heliguy™ - Drone Training Review 2023: Pros & Cons


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Verdict: Heliguy is the world’s leading drone training provider with 3,000+ clients. I like that the learning process is as simple as possible even for beginners due to the transformation of a familiar course into an on-demand e-learning center.

The team has many achievements. It became the fifth NQE for drone training in Britain and Heliguy - a trusted DJI Partner - has since established itself as the UK's leading drone training provider.

  • 14 years of experience
  • Unique training program
  • Official certification
  • Partnership with global brands
  • Post training support
  • Some certificates are expensive
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The key to the company’s success is that each stage of training is given special attention. This guarantees that every student will receive in-depth knowledge that complies with current aviation standards and policies.

Their difference from competitors lies in the staff and the form of teaching. The team of instructors has a huge teaching experience, which in total is more than 45 years. If you are interested and want to learn more about the provided services, please read our detailed Heliguy drone training review.

heliguy™ - Drone Training Review – Main Benefits

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heliguy™ is the largest supplier of DJI consumer and commercial drones. It is accredited by the UK CCA for drone training. They supply UK airports, emergency services, the armed forces (including MET Police and MOD), and sporting events. They are also a partner of BT within the C-UAS program.

After completing the training, you will know how to operate commercial and consumer drones and become a confident and competent pilot, able to perform complex tasks. The course syllabus also contains tips on how to choose a drone and a lot of other information that will come in handy for both novices and professionals striving to deepen their knowledge of current rules and laws and improve their skills.

Advanced E-Learning System

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I like that Heliguy developed its education system competently. Flexible and on-demand online training is available anytime, anywhere to anyone who wants it. This means that you can learn at your own pace. Rewinding, re-watching, recording lectures, contacting professionals in real-time – all this is available to you to consolidate the knowledge gained and clarify puzzling questions.

The learning materials include presentations, quizzes, a PDF guide, and a lot of other supporting content. What’s more, all this is accompanied by online chat, which makes the learning process even more efficient. In addition to providing practical training materials, the company also organizes an online exam to help you check the acquired knowledge. The learning materials will remain accessible forever.

Heliguy drone training courses cover the theoretical basis required to become a specialist in aerial operations. Thus, you can avoid common mistakes that novices make and get the necessary experience much faster. You will learn not only how to perform drone surveying accurately but also how to reduce positional errors. Some courses also include lectures on photogrammetry and LiDAR tutorials.

What’s more, you’ll have access to practical tips and tricks that will greatly improve your accuracy on even cheap drones surveys.

Remote Online Training Hub

Heliguy Learning Management System is a top-notch online learning platform that takes into account the specifics of the drone industry and its rapid development. The remote online training hub has a flexible schedule. Teaching methods are extremely effective. The instructors believe that the future of the education system lies with online courses.

Even if you are interested in how to fly an indoor drone, you can achieve perfection remotely without going to training grounds and meetings with curators.

I love that they have managed to transform a simple training system into such a complex training center that provides the highest quality training.

I appreciated the fact that the Learning Management System goes beyond the online courses we are used to. The teaching team encourages its students to keep pushing forward and improve their knowledge and skills when working with Unmanned Aircraft Systems. The Heliguy drone training company offers candidates extra value-added training, the goal of which is to give them the highest quality training available today.

Valid International Certification for Personal and Commercial Use

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Another thing to look out for is the certificate that you get at the end of the course. This is important if you need to apply for a job, as a certificate confirms your qualifications. At Heliguy, you will receive an official document from an internationally recognized certification center indicating your degree of drone management proficiency.

Since the company provides training for government agencies and critical infrastructures as well, there is no doubt that the certificate has value. Here you can learn how to control FPV drones and receive PFCO to GVC conversion, ES-DOT, A2 CofC, or GVC drone training certifications.

Informative Website With all the Necessary Background Information

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At first, the website seemed a little complicated to me, however, then, I realized that the team presented all the information as clearly as possible. Each course has a separate page with full descriptions, FAQs, and over 40 pages of students’ reviews.

Before deciding to purchase a Heliguy course, you can study detailed information about the company. All the supporting documentation is in the public domain. You can also view a lot of photos and videos from the practical part of the classes.

The site will come in handy for those who need to keep abreast of the latest news in the field of drones as well as learn more about laws and drone insurance. Information about new laws appears immediately, and the team tries to present it in understandable terms. Also, here you can prepare for testing which will help you to get registration for drones weighing between 250g and 20 kg.

Ongoing Advice and Support Team

One of the many benefits of Heliguy drone training courses is that your qualification is just the start. You will get lifetime support with dedicated aftercare, partner discounts, added-value learning courses, and professional advice to further your drone pilot credentials. Thus, the company takes care of its students and provides continuous support to graduates.

The online chat support clarifies many issues immediately. What’s more, you can contact any lecturer personally, and they will answer within a few hours, even on their day off.

Even if all of the above did not help you sort out the problem, visit the company’s YouTube channel or social networks.


The prices for Heliguy drone training courses are rather average. Each certificate has a fixed price. For A2 the COFC drone training course, you will have to pay about $189, while PFCO to GVC conversion will cost you $440.

The big advantage is that you can make a payment directly through the site via Google Pay. The company also accepts payments in three installments. I like that you won’t need to pay extra exam fees or purchase extra costly modules to get qualified. The company has a transparent pricing policy, so you will always get what you pay for.

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Today no company could compete with Heliguy. It has an experienced team that explains everything simply and clearly. Being official partners of drone manufacturers, the team knows all the nuances of working with them in regular and extreme conditions. This allows them to build a system of education and training that takes into account all the technical secrets and allows students to use all the available information as efficiently as possible.