Creative Prom Pictures Ideas For The Best Friends

Creative Prom Pictures Ideas For The Best Friends

Are you looking for unusual or funny prom picture ideas? Prom is going to be one of the most memorable nights for all teens and your clients will regret if they won’t have great photos to remember it. Choose one or several prom photos ideas below to satisfy graduates, their parents and friends.

50 Funny Prom Picture Ideas

The prom picture ideas listed below will ensure graduation is unforgettable! Keep on reading and learn how to make your prom photos look creative and original.

1. Display Corsage in Full Glory

indoor prom picture ideas

A corsage is a key accessory of a prom night so it deserves a separate photograph of showing it off along with friend.

2. The Selfie Pic

cute prom picture ideas for best friends

Selfies and youth are basically synonyms. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to take a photo of how graduates make a prom selfie. Show true emotions and allow teens to be a little silly!

3. Lifting a Classmate

funny prom poses

Classmates can always rely on their friends so why not ask them to give you a boost up to take a couple of fun and adorable group prom pictures. Another cool idea is to have a bunch of girls lifting one of the boys.

4. Include Colorful Balloons

best friend prom picture ideas

Air balloons are the symbol of carefree childhood years. Add some balloons to the shot and the photos will have the necessary celebratory mood.

  • You may have several Ballons to make prom photos truly unforgettable.

5. Turn Around and Show Off Graduates Back

prom poses for just friends

If classmates are wearing attire that has some awesome details on the back, this is the time to show it! Years later, when your clients will be looking at their funny prom pictures, they will remind themselves how ridiculously awesome and stylish they were that night.

6. Become an “Angel”

prom picture poses

Are you thinking about how to take the best prom photos? Gather besties and do the classic “Charlie’s Angels” pose. Bonus points if they will be able to keep straight faces and not burst out laughing.

7. Add Some Sparkles

creative prom picture ideas

Another cool thing you can try to ask teens to blow some glitter or confetti in front of the camera. Such a photo always looks colorful, fun, and cheerful.

creative prom picture ideas
  • Get Confetti to add brightness and joy to your photos.

8. Take a Double Photo

professional prom poses

This one of those prom photo ideas that require some prior preparation, but the result is worth it. Ask clients to print out a couple of close-up photos of each member of prom gang and hold them during the shoot for a cool effect. If it possible to print those pictures as polaroids, that would be even better.

9. Jump, Jump!

prom pictures ideas outside

Getting everyone to jump at the same moment isn’t easy, but that shouldn’t stop graduates from doing so. Switch to Burst Shooting mode and start snapping as many times as needed until you get the perfect mid-air shot.

10. Use Lettering

prom pictures ideas

Some of the best prom pictures ideas are often the simplest ones. Purchase a bunch of wooden letters at a craft store, add some glittery sparkles, and put together the word “PROM” or graduation year to help your clients remember this glorious event.

11. Take Lifestyle Photos

funny best friend prom pictures

The most emotional and fun photos are the unexpected ones. Before the evening begins, take “in-between” pictures throughout the night. Be certain graduates will remember those photos for the rest of your life.

12. Immortalize This Year with "2022" Balloons

funny prom pictures

A set of such balloons will help instantly remember the time and place of prom.

13. Recreate the Poster of Favorite Drama TV-Series

prom photography ideas

Want to add a bit of drama and Hollywood flair to prom pictures? This idea is perfect for it. Take several photos in this pose so that each couple has a chance to shine in the front!

14. Ever Been Hugged by a Superhero?

being like a superheroes

Looking for some fun prom picture ideas? Ask the guys to wear their favorite superhero T-Shirts to take some epic, hero-to-the-rescue photos.

15. Destination Future

indoor prom pictures

This is the pose they go for as the sun is setting or at the prom venue as everyone turns away from the camera and looks into the distance for a cool, contemplative shot.

16. Near a Staircase with Besties

prom dresses

Stairs can become a great decoration for all prom pics. This is an adorable pose for either you individual or the entire group together.

17. Holding a Photo Frame

prom poses

Do you want to show how close-knit gang is? Get a huge picture frame for a fun and simple pose that features the entire group.

18. Explosion of Color

Why not treat yourself with something special for prom and purchase a colorful smoke bomb? Take a picture of girls and boys walking with a mist of color or creating funny drawings with the smoke. Such a photo always turns out eye-catching and edgy.

prom photo sessions

19. Draw Something with Chalk

single poses for photoshoot

If teens are into art, I suggest drawing some funny or witty chalk illustrations to compliment your photos. One of my favorite prom picture ideas that involve chalk is drawing balloons and then pretending they are being blown away along with them.

