page web stories. You get three apps in one: Spark Post (for creating graphics), Adobe Spark Video (for creating video clips), and Spark Pages (for creating web pages).
    To begin working in this program, you need to register in Adobe Spark and then log in via browser or mobile app. You can start from scratch or decide on one of Adobe Spark's structured templates for telling your story. Users can choose from several layouts, color themes, and brand designs that will make the content unique.
    Adobe Spark is a tool that creates beautiful visual effects and can be used even by beginners.
    • adobe spark interface
    • adobe spark interface

      Adobe Spark: Strengths and Weaknesses

      icon Excellent social media graphics. With the help of Adobe Spark you can produce custom graphics for websites, blogs and social media networks. This intuitive program generates professional images with or without text overlay. Choose a photo, add some text, and apply design filters or animations to attract the attention of viewers. Leverage this tool for producing web pages and graphics.

      icon User-friendly interface. The interface is intuitive and uncluttered. Even if you have never created a video, you can easily do it thanks to the convenient location of all tools.

      icon Editing in templates. Comparing Animoto vs Adobe Spark, the users often prefer the later one because of its editing in templates feature. Instead of choosing a template and a style, you can decide on the type of graphics at the first stage, simplifying the future design process.

      You can always play with variations of the same image. If you don’t want to think of something new, choose from templates like Promote an Idea for a concept-based story, Tell What Happened for an event video, Show and Tell for a product feature video, and work with the chosen style.

      icon Convenient work with sound. It's very simple - press and hold the microphone button to record the Intro. To preview the audio, click the play button. If you don’t like the result, you can record it as many times, as you want until you get a perfect audio track.

      icon Many visual effects. You can add frames with multiple elements, text, photos, icons or a brand logo. Adobe Spark has a variety of fonts, and you can use your fonts by pre-loading them into the program.

      icon Easy photo upload. Adobe Spark lets you drag and drop image files directly onto each slide or upload them. You can also find free photos in the library.

      icon Easy music customization. To change the music, tap "Music" in the top menu bar and choose from a wide variety of background music. This software offers the entire libraries of free music for every taste.

      icon Easy video sharing. Adobe Spark video sharing features are truly remarkable. It allows you to export videos to social media networks, via email, or embed it in a web page. Upload a video if you want to publish it on YouTube, or post it yourself.

      Before you share your video, enter a title and subtitle, assign a category, and add attribution for photos if necessary. You can decide whether the video will be available to anybody or kept private.

      icon Limited video resolution and length. The maximum resolution of your videos is 720 pixels, and sometimes the clarity won’t be good. Although the quality of the video is not high, it is suitable for most purposes. When watching videos on mobile devices such resolution may be an advantage due to faster loading time.

      The length of a slide show can be up to 30 seconds long. Short duration is appropriate if you are using video for commercials, but the tool is difficult to use for other purposes. Thus, many users consider Animoto better than Animoto app in this regard.

      icon No huge image libraries. Adobe Spark has a good set of initial libraries. However, if you need more content, you have to use Adobe's professional libraries and pay an additional $29.99 per month on Adobe Stock. However, if you plan to use your pictures or another image source, you don’t need to worry about these additional costs.

      Animoto vs Adobe Spark: Price

      animoto vs adobe spark battle price

      The official version of Adobe Spark becomes available only by signing up for Creative Cloud. You can get it as an individual app or full Creative Cloud package:

      If you are eager to get a full Creative Cloud package, you can use Adobe discounts for this type of subscription. For example, students and teachers can save more than 60% on the entire Creative Cloud apps collection by spending just $19.99 per month.

      As for Animoto, you can choose one of several plans:

      • Professional - $33/month (annual payment is $396, you save up to 50% with an annual subscription)
      • Team - $49/month (annual payment is $588)

      To test the capabilities of both programs, you can use Adobe Spark free and Animoto free for several days.

      Animoto vs Adobe Spark – Who Wins?

      Both programs contain tools for creating videos and adding images, effects, text, music, etc. But who wins in Animoto vs Adobe Spark battle?

      Adobe Spark works better for creating short promotional videos. It allows you to create animated videos, web pages, or optimized presentations. It is easy to edit templates and work with sound, music, and photos in this program.

      Animoto is very easy to use, that is why both beginners and professional designers can work in it. Despite some limitations in a free version, this tool is perfect for producing professional videos for any occasion or business.

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