Pixpa Review

Pixpa Review

Why many photographers started to use Pixpa for making portfolios and website for photographs instead of using Adobe Portfolio? There are dedicated platforms for photographers like Pixpa that is an all-in-one solution for photographers looking to get their business online.  Let’s dive into this platform and I’ll show you what you can do.

What Is Pixpa?

Pixpa is an online website builder that has gained huge popularity among photographers these days. It’s targeted at creative people, such as photographers, designers, and artists, who need a qualitative portfolio for affordable price.

pixpa logo

Official website: Pixpa
Developer: Idea Zinc Design Private Limited
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS, Linux
Price: From $6 to $20



Pixpa is a simple and perhaps the most convenient online portfolio builder that I have ever seen. It’s primarily focused on the creation of photography portfolio websites. Pixpa differs from other website builders as Weebly or Squarespace. It is specifically designed for photographers, who need to create a beautiful online portfolio but do not want to spend much money and time. It contains many appealing minimalistic photography website themes. Believe me, you will be impressed!

  • Well-designed website galleries
  • Flexible SEO settings
  • Different pricing options to satisfy various users
  • Access to e-commerce and blogging
  • Great price and quality ratio
  • Easy-to-use for beginners
  • Active support via chat
  • 15-day free trial version
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Smaller theme range than other website builders offer
  • No direct payments on banking account
  • Demonstration images are not easily deleted
  • Publications on the web are not available in a trial version

How to Use Pixpa?

To start using Pixpa, you are to go through the simplest registration. You need a login, password, and e-mail. If you start with a trial version, there is no need to provide your card data. Any additional information will be required only in case you choose a premium account. When the registration is successfully done, you will get two e-mails. One of which will contain a confirmation/welcome letter with an instructive video. The other one will describe 4 steps that should be taken in order to customize your site.

pixpa themes for websites

Once you have registered in Pixpa, you are to choose the design of your site and its main theme among 38 available. You will see that some themes are focused on commercial use while others are suitable for a portfolio. Moreover, some of them are also appropriate for photo blogs.

Unlike such website developers as Wix, Pixpa does not offer a drag-and-drop interface. Instead, users may edit elements independently, making the process less intuitive. It makes the platform slightly difficult to learn, and it took some time for me to understand how main changes are done. As soon as you master it, you will not regret since the number of functions Pixpa offers, makes this online portfolio builder worth using.

Create Portfolio in Pixpa

portfolio in pixpa

As I have already said, the website constructor is targeted at three website types, and portfolio is one of them. I needed a few seconds to create a sample portfolio. Judging from the screenshot above, it is good enough.

download images in pixpa

If you want to change sample photos, click the button that looks like a browser page on the left panel. After this, you may change the standard images on the website just choosing the necessary ones. Uploading new images works according to Drag & Drop system, so it is not a big deal.

I actually like that I may also upload a video here. On the left, you may add more detailed information about yourself and some galleries, for example, with your pictures in different genres, in various years, or, which is more appropriate for wedding photographers, names of couples, whose photo sets will be presented in these galleries.

Blogging in Pixpa

create blog in pixpa

If you are a photographer who likes supplying the images with more detailed information or just wants to have the photography blog, Pixpa offers an opportunity to do it quicker, than you can imagine. You may easily add text tabs to your site, like those I have shown above. Moreover, you may keep a blog on the same site along with the gallery.

edit blog in pixpa

Publishing a new post is easy. You are to move to the blog page in the website settings. There is an opportunity to add text, pictures, videos, etc. to your post. I like that galleries may be integrated into the blog page. It is important, for example, if you describe the latest photo session and want to share the images.

SEO tools are also included ‒ uploading a separate preview for Google search, filling with keys, separate title and description for search systems.

blog sample in pixpa

The written post in your blog may look different since it depends on a sample you’ve chosen and your individual design. It appeared to be more difficult than I expected. Nevertheless, it is possible to figure it out for a couple of days.


E-commerce Website in Pixpa

create e-commerce website in pixpa

Even if selling goods is convenient with Amazon, people who want to distinguish their products among others, prefer having their own websites. E-commerce tools on Pixpa are not as powerful as Shopify offers, but they don’t have such a goal, actually.

e-commerce website sample in pixpa

Pixpa system provides more than enough functions for a small online shop. The website allows adding goods without any difficulties. What is more, you may choose among physical products, digital products, and services.

