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Adobe Lightroom CC 2015 Crack is a pirated digital photo editor. It is a hacked analog of the world-famous Adobe product for batch editing and photo management. The licensed product is widely used for retouching photographs and organizing them in catalogs.

What Is Adobe Lightroom CC 2015 Crack?

As the name implies, an Adobe Lightroom CC 2015 Crack is just a hacked copy of the program that Adobe itself had nothing to do with. This software functions thanks to hacks and integrated keys. Nevertheless, the crack has the features of the original program: the development of digital negatives, retouching, and organizing photos.

Windows Adobe Lightroom CC 2015

Filename: Adobe Lightroom CC 2015.exe (download)
Filesize: 2 GB

Mac Adobe Lightroom CC 2015

Filename: Adobe Lightroom CC 2015.dmg (download)
Filesize: 2 GB

Lightroom CC 2015 Presets Part 1

Filename: Lightroom Presets Part (download)
Filesize: 3 KB

Lightroom CC 2015 Presets Part 2

Filename: Lightroom Presets Part (download)
Filesize: 3 KB

Adobe Lightroom CC 2015 Crack Is Bad?

adobe lightroom cc 2015 crack dangerous

A Lightroom CC 2015 Crack can easily be found on the Internet. Many users are attracted to this kind of software because of its free availability. However, Adobe, together with any experienced user, actively warn people against downloading pirated copies. There are a number of reasons for this.

Download Part 1 Lightroom Presets (3 KB)
Download Part 2 Lightroom Presets (3 KB)

1. Contamination with Viruses

Downloading any crack, you subject your devices to virus attacks, which are not uncommon for pirated software. Subsequently, you may lose personal data. Antivirus programs usually help get rid of the malware.

2. Lack of Support

Distributors of pirated programs will not worry about resolving the problems that have arisen. The official developer is also not going to help you if you install faulty illegal software.

3. This is Illegal

Downloading Adobe Lightroom CC 2015 Crack, as well as distributing it, is a serious crime in many developed countries. When deciding to get hacked software, you must understand all the responsibility.

4. No Updates

The official developer regularly releases important and interesting updates. However, the pirated copy will not be connected to the Creative Cloud service, which means that you should not count on new features.

5. Malfunctions

Unlike the Adobe developer, hackers do not conduct quality control. Therefore, when working with the crack, you should not be surprised at the constant malfunctions.

  • Learn about slow Lightroom or lack of functions.

Legal Alternatives to Adobe Lightroom CC 2015 Crack

If you, being an honest person, have refused to launch an Adobe Lightroom CC 2015 crack download, you should familiarize yourself with legal options for using the product. On the official website of Adobe, everyone can choose the right tariff.

1. Trial Version

  • Platforms: Mac, Windows
  • Price: free 7 days
  • FixThePhoto's Rating

The free trial of Lightroom is of great convenience for investigating the features of the software and deciding whether they fit your purposes and the need is justified.

As you launch the program for the first time, the countdown of 7 full days will start. After they expire, you will automatically be charged for the membership unless you have canceled it beforehand. For the duration of the trial, you will be treated as a regular member and get full access to all the features and updates.

2. Individual Plan

  • Platforms: Mac, Windows
  • Price: $9.99
  • FixThePhoto's Rating

For this small price, you can work in the program both on your computer and mobile phone. Through the use of straightforward sliders or interesting presets, you can quickly improve any kind of photo. It is also great for organizing, helping professional photographers sort out their various photoshoots.

As a bonus, your subscription allows you to create a portfolio and gives access to an incredible 1TB of cloud storage containing roughly 20,000 RAW DSLR images or 200,000 JPEGs. Here is a more detailed description of Lightroom.

3. Educational Plan

  • Platforms: Mac, Windows
  • Price: to 60% off
  • FixThePhoto's Rating

With respect to those who teach and study, the developer created a special plan with a reduced cost that allows you to use all the same features. Entire departments and faculties of higher educational facilities can benefit from it, including nonprofits, as well as students.

The deal will also include the bonus Portfolio, Fonts and Spark features from the developer, and a 100GB of storage in the cloud that could be enlarged.