  • Get some Chalk to add a sense of childhood wonder to prom pictures.

20. Against a Grungy Background

group prom picture ideas

A brick wall is the embodiment of fortitude and determination. Regardless if graduates would like to pose near a graffiti-covered wall or a clean brick one, they will be happy with the result.

21. With Parents

prom pictures with parents

Parents are the people, who were always with teens, witnessing all their accomplishments and fails during the school years. Don’t forget to take prom pictures with parents to thank for their support.

22. Carried Away

prom pictures black couples

This idea will allow a photographer to take a couple of both funny and romantic photos.

23. Show Off Leg

couple prom photo

If you have a graduation couple, this is one of the best cute prom poses. It’ll be especially effective if the girl's dress has a slit! Just ask her to lift her leg a bit and look into the camera.

24. Twirling Around

prom portrait

Your couple can be romantic! Ask them to spin around a little, showing off girl's dress, while your date looks at her in awe.

25. Kisses

creative prom photo ideas

Come up with something comical to add a bit of laughter to your photographs. For instance, you can ask guys to wear a goofy hat or try some sort of funny prom poses.

26. Playing on a Musical Instrument

playing guitar

There’s no better way to highlight personality of graduates and create a romantic atmosphere than to use a musical instrument. If someone can play the guitar, it can help you take an amazing photograph.

27. A Toast to Tomorrow

best prom picture ideas

Nothing says “We’re here to celebrate!” better than champagne. Ask teens to shake the bottle before opening, cover half the hole with thumb, and spray everything around with this beautiful sparkly drink.

28. Bubbles Aren’t Just for Kids

prom picture ideas single

Bubbles are fun. Ask a couple of your besties to blow some bubbles from behind the camera or rent a bubble-making machine, and your photographs will ooze joy and happiness.

  • Have a machine that produces Bubbles to take cute prom pictures.

29. Relax on the Grass

single prom poses

Sitting poses help add variety to prom picture ideas and sitting on the grass is the simplest option that comes to mind. You can either ask guys to cross their legs or put them to the side – both poses look great.

30. Create Silhouette Photos Using Backlighting

prom poses single

Silhouette photographs are great because of the unique, ageless effect they create. However, since such images aren’t very detailed and face isn’t visible, I suggest trying more expressive prom picture poses for these shots to make them more eye-catching.

31. Shoot Sweet Tooth Side

single person photoshoot ideas

Are your proms fans of macarons, muffins, and ice-cream? Then I see no reason why you shouldn’t have them in prom pictures. I found that sweets are the perfect props for various photography genres including fashion, wedding, prom, and lifestyle.

32. Hold a Bouquet of Favorite Flowers

cute prom ideas

If girl feels a bit uncomfortable and doesn’t know where to put her arms, you can fix that problem by getting a bouquet that will add color and depth to a prom pic.

33. Graduation Ceremony

how to take a formal photo

A photo with a faculty member giving well-earned diploma is a must-have classic. Regardless if it’s real or not, this is the moment that signifies graduation and you should to take these photos!

34. Riding Bicycle

riding bicycle

This is one of my favorite prom poses ideas since it adds movement and energy to the photo, while also symbolizing that teens are ready to move on.

35. Twirling Dress

twirling dress

Twirling the skirt of dress is an excellent way to add some movement and fun. This very simple trick will make prom pics outside or inside look more interesting.

36. Try the Vintage Style

vintage style

I’ve been admiring beautiful vintage style prom images thinking how amazing they are. Going with a certain style is always one of the best prom picture ideas for any kind of photoshoot. Ask girls to throw some vintage props in an old car, dress up according to the theme, get hair done in a certain style and you’re good to go.

37. Share Graduates’ Hobbies

prom pics

If the guys have a hobby, capture this moment. Perhaps, the graduate was involved in sports or belonged to a club? This is a cool theme idea for prom pic.

38. The Nearest Future

fun prom pictures

One of excellent prom picture ideas is trying to visualize future of teens with your shots. A lab, City Hall, fire station, your choice depends on where they are headed.

39. Graduate Portrait

portrait photography

No need to think about special prom picture poses, when you can take portrait photography. Just take a portrait of graduate. After all, it’s his /her time to shine and people around should realize it.

portrait photography

40. Meaningful Place

graduation pics

Is there a special location in alma mater that is both significant to graduates and recognizable? Think of serious or funny prom poses to take there and show people guys’ future.

