Press Customizr Wordpress Themes Review 2024: Pros & Cons

By Kate Gross 20 days ago, Apps and Software

Press Customizr WordPress Themes

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Verdict: Press Customizr creates customizable themes for WordPress-based sites that can be used even by those who don’t have any coding skills. I really like that to make your pages more unique, you can customize the theme from the dashboard without writing a single line of code.

The themes created by this team take the highest positions in the WordPress directory. What makes them stand out is they are responsive, which will allow your clients to access your platform from any device. You can use their themes to build a website with a short page load time and perfectly written code without any unnecessary elements.

  • Professional themes with a responsive design
  • Comprehensive FAQ and guides
  • Optimized themes and plugins
  • Customizable elements
  • Drag-and-drop page builder
  • Choice could be larger
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What I like about their themes is that you can fully customize them so that they match the design of your website. It allows you to select a suitable color scheme, menus, widgets, or background.

You can preview all your edits in real time. To learn more about Press Customizr WordPress Themes, you can visit an informative help page with detailed tutorials and step-by-step guides. The themes created by this company have millions of downloads and the highest ratings.

Press Customizr WordPress Themes: Main Benefits

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WordPress was created as a solution for experienced web developers and beginners who want to build websites with a responsive design without wasting a lot of time. Even if you don’t have a solid technical background, you can easily figure out how to use WordPress themes and plugins.

By using the most advanced plugins created by trusted professionals, you can improve your clients’ experience and optimize your workflow to focus on other tasks. Press Customizr is known as one of the leading WordPress developers famous for releasing modern WordPress photography themes.

Drag and Drop Nimble Page Builder with Live Customizer

press customizr wordpress themes nimble page builder

Nimble Page Builder is an advanced page builder for WordPress that you can use free of charge. It has drag-and-drop functionality and allows you to preview all your edits in real time. When using it, you can drag and drop modules to add them to your page as well as add grids, pictures, maps, icons, contact forms, and various blocks to improve the functionality of your blog.

With the help of Nimble Builder, you can add new pages to your blog, insert posts, add 404 pages, as well as pages with search results. Besides, you can create a new page from scratch and design a new header and footer. Nimble Builder is fully compatible with WordPress as it supports its action hooks.

All the pages created with the help of Nimble Builder have a short load time, which makes this tool perfect for creating mobile-optimized blogs. This plugin scores high on performance tests. It was primarily designed for mobile devices. The plugin is based on the CSS foundation that supports fast rendering of pages on smartphones.

You can use this plugin to optimize your workflow and improve the effectiveness of your website. It allows you to quickly create and publish pages with several sections and columns. Use it to create a streamlined and responsive HTML layout. Using it, you will get a fully SEO-optimized website.

Multi-Purpose and Modern-Looking Customizr WordPress Theme

press customizr wordpress themes

If you don’t have an advanced coding background and want to fully transform the look of your blog, you can use this WordPress theme created by Customizr. The company creates easy-to-customize Press Customizr WordPress themes, but this one stands out among the rest.

This theme is suitable for websites of different types, such as landing pages, portfolios, forums, or other platforms. It is used on more than 100K websites and received many positive reviews.

You can use this theme for a range of devices if you want to improve the experience of users browsing through your website. It doesn’t require advanced coding and design skills as you can customize every theme using a set of intuitive tools. If you select this theme, you won’t face any difficulties when setting up a gallery on WordPress website.

Press Customizr released plugins that are fully compatible with WooCommerce, JetPack, bbPress and more. This theme was created by experienced web developers who wrote clean and advanced code. It is fully compatible with Yoast. You can extend its functionality even further if you use it with third-party SEO plugins.

Easily Customizable Hueman WordPress Theme

press customizr wordpress themes hueman

Hueman is considered to be one of the best themes for WordPress-based blogs. It’s used on over 70K of websites from all across the globe.

If you pay for the Hueman Pro subscription, you will have access to the font customization module. You can also purchase it as a plugin for $29. It allows users to quickly select and preview more than 650 Google Fonts and over 40 effects. You can use them to edit titles, paragraphs, links, and CSS selectors on your platform.

By using the Hueman Pro theme, you can ensure that visitors will stay longer on your site. It allows you to select the most suitable style for your blog posts. You can also choose from different preview options. For instance, you can select the classical or masonry style or display previews as scrolls. By showing a selection of related articles, you make it easier for visitors to access and read them.

Hueman Pro allows you to add a post carousel to make your website even more mobile-friendly. Your clients will see the related posts only when they will be displayed on scroll. Thanks to it, you can display any number of related posts without affecting the page load time of your website.

When using Hueman Pro themes, you can customize the way any page of your website looks without editing other pages. For instance, you can add a new menu to the contact page, adjust colors, select suitable fonts, change the layout, add new categories, and create author pages.

Helpful and Conveniently-Categorized Knowledge Base

press customizr wordpress themes knowledge base

If you have some questions, you can browse through an extensive knowledge base that contains a lot of conveniently organized information. Here, you will find all the answers to your questions. There is a FAQ section with descriptions of all the tools. You can read it to learn how to solve problems that WordPress developers often face.

All the articles are detailed and written in concise language. Here, you will find step-by-step tutorials and examples that will help you understand how each theme will look on your website. Even if you have never thought about creating a portfolio or other sites before, you will easily figure out how to do it with the help of these useful materials. If you believe that some information is missing, reach out to the team and ask them to add it.

Responsive Website Designs for All Devices

press customizr wordpress themes design  devices

These days, most people prefer using smartphones instead of desktop computers when searching for various items. This is why a website that doesn’t have a mobile version might fail to help you increase your sales. If the theme that you have selected is not appealing to your readers, it might affect your site’s conversion rates and search engine rankings.

Press Customizr creates themes that are supported by a range of devices, be it a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. All of them load quickly and look perfect on mobile devices. The developers made them convenient to use to help you drive more traffic and expand your audience.

Many companies that develop WordPress plugins don’t pay attention to their optimization, which makes these themes obsolete and hardly suitable for a variety of devices.

Press Customizr WordPress Themes Prices

You can purchase any theme offered by the company. To get Customizr and Hueman Pro, you need to pay $49/year or $99 for a lifetime purchase. Nimble Builder costs $39/year or $89 as a lifetime purchase.

To get access to all the features, make sure to buy the premium bundle that includes all the tools and themes that you might need to use when building a nicely-designed website with advanced functionality.

Premium Bundle costs $99. It allows you to use Customizr Pro, Hueman Pro theme, Nimble Builder Pro, and WordPress Font Customizer. Besides, you will get unlimited featured pages and website activations, a yearly subscription, as well as 1-year access to the latest updates and technical support.

Premium Bundle Lifetime costs $199. You will get access to Customizr Pro, Hueman Pro theme, Nimble Builder Pro, WordPress font customizer, unlimited featured pages and website activations, lifetime updates, and support. You can pay for it in a single payment.

After selecting one of the available plans, you can upgrade it after logging in. However, you will need to pay the difference between your current and the new plan.

What I like about Press Customizr is that it will refund you if you don’t like something about your purchase. However, you should contact customer support within 15 days after your purchase to be eligible for a refund.