30+ Amazing Summer Picture Ideas to Try in 2020

30+ Amazing Summer Picture Ideas to Try in 2020

Tired of ordinary summer picture ideas? Leave dull photos behind and use some of these cool summer photoshoot ideas to take stylish and unforgettable images.

summer picture ideas

30 Amazing Summer Photography Ideas

These simple but creative summer pictures ideas are suitable for photographers of any level, so don’t hesitate and go try them right now.

1. Use Polarizer Filters

polarizer filter summer picture ideas

If you haven’t taken advantage of the polarizing filter yet, summer is the ideal time to put it into action. With its help, you will be able to improve saturation, brightness, add depth to the colors and achieve better summer pictures of landscapes and water.

2. Take Golden Hour Summer Shots

Golden hour shots summer photo ideas

The golden hour is a part of the summer day before dusk or dawn. During this time, the sun produces amazing "golden" light that makes summer photos look even more beautiful than usual.

You can shoot both summer portraits and landscapes at the golden hour. Also, since in summer, dusks and dawns are longer than in other seasons, it’s a perfect time to take such pictures.

3. Summer Night Skies Photos

Summer night skies photography

Summer gives us the beautiful starry sky and warm nights – ideal sceneries for night summertime photography. Take photos of stars, the moon and make your photos breathtaking.

4. Long Exposures

Long exposures summertime photography

Long exposure is frequently observed in pictures featuring water, the most used object for such images. Shoot summer waterfalls, rivers, lakes, oceans with slow shutter speed and get amazing results.

Besides, you can blur cloud movements and grass moving in the wind.

5. Capture a Summer Storm

Summer storm photography

There’s particular weather during every season, especially when it comes to storms. Summer gives us storms with lightning that create wonderful sky views and allows taking unusual photos.

If you are interested in capturing storms, it’s a nice idea to purchase a photosensitive trigger.

6. Capture Marine Inhabitants

amazing summer photography ideas with marine inhabitants

If you have a chance to encounter unusual sea animals in summer, use this opportunity and take pictures of them. This will give you a nice experience and great memories.

7. With Wildflowers

Wildflowers summer portrait ideas

In summer, there are plenty of possibilities and ideas to take nice photos. Consider shooting pictures with plants as one of summer picture ideas.

8. Take Wildlife Photos

Wildlife Summer Photography Ideas

There are animals that you can see in any season. But you will be able to meet some of them only in summer.

Based on your area of living, you can come across different birds, insects, squirrels, deer, moose, bears, etc. This will give you an excellent opportunity to take amazing summer images.

9. Summer Photo with Shells

summer portrait ideas with shells

Another great variant of summer photoshoot ideas is taking pictures with seashells. They are great props to add some special mysterious mood to your vocational shot.

10. Sand Game

summer photography tips with sand

Use beach locations for your summer theme pictures. Beach will provide both a relaxing and cheerful atmosphere. Offer your model to play around and have fun with the sand.

For example, capture a model tossing it and creating sand clouds. Such pictures will be very unique and remarkable.

11. Palm Trees

amazing summer photography ideas

Having a summer photo on the beach by the palm like in ads is a wish of all girls. If you happen to have such a location and a nice view, shoot some pictures there.

12. On the Seashore

On the seashore summer pictures

Picture of models lying on the sand is quite a popular variant of summer photo ideas. Place a model on the sand with her legs touching water a little. This will make the image soft and romantic.

13. Drawings in The Sand

drawing in the sand summer photoshoot ideas

The next option for summer picture ideas is to take a photo with drawings or different writings on the sand. Let your model experiment and allow her to draw or write what she wants. She can write something simple, like a word, or create something more complicated, like a drawing. Such pictures will definitely look stunning.

14. Summer Photo with Spray

Spray summertime photography

The best tip for a successful photo session is not to think how to make it ideal but to try to calm down, relax and enjoy it. Capture a model having fun and laughing.

You can ask her to sit on the seashore at high tide so that the waves will splash around her and create an amazing summer look.

15. In Swimming Pool

Summer picture ideas in swimming pool

If you are interested in cute summer photo ideas, consider shooting at the pool that is associated with summer pictures. Make sure there is also a nice view surrounding the pool.

16. With Surfboard

Surfboard summer photo ideas

Summer is also a popular time for surfers to ride the waves at the beaches. Use this possibility and take some pictures of your models surfing. This will perfectly convey summer vibes in shots.