You may also install categories, discounts, choose online or offline paying methods, change the interface of an order confirmation page, and set delivery charges. However, the delivery cost is not dynamic and won’t be updated depending on the buyer’s location.

shopping cart in pixpa

Pixpa allows viewing all your orders and goods put into the cart. Online sales are done via Stripe or PayPal.

Additional Pixpa Features

So, what distinguishes Pixpa from a great number of already-existing website builders? Check out the additional features which I haven’t reviewed above or which I’ve just barely touched.

SEO Optimization

Pixpa allows customizing SEO parameters and increasing your site ranking in search engines. Moreover, it is possible to create meta-tags and customize URL-address moving to the “Properties” tab. You may also check the current positions on the site and correct potential problems. To do this, install and study Google Analytics, providing statistics about the site.

Pixpa may be used to develop photography blogs and business sites, presenting all the necessary attributes. When combined with the integration of HTML-code and JS-scripts, Pixpa may be regarded as a serious tool in hands of a technologically advanced user.

No Carts

Since many purchase carts which were filled by customers will be abandoned for various reasons, all online shops should use abandoned cart tools. (Online cart is regarded as abandoned one when the client starts the transaction but doesn’t finish it.) It helps you get information from customers, who use your cart. Then, you may send an e-mail to them with coupons or other offers to draw them back to finish the transaction. Pixpa has this type of e-mail marketing and retargeting.

Mobile Applications Gallery

It is a convenient and original means of sending previews to your clients. Creating an app is as easy as adding a new gallery, a post or a new item. The app may include more than 250 images (you have to upload these images; you can’t choose them from the already-existing gallery). Besides, you may set the image display.

Integration with Popular Tools

You may increase the functionality of your Pixpa site, adding tools from many popular websites. Integrating other websites allows you to accept payments, add chat functions in real time, be integrated with social sites, translate your website, enhance security, and much more.

Integrations You Can Add

  • PayPal
  •  YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Shopify
  • Google Translator
  • Disqus
  • MailChimp
  • Chatra
  • HelloBar

No matter what kind of function you need, there’s always a chance that the necessary tool exists. Pay attention that these tools are not free and may require extra payment.

Special Customer Support

Since Pixpa is not the most well-known online portfolio builder, they value each customer and provide all necessary assistance. If you’ve just started studying the system and are eager to know the basics of using it or figure out some issues, Pixpa Help Center is the place you should start with. It is filled with consistent and informative textbooks, articles and guidelines with a convenient search system for requests sorting.

Here you will find answers to 99 % of the questions, related to your system. If there is something you still need to clear up, contact an online assistant via chat that is active 24/7.

Pixpa Price

Start ($8/month) Plus Store ($20/month) 100 GB ($15/month)
Grow ($12/month) Plus Images ($20/month)  


There is only a trial period for 15 days with limited functionality. It is not enough to study the main site builder’s capabilities. When the trial period is over, you should move to a one subscription variant, applicable to standard websites, online shops, and client galleries. Each of these variants offers several plans to choose.

The difference between these plans is primarily in the number and type of the products available for publication. Moreover, each subscription offers different special services. If you choose the annual payment, the cost of each plan will be reduced by 20-25 % depending on the initial amount and subscription type.

Furthermore, the system offers a 30-day money back warranty if the customer is not satisfied with something. Taking into account the ease of use and set of functions that are rather good for this class, prices seem quite affordable.

Should You Use Pixpa?

Pixpa is a great option for the development of small adaptive websites, such as shops, portfolios, and blogs. Your content will look very appealing. The system offers a wide choice of designs for the gallery and publications. This website for photographs is a great balance of price and quality. The set of qualitative templates, tools for design setting, integrated platforms for e-commerce and blogs, exterior integrations and affordable prices make Pixpa one of the best website constructors in the sphere. If you are looking for a site builder in order to create an impressive and multifunctional portfolio or any other project, demonstrating your works, Pixpa is worth trying.

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