9 Best Trippy Photo Editor Apps of 2023

By Tani Adams 23 days ago, Software Reviews

If you want to make your photos more engaging, you will need to use a trippy photo editor app to enhance them with the help of glitch effects. Such applications have unusual tools that will help you make every photo stand out. You can also apply various filters and effects to your photos to make them more attention-grabbing.

Top 9 Trippy Photo Editor Apps to Install

  1. Prisma - 300+ art filters
  2. FixThePhoto Editor & Retouch - Skillful retouchers
  3. Trippy Effects - Glitch psychedelic effects
  4. Glitch Wizard App - Animation tools
  5. Hyperspektiv App - For photo and video
  6. Glitché - A unique set of tools
  7. SLMMSK - The first anti-selfie app
  8. 3D Effect - Useful 3D filters
  9. Ultrapop - Innovative filters

Such applications were built for iOS and Android users who want to enhance their photos and selfies by adding to them splashes of colors and applying various filters. In this article, I have reviewed the most popular trippy apps for photos that will help you make your images more eye-catching.

1. Prisma

300+ art filters
  • Filters are suitable for images in various genres
  • AI-driven tools for creating unique effects
  • Streamlined interface
  • Poor-quality server connection
  • No offline access, all connections pass through Prisma’s server

Verdict: You can use Prisma to enhance your photos and videos with artistic effects. This app is based on AI technologies, which allows it to edit media content automatically.

Prisma supports a variety of styles and has an integrated filter library. Here, you can select over 300 art styles.

If you have already applied some filters but think that your photo requires further enhancement, you can use various dedicated tools. Since this application doesn’t have an integrated camera app, you will need to import photos from your device. Keep in mind that you might need to wait a bit until your images are processed.

prisma trippy app interface

2. FixThePhoto Editor & Retouch

Skillful retouchers
  • Free trial
  • Fast turnaround
  • Editing and retouching performed by experts
  • Great photo recovery options
  • Haven’t been found

Verdict: Use the FixThePhoto Editor & Retouch app to contact professional retouchers and specify how you want them to change your photo. They perform all corrections manually, so the result always looks realistic. They can create trippy photos, resize pictures, and more.

When placing an order, you should be very specific and describe all your requirements in detail. You can test the app for free to check whether it lives up to its reputation.

fixthephoto editor and retouch trippy photo editor app interface

3. Trippy Effects

Glitch psychedelic effects
  • Allows adjusting the intensity of effects
  • A variety of basic effects
  • Collage making tools
  • Most effects are paid ones

Verdict: This photo editing app comes with an impressive choice of glitch psychedelic filters that will make your photos more engaging. You can also apply a variety of retro effects that will make your images look as if they were taken decades ago.

Besides, you can preview the filters in real-time when taking your photos. You just need to use the integrated camera app to take images and regulate the intensity of the effects with the help of sliders.

trippy effects app interface

4. Glitch Wizard App

Animation tools
  • Quick performance
  • Supports GIFs and videos
  • Outdated interface
  • A limited collection of effects
glitch wizard app trippy app logo
Glitch Wizard App

Verdict: Glitch Wizard is one of the best trippy photo effect apps in terms of speed. However, you can use only a small set of 30 filters. It allows you to find a HEX color code for every pixel. You can apply various editing techniques to give your photos a professional look.

This app has a streamlined interface so you will easily find a camera icon at the bottom of the screen. Here. You will also see a collection of glitch and trippy effects. With its help, you can also turn your pictures into GIFs by adding special audio filters. Besides, it allows you to apply glitch effects to videos.

glitch wizard trippy app interface

5. Hyperspektiv App

For photo and video
  • A great assortment of effects
  • Applies filters in real-time
  • Enhances photos and videos
  • A paid version doesn’t have many advantages

Verdict: Hyperspektiv has an integrated library of innovative filters that will help you edit your images in different ways. You can use it as a video editing app and preview all the effects in real-time to see how your file will look like. Besides, you can further customize the effects by adjusting their settings.

When using the app, you can move your finger over an image and change it as your like. You can also use a helpful randomizer feature. Click on it to use various effects. If you like any of them, you can save them for further use.

snap camera hdr kid camera app interface

6. Glitché

A set of unique tools
  • An impressive variety of tools
  • Video enhancement
  • Settings are difficult to adjust
  • Most features are available only for subscribers

Verdict: Glitché is a great hipster photo app that will enhance your photos with the help of various effects. You can make your photos look scratched or otherwise damaged.

While most editors are trying to remove these defects, this app was designed to re-create them in the most realistic way. However, its interface is quite convoluted. If you don’t select the right option, your picture might get distorted.

You can combine several effects to create a glitch or color distortion effect. It might be quite challenging for inexperienced and advanced users alike. You might fail to achieve the desired effect even if you have loads of experience. After applying various filters, you might notice that your image looks different from what you expected.

For instance, you can apply “malfunctioning scanner” effects that will stretch your image and add some repetitions. You can also pixelate it or add a film burn effect. Besides, you can apply the LCD filter to create a bad-trip effect.

glitché trippy app interface


First anti-selfi app
  • Basic interface
  • Free of charge
  • A wide choice of filters
  • Lots of bugs

Verdict: SLMMSK is known as the first anti-selfie app that allows you to take funny trippy pictures. It comes with integrated face recognition tools that will help you pixelate your face, twist it or turn it into an emoji. Besides, you can make your photo look like a piece of modern art.

What makes it the best trippy photo editor app for selfie lovers is that it comes with an impressive variety of VHS, pixelation, and glitch effects. With it, you can enhance your pictures so that they look as if they were taken decades ago with a vintage camera. While the app has a single-language interface, it’s still quite convenient to use as many of its options are intuitive.

slmmsk trippy app interface

8. 3D Effect

Useful 3D filters
  • Customizable 3D effects
  • A well-thought-out interface
  • Possible lags
  • Many features are paid ones

Verdict: This app is perfect for those who are looking for 3D filters. While there aren’t many color-correction options and you won’t be able to adjust saturation easily, you can quickly add various effects in one tap. Then, you can adjust the intensity of each effect until you are satisfied with the result.

The app allows you to apply filters to photos from your gallery or take pictures with the help of an integrated camera. It supports two modes, the normal and the rad one. The former allows you to preview 3D filters in real-time when taking pictures. The latter is perfect for enhancing photos from your gallery.

3d effect trippy app interface

9. Ultrapop

Innovative filters
  • A choice of free pictures
  • Intuitive UI
  • Useful sample ideas
  • Some issues with the landscape mode
  • Users need to pay extra to use many filters

Verdict: What makes Ultrapop different from other trippy photo effect apps is that has a huge array of unique filters that will help you enhance your pictures in different ways. For instance, when editing the background, you can make the sky look purple or edit the color of the grass. This app has a collection of unique filters that will give your pictures a surreal look.

Here, you can find any filter for your needs. Besides, they are easy to customize. You can use the slider to adjust the intensity of each effect.

paper camera kid app interface