17. Capture Model in Water

Model in water summertime photography

Another great summer photo idea is taking pictures in the water. It doesn’t matter if it’s a lake, the sea, ocean or a pool, a model has to slowly move in the water and strike a beautiful pose for a picture.

18. Photo in Flower Wall

Flower wall summer photography tips

Portrait pictures is suitable for any season. However, in summer, you have more possibilities of shooting unusual and interesting portraits.

Think of cool summer portrait ideas that you can implement, for instance, surrounded by the bushes with flowers, and take outstanding images.

19. Boho Style Summer Photo

Boho summer photography ideas

Boho style photos are another successful variant of summer photoshoot ideas. You will need to prepare different vintage outfits and look for unusual lighting.

Make your model feel free and relaxed and you will achieve tender and feminine images that will ideally emphasize the boho style.

20. Inflatable Pool Toys

Summertime photography ideas with pool toys

If you feel like taking pictures uncommon for your style, consider using inflatable pool toys for your photoshoot. This variant of summer picture ideas is perfect for photos during this season.

21. Capture Silhouettes

silhouettes summer picture ideas

If you want to take photos of silhouettes, do it during sunset for a better result. In summer, sunsets are longer, which means you will have more time to snap good pictures.

Also, this will make your shots unusual and unique because each sunset is different.

22. Summer Idea with Car

summer picture ideas with friends

Another nice summer photo idea includes a rented car and a group of friends. Select a good location that will make it memorable for all people participating in the photo session.

23. Amusement Park

amazing summer photography ideas in amusement park

Have a summer photo session at the amusement park and capture fun moments of a model on the rides. Capture her enjoying this special moment and having the time of her life. Such cute pictures will be very fitting for summertime.

24. Cliff Jumps

cliff jumps summer picture ideas

What can be better than jumping from the high spot into cold refreshing water when the weather is hot? If your model likes taking risks and extreme sports, it can be a great summer photo idea.

25. Hammock Lounging Photoshoot

hammock lounging summer photoshoot ideas

In summer, it’s very pleasant to just sit or lay in the hammock and chill with a beautiful view around. Look for an amazing scenery, get the needed equipment, determine the composition of a photo and take it.

  • Check out these hammocks to use at your summer photo session.

26. Bonfires

Bonfires summertime photography

A pleasant summer evening with your friends outside by the fire is a wonderful pastime. Consider using this variant of summer picture ideas for atmospheric and inspiring pictures.

27. Photograph Raindrops

macro summer photo ideas

Recent rain doesn’t mean you have to stay at home and wait for the weather to get better. Take your camera and go take nice pictures.

You will see water drops on leaves and flowers after the rain. This provides a great possibility to create amazing macro shots and is a great summer photo idea.

28. Capture Bubbles

Bubbles summer pictures

If you wish to have unique images in your portfolio, consider shooting bubbles. It will also be a perfect choice for macro pictures. Realize this summer pictures ideas option in portrait photography and achieve unusual images.

29. Summer Drinks

Refreshing drinks summer photography

Another pleasant thing on a hot day in summer is an ice-cold drink. Cocktails in summer are very bright and interesting, so taking photos of them will be another nice variant of summer picture ideas.

30. Ice Cream

Ice cream summer photography

What are the tastiest summer treats? Ice cream, of course! Get an ice cream and take a picture of it in your hand in front of a pretty view. Your picture will turn out to be amazing.

Freebies for Your Summer Picture Ideas

Here I will share 5 freebies to help you achieve brighter and more vivid summer pictures with the help of photo post production.

Free PS Action "Evening Summer Landscape”

summer evening landscape photography summer evening landscape photography

This action is suitable for night summer photos when there isn’t much daylight. It will make them more prominent and colorful.

Free PS Action "Summer Colors”

landscape summer picture ideas landscape summer picture ideas

This action is perfect for travel and wildlife pictures taken in summer. It makes them unique and remarkable against the background by enhancing contrast.

Free PS Overlays "Summer Water Splash”

water splash summer photo ideas water splash summer photo ideas

Use these overlays to create large waves and splashes of water in your summer hots. They are especially suitable for water sports pictures.

Free LR Preset "Brighten Summer Sunset”

landscape summer photography ideas landscape summer photography ideas

These presets do a great job at combining dusk with dark photos and increasing the noise. Also, with their help, you will be able to make your summer pictures brighter.

Free LR Preset "Warm Summer Day”

summer picture ideas with friends summer picture ideas with friends

These presets add a slight dark and purple split to your image, enhance the light and put emphasis on the center of a scene.

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