Adobe CC Express vs Squarespace: Web Design Tools Comparison

By Eva Williams 11 days ago, Software Reviews

Comparing Adobe Creative Cloud Express vs Squarespace, I found out that the latter has more functions for creating websites and promoting business, while the Adobe software also includes tools for making social network graphics and basic editing. You can use CC Express for free (if you don’t mind limited functionality) or pay $9.99/month. As for Squarespace, there is no completely free version. The minimum cost for the program is $23/month.

Adobe Creative Cloud Express sticks out from the Adobe family with its user-friendly interface and simple operation. With this program, creating basic websites for interacting with your audience is a breeze.

Squarespace is a top-notch site builder that is highly popular due to its amazing templates. Using them, you can create stylish and functional websites in virtually no time. There are also several one-page themes that you can adjust the way you want. However, doing so is also possible in Adobe Express.

Which Is Better? Final Verdict:

Adobe Creative Cloud Express or Squarespace? Of course, the choice depends on personal needs and requirements, but I opted for Adobe CC Express. The program is very easy to use, while AI tools allow handling multiple tasks in a quicker way. Besides, the software is suitable not only for creating web pages but also graphics, videos, and banners.

Adobe CC Express is the winner >

Adobe CC Express Features:

  • Stylish templates for creating web pages
  • Quick actions
  • Mobile app
  • Instant design sharing
  • Integration with other Adobe programs

What Is Adobe CC Express

adobe cc express interface

Adobe CC Express is a cloud-based platform with innovative tools for editing images & videos, as well as creating sites. In fact, this program has the most demanded instruments from different Adobe software. Here they are arranged on a straightforward interface and can be accessed via a browser or a mobile app.

interface adobe cc express

If you compare Adobe Creative Cloud Express vs Wix, you’ll notice that both programs have many tools for building web pages in a hassle-free manner. Adobe Express comes with themes where you can customize styles and fonts, add text, pictures, buttons, and videos. However, regardless of what program in this battle you choose, you can create functional websites without advanced design skills.

CC Express is a great option for managing small projects, namely, 1-page sites and blogs. You should favor this program in the Adobe Creative Cloud Express vs Squarespace battle if you want to present your products, advertise upcoming events, show special offers, and the like.

adobe cc express feature

Beginners choose CC Express because of the variety of pre-made templates that are very easy to customize. Thus, novices can choose a suitable template, experiment with colors and fonts, and spruce it up with photos, icons, logos, and other elements to highlight the uniqueness of their brand. If you want to create several promotional materials, maintaining consistency across them is easy as you can duplicate designs. In fact, even free functionality is sufficient for such tasks.

It is great that users can preview finished web pages before launching them. Besides, you can share your website across manifold social networks, via email by adding it to a newsletter, and in other publications. By clicking “Share”, you can also get a snippet code and embed it, namely, a new page, into your running website.

What Is Squarespace

squarespace interface

Squarespace is a universal photography website builder that attracts users with fantastic designs. Using the platform, you can easily create a convenient environment for establishing an online presence, controlling your site, and selling goods/services online.

There are many eye-pleasing templates that have full-photo backgrounds and even scrolling interfaces. Finding a specific template is quick thanks to intuitive categorization. There are such collections as Blog, Media & Podcast, and Art & Design. Before choosing a template, you can preview it.

interface squarespace

Comparing Adobe Portfolio vs Squarespace, it becomes obvious that both programs have lots of beautiful templates. However, those available in Squarespace are more fitting for making online stores. Thus, designing a trading platform, adding products, and accepting payments will be a no-brainer task.

Besides, you can take advantage of the integrated shipping calculator and inform your customers about shipping rates in a timely manner. In case, you want to use advanced features, e.g., recover abandoned cards or APIs, you should upgrade to the higher plan.

The most lauded feature of Squarespace is its drag & drop editor. Therefore, you don’t need any coding skills to create a professional website. You only need to choose a fitting template and customize it. Moreover, Squarespace offers hosting, a unique domain name, and email support.

squarespace feature

If you want, you can also integrate your blog into a new website. The process is also simplified thanks to top-notch templates. With them, you can display your content in an engaging way. The availability of social media integration and email capture forms is fantastic when it comes to promoting products/services.

This eСommerce website builder is a real finding for people who want to run trading businesses online. With it, you can edit uploaded images, alter brightness and contrast, filter files, resize photos, and more. Besides, you can buy a license for Getty Images and navigate the site in search of thematic pictures.


adobe creative cloud express logo
Adobe CC Express
squarespace logo
  • Online and mobile version
  • Adjustable templates
  • Quick actions
  • Integration with Adobe software
  • Perfect for creating one-page websites
  • Lots of website templates
  • Mobile-friendly designs
  • Blogging tool
  • Good help and analytics instruments
  • Perfect for making online stores


adobe creative cloud express vs squarespace price

Adobe CC Express is available as a free version and as a Premium one for $9.99/month. Novices can start with a free version to figure out how the program functions. If you want to get access to top-tier templates, digital assets, 20K Adobe Fonts, grids, fonts, 100 GB of cloud storage, you should purchase a Premium version. However, keep in mind that you can set offered features for free within 30 days.

Squarespace can be tested for free only within 2 weeks. But, in this case, your site won’t be live on the net. To make it active, you have to purchase a paid plan. The lowest cost is $23 per month (or $16/month is billed annually). This is a Personal level.

For an Advanced Commerce plan, which includes eCommerce features, you have to pay $65/month or $49/month if billed annually. This package also includes real-time shipping integration.

FixThePhoto Choice

Adobe СС Express is very easy to use even if you have little experience creating websites. You should use this program for making simple projects such as 1-page portfolios, blogs, presentations, photo galleries, and resumes.

If you are looking for an eCommerce website builder with rich functionality and integrations, Squarespace is what you need. Besides, you can use it to create portfolios, content for blogs and podcasts, CVs and similar materials.