SVGator SVG Path Animation Generator Review: Pros & Cons

SVGator SVG Path Animation Generator

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  • Platforms: Online/Browser
  • Pricing: Free or starting from $14/month
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Verdict: SVGator SVG Path Animation Generator is a great tool for creative specialists who need to create stroke-path animations. Since it’s a web-based service, you don’t need to spend time installing it on your device. Due to its intuitive interface, it can be used even by beginners.

  • Drag-and-drop functionality
  • User-friendly interface
  • Wide range of available animations
  • Handwriting effects
  • A free version has limited functionality
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SVGator SVG Path Animation Generator is a professional animation service that offers various animation tools, an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, and interactive export options. You can create stroke-path animations, add effects, and manually-drawn elements with ease even if you don’t have any coding skills.

In this full SVGator SVG Path Animation Generator review, I will tell you more about the features of the software and help you find out if it’s suitable for your needs.

SVGator SVG Path Animation: Main Features

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Most designers don’t like working with SVG format since it takes a lot of time and effort. However, the developers of SVGator decided to create dedicated software to simplify designers’ workflow. This animation software is user-friendly and intuitive. Even beginners can use it to create their first animations. The drag-and-drop interface contributes to quick animation creation. Users can also add and edit effects or various elements.

You can use the software online to create interactive content, ads, presentations, and other projects. Besides, it has a free version. Even though it is limited, it’s enough to test the service and make sure it meets your needs.

Even though it is pretty intuitive, it includes advanced tools for creating SVG animations. To use all the powerful features of this software, the developers added tutorials to help you master both basic and professional tools.

Easy SVG Animation Creation Imitating Handwriting and Dashed Lines Effects

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SVGator helps you create SVG path animations that imitate handwriting. As a rule, these effects are difficult to create. However, SVGator SVG Path Animation has all the necessary tools and settings for creating path animation easier.

The software allows you to work with stroke-dasharray and stroke-dashoffset CSS properties to create SVG path animations with a dashed line. You can try various dasharray values to create a dashed line and move it along the path with the Offset animator. Besides, you can use a popular effect called marching ants animation that includes moving dotted or dashed lines.

By using position keyframes, you can create a motion path. They help you define the path a handwriting element takes on-screen during a transition. When using two keyframes with the start and endpoints, the software creates the element that will move in a straight line. To curve the path, you can drag the line in the desired direction. In SVGator, this option is called the cubic Bezier curve. You can adjust it using two handles.

Eye-Catching Self-Drawing & Erasing SVG Animation Creation

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Using SVGator, you can also create other commonly used path animations, such as a combination of self-drawing and self-erasing animations. You can use multiples of the path’s value for the offset animator to reach these results. SVGator SVG Path Animation Generator allows you to create various path drawing animations, including both simple animated strokes and refined line art.

With the help of this web-based service, you can create attention-grabbing animations that will look perfect on any site. They won’t slow down your website. By using a self-drawing effect, you can make your animations stand out from others.

If you want to create an interactive animation, you can choose whether it will start when a user hovers a mouse over it or clicks on it. You can also loop it if needed. Besides, the software allows you to create self-drawing and erasing path animations that can make your borders, icons, and signatures more attractive and unique.

Powerful Editing Features & Easy Export of SVG Path Animations

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This online SVG editor lets you customize your SVG path animations using a wide range of tools. You can also define the path your interactive elements will take, set their speed, and add effects. What’s more, you can add cycling or one-time animations.

If you often work with SVG animations, you can save them in the SVGator library. It will allow you to use existing static or animated designs when working on future projects.

These animations can be played in most browsers. If you want to make your animation more interactive animation, you need to choose JavaScript instead of CSS. To start, set the animation speed, select the export type (JavaScript or CSS), adjust the start time, iterations, and responsiveness. Then, you can preview your animation. Once done, you can export an SVG file and add it to your website.

SVGator SVG Path Animation Prices

SVGator SVG Path Animation has three packages to choose from. You can select the most suitable option based on your experience and needs.

The company offers a free package for beginners with enough functionality to start creating your first animations. The Free package covers unlimited static exports, 3 animation exports per month, a timeline of up to 10 seconds, and basic animation tools.

The Lite package works great for projects. It costs $14/month and gives you unlimited static exports, 10 animation exports per month, a timeline of up to 1 minute, as well as basic and advanced animation tools.

The Pro package will come in handy for advanced specialists. It costs $25/month. The package includes unlimited static exports, unlimited animation exports, a timeline of up to 5 minutes, basic and advanced animation tools, an assets library, interactive animations, and an API player.