25 Six Month Photo Ideas to Capture the Precious Moments

These 6 month photo ideas will help you capture the most touchy and funny moments. Most ideas on the list require additional props, like clothes, balloons, food, etc. Some of them may be implemented in the open air and at home while others need a studio environment.

Top 25 Cute Six-Month Photo Ideas

Six months is a truly magic age. A kid can already sit and tries to interact with the world. To simplify the process, create a list and tick off those you have implemented. If you want to take great photos, you need to focus on the truly important thing and establish a connection with a child.

1. Tender Portraits

All parents like basic portrait photography. You can take such pics in the open air or studio without using props.

If necessary, you can use some objects. However, they shouldn’t distract a viewer from the main subject. For instance, you can put a kid into a box or bucket.

2. Plain Black-and-White

To get great B&W shots, you should create a contrast between highlights and shadows. To take great black and white photographs, you need to capture the emotions of a baby.

Take a picture in a retro style. Put the kid on the tummy and experiment with angles to capture various perspectives. The child will look completely different in the frame depending on the photographer’s location and position.

3. Use a Flower Wreath

Parents of small princesses will particularly like this idea. When taking photos of a girl, you can use a peony wreath.

To create a flowery paradise, decorate a photo zone with flowers, starting with standard flowerpots and ending with voluminous compositions and hanging silk flowers.

4. Photos of Siblings

Involve elder children in the photo shooting. You don’t even have to ask them to pose. Natural feelings captured in the frame will help you create a great family portrait.

5. Capture a Hobby or a Future Profession of a Kid

To implement this children photos idea, you will need appropriate clothes and props for a kid. You may turn a kid into a baseball player, artist, or pilot.

Here, you can show your creativity to the fullest. You may dress a child like an adventurer, tourist, etc.

6. Play with Books

When implementing 6 month photo ideas, keep in mind that all objects should be located on the child’s level. This way they will look natural in the environment. Thus, instead of using bookshelves, put the books on the floor and let the kid interact with them.

If you want to create magic shots, spend some time enhancing the photos. You may improve colors or remove unnecessary details by yourself or contact professionals who will help you cope faster with the task. This way, you will have more time to capture photos.

7. Two Photographs in One

If you are interested in newborn photography, you can place a photo of a baby somewhere in the frame and put the child in the armchair or simply on the floor.

8. Photo with a Mirror

Small sharp dressers like such photo shootings. Find a vintage mirror, place it in the frame and secure it.

Try to take several shots: put the kid near the mirror or on it. Take photographs from different angles, for example from above or opposite the baby. If you work in a studio, pay attention to newborn photography lighting.

9. Capture the Details

Take several close-up shots to capture the details. To do that, you will need the best lens for newborn photography. You can combine photographs into one collage using an online collage maker or take separate shots for a photo album.

10. Play a Chef

Turn the child into a chef. Ask them to wear a chef hat and eat a dish with their hands. Don’t forget to prepare suitable decorations.

11. Engage Cartoon Characters

It is one of the most interesting newborn photo ideas. Photograph a kid with their favorite toys and cartoon characters. You can put them in the background or let the child interact with toys.

12. Create a Festive Photo Zone

Prepare festive decorations and ask the child to sit there. You can use minimum details, such as toys and other newborn photography props. Besides, you can select a festive outfit for a child.

13. Use Creative Food Costumes

It is one of the most creative 6 month photo ideas. You can put the child into the pumpkin or let them play with food. Here, you can use various objects, but remember to choose the best angles.

14. Complement a Photo with a Birthday Cake

You can take a fun photo of a child smashing a cake. Prepare a decorated cake and the background. Let the child smash the cake and capture this moment. It’s a great first birthday photo shoot idea.

15. Give a Kid Their Favorite Toy

At different ages, children have various favorite toys and books, so you can capture that to get priceless memories. If you do that regularly, you will record what your kid liked during the first year. You can always use a favorite book, teddy bear, or both. Such 6 months pictures ideas allow you to take photos that evoke tender feelings.

16. Turn the Kid into a Fairy Tale Character

You can turn the photo shooting into a real mini play if you dress a child like a fairy tale character. Add several accessories to create a splendid scene from a child’s favorite fairy tale.

17. Halloween Photos with Pumpkins

If your kid turns six months shortly before Halloween, you can use pumpkins during the photo shooting. You can use fresh vegetables and the pumpkins set harvest decoration.

It might be a nice idea to chaotically place pumpkins in the frame and complement the composition with autumn fruit. Moreover, you can highlight the color gamut with props, like an orange fillet or a black tie.

18. Arrange an Easter Photo Shooting

A photo shooting before Easter shall include such obligatory attributes as chocolate eggs and bunnies. Prepare a site, decorate the space with fluffy toys, vegetables, and decorations. You can use bunny ears and any other clothes matching in colors.

19. Marine-Style Shots

If your child likes to explore the world, they will be happy to turn into a sailor. To create the necessary setting, you can use a boat, a nice outfit, a straw hat, and even involve animals, like turtles.

For safety reasons, choose a location with shallow waters for such photo shooting. Such 6th month baby picture ideas may be easily implemented in the studio as well. To do that, you need a soft carpet resembling the water, a boat or a raft. Topical posters in the background may serve as newborn photography backdrops.

20. Outdoor Bubble Bath Photo

It is a perfect idea for children who like to play with water in a bath. However, it requires preparation. You will need accessories and a bathtub. Let the kid do everything they want and capture the most beautiful and emotional moments.

You can be even more original and prepare a chocolate bath for a child. Make sure to ask parents whether the child is not allergic to chocolate.

21. Arrange a Family Photo Shooting

One of the simplest but still cute 6 month photo ideas is a family photo shooting. You can arrange it outdoors. Pick a suitable photography location and think about the angles you are going to use.

Use various family photo ideas and capture moments when the whole family plays together, walks in the park, or gathers flowers.

22. Pictures with Pets

You can take several shots with pets. Make sure the kid knows this animal and is not afraid of it.

23. Summer Photos at the Farm

You can also organize a photo shooting at the farm. It’s not necessary to interact with animals. You can create a composition with hay, pumpkins, and field flowers. If a child is afraid of animals, use fluffy toys.

You can enhance child photos using a bokeh effect or realistic sun rays. Download the Overlay Collection and apply these effects in one click.

24. Cowboy-Style Photo Shooting

Pick a cowboy hat and an outfit for a kid, and find a suitable location. You can put a child on the hay or cowboy saddle. Place a horse in the background if possible.

25. Fun with Soap Bubbles

All children like soap bubbles, so you will definitely capture sincere emotions. Give a bubble wand to parents and ask them to blow the bubbles directly into the frame. Alternatively, you can use a bubble machine.

Free Tools for Editing 6-Month Photos

Even if you use the best 6 month baby photos ideas, you will need to post-process your photos. These free Lightroom tools will help you enhance your pics with several clicks. They will give your images a soft, pastel look.

Your photos will look natural and appealing. The effects come in .lrtemplate and .xmp formats and work smoothly in all Lightroom versions, including Lightroom Mobile, Lightroom 4, 5, 6 and CC.