Video Animation Inc Production and Techniques Review 2024

Video Animation Inc

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  • Platforms: Online/Browser
  • Price: From $199

Verdict: Video Animation Inc creates arresting animated videos that immediately appeal to viewers, turning them into your loyal clients. Working in a highly competitive sphere, they still manage to surpass rivals with their professional team of designers, animators, developers, and voice-over artists. These guys have successfully fulfilled over 5000 projects, all of which deserve many flattering words.

The services offered by the company enjoy immense popularity among beginner photographers, who want to impress the audience not only with their works but also with unique motion graphics. Experienced photographers can also use many nice offers depending on their needs – from many original fonts added to clips to interesting how-to videos. The company also helps startups, financial, medical, and educational institutions.

  • Has created 5000+ videos
  • Work with photographers from all over the globe
  • Unlimited revisions
  • 3–4 weeks turnaround
  • May be troublesome trying to retain/return a client
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Video Animation Inc creates 2D and whiteboard animation, motion graphics, typography, video tutorials, and logo animation. They help companies inform a broader range of clients about their services in a captivating yet unobtrusive manner, which is highly valued in the modern market.

These experts treat clients and their needs as the highest priority. You can be sure you’ll get a high-quality product and timely assistance because they are punctual, hard-working, and quickly adapt to changeable working conditions.

Video Animation Inc – Main Features

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Video Animation Inc is a team of passionate designers, developers, animators, and innovators, who work persistently to become the best in the industry. They praise themselves for working with over 1100 clients from all over the globe and creating more than 5000 videos for them. A significant share of their income (over 65%) comes from returning customers.

Help Share Ideas through 2D Animation Videos

Addressing this service, you always get high-quality 2D animation videos that can be further adjusted based on your particular requirements. They can create educational content and commercials to interest your target audience.

I asked these experts to prepare a video presenting my services. They used reliable 2D animation software during work and described me the process in details.

Sometimes, it is difficult to communicate an idea so that people perfectly understand it. That’s why this explainer video production company has written the script, created unique characters, and animated them, so that my subscribers fully got the message.

I like their methods, and there were almost no revisions at all project stages. Besides, Video Animation Inc specialists shared some useful tips of how to make and share such videos in the future.

Promote Your Business with the Help of Motion Graphics

The influencing potential of motion graphics videos is mind-blowing, so if you want to promote your products/services, make sure to use this method. I also wanted such videos for my business outreach and asked these experts to help me with the task. They used feature-rich motion graphics software to create one-of-a-kind videos that are bound to intrigue viewers.

I ordered motion graphics for my Instagram and wanted them to remember the requirements of this platform. They allocated an individual motion graphic expert and we discussed all the nuances of the future project in a convenient way. There is also a group of animators and writers, who took care of the other aspects of videos.

As a result, I got an amazing motion graphics video that fully reflected my philosophy and touched upon those topics I wanted to highlight. I really appreciate that they listened to all my requirements and brought them to life very quickly.

Turn a Complicated Idea into a Whiteboard Animation Video

The company also creates whiteboard animation videos. Such content is very popular nowadays, because this is the easiest way to express a confusing idea by means of comprehensive graphics. Animators use professional whiteboard animation software to cope with tasks of different complexity.

This type of animation is suitable for companies with a tight budget with no restrictions on their scope of activity. With these videos, marketers can explain how to use a complex product or service, and educators can cover a new topic in a simple way.

Draw Attention to Videos with Kinetic Typography

In addition to standard services, Video Animation Inc also creates kinetic typography videos. They are well aware of proper text styling and elements arrangements so that viewers can’t but notice your commercials.

Many videos look amateurish because of the lack of coherence between different components. Video Animation Inc pros do their best to create a natural bind between kinetic typography, clean movement, and motion graphics.

Besides, such videos immediately catch attention with a unique narrative character. In addition to a visual filling, they also take care of proper fonts that are easy to read on different devices.

Know How to Add Life to Logos

Instead of static logos, these guys can make animated brand logos that look absolutely stunning and help reach more clients. Experts use the best logo animation software with many features and tools for efficient work.

Before creating a logo, specialists study your business, its strengths and weaknesses. Thus, they can create a corporate identity that makes you stand out.

In-House Employees Work on Your Projects

The team consists of seasoned designers, voice-over artists, animators, and developers, who work hard to satisfy all your demands.

Their project manager is a real professional, who keeps tabs on all stages of cooperation. He ensures his colleagues adhere to client’s requirements, curates storyboarding and rounds of edits, and more. Frankly speaking, the result I got totally exceeded my expectations.

Create Videos that Guarantee Sales Increase

The team promised to create a high-quality video that will help me expand my audience and increase sales. They kept their promise: I got a 30-second animation with a thoughtful script and well-drawn characters. This video received 3 times more reviews than static images.

Clients stated that their sales raised by up to 300% when they started to use animated videos.

Video Animation Inc Prices

There are several pricing plans on the company's website, depending on how long a video you need.

The Basic plan costs $199. For this money, they will create a 30-second video, write a script, take care of storyboard and characters, voiceover, animation, finalizing and publishing steps.

If you want a 45-second video, you have to pay $299. A 60-sec video costs $399, and a 90-sec video is priced for $599.