Wecomm Digital Marketing Agency Review 2024: Pros & Cons


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Verdict: The WeComm team will develop a website of any complexity, be it a simple business card site or an online shop. They also help photographers promote their services using any methods accessible, like Google links, paid advertising, social media marketing, and more. Thanks to this company, I managed to increase website traffic and establish communication with my audience.

The company’s services will be interesting for business owners from various niches, including restaurant managers, sportsmen, artists, photographers, lawyers, etc. WeComm cooperates with different companies from all over the globe.

  • Create a recognizable brand style
  • Individual approach to each client
  • Keep in touch with clients
  • Adaptation to clients’ requests
  • Skilled and attentive team
  • Price for services may vary
wecomm interface

WeComm provides consultations on issues related to marketing and design. In addition, the company creates visually attractive graphics, video clips, and music.

The WeComm digital marketing agency will make your social network pages more engaging and attract new followers. They will develop an individual strategy and create personalized content for your social networks.

WeComm — Main Features

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The WeComm digital marketing agency is open to new technologies. Their specialists regularly improve their knowledge and implement the newest solutions when working on their projects. Among their clients, you can find such companies as ACS, Disse, DrakeProd, JohnnyDLV, Office Consultant, and others.

Creation of Sites Adapted for Your Business

wecomm website development

The WeComm agency designs, develops, and supports websites. Before they get started with the development process, specialists select the site type. For example, if you sell goods, they will create an online store; in case you want to present your works, they will build a simple landing page.

Once the site map and page mockups are approved, these experts begin working on the website design. Throughout the process, they consider your preferences and wishes. The WeComm experts might add new features to the site depending on your needs and goals, like a blog page, a chatbot, an online booking page, etc.

The specialists of this web development company create multi-lingual sites and provide maintenance of your platform. They weekly create website backups, update themes, increase the page load speed and security of the website.

The experts will choose a domain and hosting, set up the security certificate, and provide tips on how to develop your brand. You will get a site optimized for search engines and adapted for all devices.

When the development process is over, the specialists will provide instructions on how to manage your platform. You will get full access to the website and tools to edit it.

Professional Video and Audio Support

The WeComm is ready to satisfy any requests, be it the creation of a video presentation, advertising clip, video advertising, or any other audiovisual materials. For me, specialists created a 30-second presentation clip and adapted it for social networks and a website.

Apart from shooting the video, experts also helped add a voice-over and subtitles. In this short video, I told my audience about myself and explained why it’s beneficial to cooperate with me.

The WeComm experts create music for videos by themselves. They have a team of experienced musicians, composers, and communication professionals. You will get a video with memorable music.

Visual Brand Identity Development

wecomm graphic design service

The graphic designers working at the WeComm can make a logo or brand book for you. The specialists can also design banners, brand catalogs, leaflets, car stickers, bags, T-shirts, etc.

I asked the WeComm team to develop a logo for me. First off, I showed them the photography logo templates that I liked most. Next, the specialists selected several shape, font, and color options. I didn’t have to correct anything since I liked the result. You can post a logo they create on your site or social networks, as well as print it on various surfaces.

Creation and Management of Profiles on Social Networks

The company will help you drive the targeted traffic to the site from social networks. The WeComm professionals can promote your business on such popular social media for photographers as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Snapchat, and others.

The experts know how to interact with users to make them comment, share, and like your messages. They will provide high-quality content related to your topic and set up your publishing schedule.

Transparent Working Process

To get started with the project, you just have to send an email or make a call. The WeComm team will define your needs by analyzing your answers to their questions.

Next, WeComm calculates the cost of your project and optimizes the working process according to your budget. They will find the correct solution for your business. At the final stage, they will test your website and make improvements if necessary.

Regular Publishing of Relevant Content

wecomm blog

The WeComm digital marketing agency regularly publishes relevant content, shares tips and tutorials. You can learn more about the best website builders for photographers, useful extensions, and various issues related to website creation and digital marketing.

WeComm Prices

WeComm will calculate how much your project will cost for free. The price varies from €800 to €50,000. It depends on the complexity of a site, desired functions, design specifics, and additional services.