Free Alternatives

If you cannot afford the purchase of a legal version of the software, do not rush to download an Adobe Lightroom CC 2015 Crack. To get started, use the trial period, which is completely free. Also, try other free programs with similar tools that are presented below.

1. RawTherapee

  • The original image is preserved
  • Great image editing tools
  • Batch processing
  • Excellent documentation
  • History is zeroed out as you exit the program

RawTherapee is universally recognized as the most advanced alternative to Lightroom. It deserves great praise for the speed with which tasks are carried out, especially when you’re dealing with a large bundle of images.

This open-source software keeps your originals intact and provides you with a rather advanced set of instruments for altering images in a few quick gestures. The support of RAW files is something not regularly included in free software so that’s one more thing in favor of the program.

2. IrfanView

  • Great RAW format support
  • Can edit in batches
  • Lightweight and intuitive
  • Swift processing
  • GIFs can misbehave
  • Preferences are hard to find

IrfanView is not a popular suggestion, but it has all the potential of becoming such in the near future. The software is great for sorting through your images, categorizing them, and providing with metadata.

It’s not merely organizational, you can also apply changes to images, separately or in bulk, although on a somewhat more basic level. The program is also favored by beginners because learning is facilitated by a helpful forum community that is quite willing to share knowledge.

3. Chasys Draw

  • Configurable and powerful
  • Clean coding
  • Swift and efficient
  • Supports RAW files
  • Messy interface
  • Hard to master

Another great Lightroom CC 2015 Crack alternative, this program comes with an additional feature that could come handy for some professionals. A separate mode can help you record footage or stills of your desktop. Naturally, you can do decent image editing here, too.

It is amplified by the support of most current RAW formats that camera manufacturers are creating for their devices. The sole drawback of this software is its insufficient interface optimization.

It results in users frequently complaining of their inability to find or set up features. However, once you get used to it, you will appreciate the flexibility of configurations.

4. LightZone

  • Vector-based selection tools
  • The original image is preserved
  • Most RAW file types supported
  • Fit for Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Will request an account
  • Basic asset management features

A similar solution that requires neither breaking the law nor spending money is LightZone. It provides non-destructive editing with the capability of processing RAW files of many types.

Filters are an important instrument, and you can grow a whole library that can be categorized for ease of use. The only price you will need to pay is creating an account, which the developers require to be able to analyze the demand and improve their product.

5. PhotoPad

  • Intuitive workflow
  • Works with any camera’s RAW files
  • Impressive toolkit for image editing
  • Collage maker, paint by numbers, panorama, HDR
  • UI not optimized
  • Noticeably inferior to Lightroom

This software is filled with great features for editing images that can be useful to professionals and amateurs. You can not only improve the general look of your shots, even if they are taken in your camera’s specific RAW type.

Also, you can play around with cool creative instruments for making collages or panoramas. You can make manual adjustments or use ready effects and generate interesting, engaging content with little effort.


Each of the available versions of Lightroom has an extensive feature-set. However, many users prefer to use ready-made presets that are designed by professionals and will help produce excellent results even for beginners.

Fresh Presets

fresh adobe lightroom cc 2015 crack freebie fresh adobe lightroom cc 2015 crack freebie

This preset will certainly refresh the photo. It is ideal for dull and not very contrasting shots which will make them juicier and more professional.

Deep Shadows Presets

deep shadows adobe lightroom cc 2015 crack freebie deep shadows adobe lightroom cc 2015 crack freebie

Vintage style shots are now at their peak. Add sepia effect to your photos and they will certainly become unusual, with the atmosphere of the last century.

Warm Toning Presets

warm tonning adobe lightroom cc 2015 crack freebie warm tonning adobe lightroom cc 2015 crack freebie

This preset was created specifically for landscape photography. Its warm and saturated colors create a unique atmosphere of dawn in the lap of nature.

Adobe Lightroom CC 2015 Crack Download

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Do not forget about viruses, unstable work, and problems with the law while working with Adobe Lightroom CC 2015 Crack. The consequences of this can be more expensive than buying the legal program. So, I recommend using only official Lightroom version. Moreover, on the Internet, you can find many free programs with similar functions.

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