Techsite Social Marketplace Review 2022

By Eva Williams 14 days ago, Software Reviews

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Verdict: is an online marketplace where you can publish your tech articles, software and startups free of charge. This marketplace brings together clients and business owners who can communicate with each other directly. In this review, I will tell you why this marketplace is perfect for small photography businesses.

Similarly to other social marketplaces, it allows customers to contact vendors directly and get a quick response. Here, everyone can offer their services online or communicate with other members of the community.

  • A high-authority website
  • A great option for small companies, including photography businesses
  • Drives referral traffic
  • Impressive organic search boost
  • Professional portfolio
  • A free version is a bit limited
techsite interface has been becoming increasingly more popular since it helps people develop their businesses online and establish long-term relationships with their clients.

Before the Internet became affordable and available to everyone, it was expensive to support long-distance communication. Thanks to social media, nowadays, everyone can directly reach out to their potential customers and provide their services online.

Techsite Review: Main Features

techsite logo strives to improve the cooperation between companies and the community and helps companies to develop their online presence by building strong relationships with their clients.

Thus, it creates a space of shared responsibility. The Techsite social marketplace allows people to share their ideas and organize events, where people get to know each other and share valuable insights on pressing issues.

Improving Photography Business

techsite improving business

If you are just starting to develop your photography business, then this marketplace is a perfect solution for your needs. On this website, you can find plenty of inspiring stories, programs and startups. The main thing is that you can publish your story, show your photos and become more popular without paying a dime and according to photography marketing.

Completely Free Marketplace

If you are interested in events, keep in mind that you will need to follow one simple rule, namely, that nobody should use money. While most similar events are organized to receive donations, here, the idea is to start working together with other people.

For instance, you can offer to do something meaningful for other people, share your ideas, find similarly-minded members of the tech community. Many businesses and non-profits often work without knowing anything about other projects developed in their area so the Techsite social marketplace aims to fix their problems.

For instance, you can help a non-profit by doing some volunteering, providing a piece of advice, logistical support, or contacts. Your partners can offer you to take part in their charity projects and get useful insights.

Engaging Social Community

techsite community is focused on engaging readers and converting leads to sales. To establish long-term relationships with your potential customers and turn them into buyers, you need to answer their questions, solve various problems and follow a transparent communication policy. This way, you can gain their trust and improve your brand’s visibility.

The key advantage of is that your clients can directly contact you if they have any questions. By meeting their needs, you can raise your conversion rate and create a strong community interested in your products and services.

Increasing of Referral Traffic

techsite referral traffic

Increasing referral traffic might be channeling for an aspiring blogger since most companies prefer working with high-authority websites. However, makes this task easier since every month over 100,000 people read their tech articles.

To get referral traffic, you just need to submit your site to the marketplace. There is no need to publish it in every directory available. Just select the most relevant directories for your business since it will help you drive more traffic and analyze it with website traffic checker.

Organic Search Options

This marketplace has many other advantages that make it stand out among digital marketing agencies. For instance, by implementing organic search solutions, you can drive traffic to your website. The Techsite social marketplace has a 66 domain rating, which allows you to promote your posts more effectively.

You will often see news stories on the first page of Google search results. Search engines consider links from such marketplaces as high-authority recommendations, so can significantly improve your online visibility. 

Experience in Different Industries

techsite industries

Aspiring businessmen, especially photographers, rarely have a big budget for developing their companies, which is why it’s a great idea to promote a business through It might seem that this method is not quite effective, but’s portfolio suggests otherwise.

Here, you will see projects created by Acquire, GenesysTel, the University of Southern California, etc. To grow your business, join a community of 200,000+ tech professionals from various industries.

Techsite Prices allows every user to publish their stories, share their startup ideas or software for free. Some services provided by this online marketplace are paid ones. Unfortunately, there is no price list on the official website. You can get your price quote by contacting a consultant.

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