Shutter Bombs For Photography Review 2023: Pros & Cons

By Kate Gross 24 days ago, Apps and Software

Shutter Bombs

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Verdict: Shutter Bombs is a business that deals in vibrantly-colored smoke bombs that are available in a broad range of sizes and shapes. I like that their products are easy to use and even complete beginners can employ one of their bombs for their videography or photography project without any issues.

One of the key advantages that I want to highlight in this Shutter Bombs for photography review is that their products are made of biodegradable plastic-covered cardboard and are surprisingly lightweight. All smoke bombs are pull-wire launched so you don’t even have to use matches or a lighter.

  • 9 main colors
  • Smoke lasts for up to 90 seconds
  • Completely legal and safe
  • Non-toxic
  • Easy to use
  • Shipping can be very expensive
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The key to the success of this company lies in the fact that their smoke grenades produce the same awesome smoke you're used to seeing while causing minimum heat and presenting a significantly lower potential fire hazard than similar products.

Additionally, unlike its competitors, the company offers a broad range of grenade configurations while maintaining a terrific customer satisfaction rating. Given how popular and trusted their products are, the brand’s main items are in constant supply so you never have to worry about them running out of stock.

Shutter Bombs for Photography Review – Main Benefits

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Shutter Bombs is an international-level company that is known for its high-quality products and first-class services. This industry-leading brand has been on the market since 2017 and you can see its smoke effects in such renowned shows as the Walking Dead and Breaking Bad.

Their smoke grenades are also commonly used at such globally known events as Top Gear. This speaks volumes about the company's reliability and its ability to complete large wholesale orders at the same high level of quality as simple retail ones.

Large Selection of Smoke Bombs to Satisfy All Your Needs

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Shutter Bombs allows you to pick from different smoke grenade sizes and configurations. For instance, the Dual Vent model releases smoke from both sides and offers a duration of about 30 seconds. It's a terrific option if you need to quickly add a thick layer of smoke to the shot to hide unappealing landscape elements like trash, a construction site, or a bland wasteland. If you're filming in late autumn or winter when nature isn't bursting with vivid, bright colors, smoke bombs can help breathe color into your work to ensure your photo shoot is a memorable one.

The Original Shutter Bomb can release smoke for up to 90 seconds. This is not only enough to take a stunning photo but even to record an entire video. Now, if you’re not satisfied with the classic options and you want to make an even bigger impression, then you should choose the Big Daddy in 9 colors that releases smoke for up to 40 seconds.

Diverse Color Palette and Interesting Combinations

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I like that the sellers put together bombs into thematic sets. You can order smoke grenades that represent the color of any flag, the rainbow, or combine your favorite colors for smoke bomb photography. You can also order smoke bombs for a gender reveal party or a wedding photoshoot.

The offered selection of colors is surprisingly impressive and even though white smoke bombs are the most popular choice, yellow, red, blue, green, and purple options all also have their purpose and look fantastic.

You can choose a bright torch that matches the style of your wedding photography or makes the nature around you more vibrant. For instance, you can't go wrong with an orange bomb for a fall photo shoot, or blue and grey smoke for winter.

Fully Legal and Safe Ingredients

Shutter Bombs offer certified products that have passed all necessary research and testing to be legally sold in different countries. Thanks to over 20 years invested in research and manufacturing, EG has become the leading global distributor of smoke effects for all possible industries. The brightly-colored, non-toxic smoke produced by EG grenades is the ideal choice for any professional setting.

The components of these bombs are non-toxic and don't cause allergic reactions. You can be certain they won't cause a fire or poison you as long as you follow the basic exploitation rules. The bomb itself is packaged in a biodegradable body and I also like that you can hold it without fear of getting your clothes dirty. Obviously, if you hold the bomb too close to your body, then the color might transfer onto the fabric but even keeping it at arm's length is enough to make sure your clothes stay clean.

Favorable Order and Shipping Conditions

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You can order the smoke bombs from anywhere in the world and have them delivered without any problems. Since the products are fully certified, there won’t be any issues at Customs or the post office. If for some reason you receive a faulty product, you can rest assured you’ll receive all your money back.

If you place your order on a business day, then it will be processed on the same day and you'll be contacted by a friendly manager through any means that you find most convenient. Once the order has been shipped, you'll receive the tracking number in your email. You can easily track your order and will be immediately notified once it arrives at the delivery point.

Active Social Media Accounts with Tutorials and Guides

I like the company’s active social media strategy. You can find them on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, and even Pinterest. You can not only check out how their smoke bombs look in action but also get inspired by creative photography ideas and stunning videos. The company’s social media presence also offers an additional communication channel should you lose email access, etc. You can leave a message or a comment and rest assured you’ll receive a response.

Their YouTube and TikTok accounts feature usage recommendations and various tutorials and experiments with differently-colored smoke bombs.

Shutter Bombs Prices

The prices for their smoke bombs are fairly reasonable. Individual grenades cost between $12 and $20 with the specific price being determined by their size. The company also regularly offers discounts and special offers. A standard smoke grenade needed for implementing gender reveal photoshoot ideas will send you back $21 while the most expensive offer called the professional Rainbow Pack has a price tag of $126.

Similar Products

Currently, there’s no other company that can compete with Shutter Bombs, as it’s the largest certified dealer in the United States. Their experience allows them to quickly handle disputes, provide qualified client consultations, and deliver high-quality products. Their smoke bombs are the most reliable ones on the market and that claim is backed up by thousands of positive customer reviews.