41. Take Photo of Back

how to take prom photos

Prom picture poses don’t have to be traditional. Think of metaphors you can create with photos (guys are beginning a new chapter of their life, after all). If it means showing back in the photo, go for it!

42. Illustrate the Beginning Journey

creative prom pics

Everyone loves ‘before’ and ‘after’ concepts. Why not use this principle as a funny prom poses’ idea? Just ask Mom of your client for his/her first-day-of-school picture and use it as a prop. Everyone will be delighted to see how much his/her has changed.

43. No Flash to Make Attire Look Natural

prom photo tips

Any great prom picture ideas can be spoilt by incorrectly taken photos. Since most of prom pics are taken indoors, it is important not to use a flash. When used, it usually distorts the way the beautiful fabric of prom dresses looks in the shot.

If it’s impossible to stay away from the flash, you need to bounce the light off something white (could be the ceiling or a wall). Tilt it back at 65-degree angle and it won’t seem too harsh.

44. Don’t Organize Long Photo Sessions

tips for photographers

Prom is for having fun not spending half of the time at a photo session. So, as a photographer, try to make the sessions short and efficient. Think about locations, ideas for individual or group prom pictures and poses in advance. This will guarantee that the photoshoot will go as smoothly as possible.

45. Let Parents Take Some Photos

cool photo poses for guys

Even though you’re a hired photographer to document the prom, let parents take some shots as well. They totally deserve to take away some memories with them.

Ask if they are interested in being photographed, and accept if they are not willing to. Prom pictures with parents can turn out really emotional and fun.

46. Ask Clients If They Want Anything Special

prom photography tips

Ask them for prom picture ideas, I’m sure they will give you tons of fun ones. Believe me, when they feel that the photo is actually for them, not for moms and dads, they will look very relaxed and sincere. Perhaps, there’s a fun group prom photo challenge you don’t know about that they want to take part in.

47. Photograph Everybody Separately

how to take prom images

Use three different focal lengths to take photos of each person (close-up, mid-length, and full-length). Make sure that the background will suit each of these focal lengths. In the end, you’ll get three prom pics with matching light and style.

48. Focus on the Details

prom pictures

Every single detail in the outfits and accessories that teens choose for their prom is important, it’s usually a result of careful planning on their part. So, don’t concentrate just on the people and their cute prom poses, try and catch as many significant details as you can.

This way, you will show how much you appreciate the thought and effort that went into the preparation for the prom.

49. Keep the Poses Natural

prom images

Teens are at this period of their lives when they can feel a bit camera shy, especially when you treat them very officially. In order to avoid awkwardness and not to waste time, start by striking a conversation with teens when you’re about to photograph.

Ask them to talk to each other if you’re taking group prom pictures. It’s a great way to catch some lovely and sincere moment.

50. Image Post Processing Is Necessary and Important!

portrait photo editing portrait photo editing
Order Portrait Retouching $5 per photo

Having taken beautiful prom pics, you also need to think about quality photo post-processing. You must understand that a prom is the once-in-a-lifetime event and the photos to remind about it have to be of the highest possible quality.

FREEBIES for Editing Prom Photos

To make your prom pics even brighter and more vibrant, you need excellent image editing tools. I have selected the best actions, presets, and overlays so that you can edit your photos more efficiently.

Adobe Lightroom Preset "SunShine"

free lightroom preset for prom pics free lightroom preset for prom pics

This Fuji-effect preset is great for indoor photos. Your images will get those beautiful summer vibes and glow. Make sure you don’t use it with images that are out of focus as this Lightroom preset slightly blurs the lines in the image.

Free LR Portrait Preset "Brighten"

free lightroom preset for prom photography free lightroom preset for prom photography

A great preset for portraits taken outdoors. It instantly brightens up the face and makes the background vibrant and saturated. Great for pictures with a lot of blues and greens in the background. The best part is that the skin will look flawless.

Photoshop Action Portrait "Highlights"

free photoshop action for prom pics free photoshop action for prom pics

This Photoshop action was created specifically for portraits. With its help, you can add beautiful highlights to your model’s face, imitating the way the sun would naturally light it. You know that it’s very important for a prom portrait.

Matte Action Photoshop "Black and White"

free photoshop action for prom pictures free photoshop action for prom pictures

This Photoshop action will be perfect for those retro or vintage images in case the prom has that theme. The black and white pictures created with this action has a beautiful matte effect.

Old Film Overlay Photoshop "Bright Colors"

free photoshop overlay for prom pics free photoshop overlay for prom pics

With this overlay, you will be able to create an old camera effect with grain, scratches and a few colorful highlights. It can be used with retro-themed images.

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