Pixlr vs ACDSee

Looking for advanced software with touch-up tools, customizable brushes and layers, and deep color adjustments? Read my Pixlr vs ACDSee comparative analysis and choose the best software for your tasks.

Pixlr is a powerful software developed to provide the best image editing experience to people who want quick, easy changes to their images.

ACDSee allows users to create, edit, and view their digital photographs directly from the Internet without ever needing to download and install any software.

Final Verdict:

This software also has some advanced features like image thumbnails, title styling, multiple document merging, and advanced undo system.

ACDSee is the winner >

ACDSee Features:

  • Can create photo collages
  • Fast color adjustment
  • Plugin support
  • Overlays
  • Support for most file formats

What is Pixlr?

pixlr interface

Pixlr provides several standard tools that you would typically find on your Windows computer, such as Paint, Palette and a variety of effects that allow for easy editing of photographs, including Brush Strokes, Colors, Radial Blur, and Screen Shake.

Another unique feature is the ability to merge multiple photos into one single collage. You can even create custom backgrounds for pictures and merge them together with text to create stunning visual effects. If the all-in-one functionality is not enough for you, you can expand the capabilities with third-party plugins. Add various effects, ready-made brushes and even actions.

Aside from the simplicity of using the Pixlr website, another great feature of this web-based photo editing software is its integration with a number of social networking sites. You can post new pictures from your camera to Facebook or Twitter in just a few minutes with the help of the Pixlr community feed.

What is ACDSee?

acdsee interface

There are quite a few features available with ACDSee, ranging from basic features such as title bars, tool tips, and tool bars to advanced features such as fully threaded Photoshop-like panning and adjustable transparency. Some of the advanced features include: fully threaded panning, image scrubbing, adjustable layers, spot removal, and light masks. In addition to all of these features, this software comes bundled with a number of professional looking document templates, along with numerous layout styles to choose from.

ACDSee comes with its own software library containing a variety of image and photo-editing functions, which other products do not include. You will also find many photo retouching brushes, AI toolss, multiple document merging and exports, and it includes a powerful Document Picker.

Other tools included are PDF generation capability, AutoLinking, Project Snapshots, AutoRecording, Target Management, Target Planner, Link Lening, Color Management, Link Masking, and Splitter/Margin Mapping.


pixlr logo
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Pixlr & ACDSee Features:

  • Good performance
  • Lens-profile-based geometry correction
  • Face recognition and geotagging
  • Good skin-improvement tools
  • Cloud storage integration
  • Customizable interface
  • Manage mode
  • Getting organized
  • Color and tone
  • RAW support

Pixlr and ACDSee Price:

STARTING PRICE $4.9/month $8.99/month
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FixThePhoto Choice:

Pixlr includes advanced face correction tools and lets you customize selected brushes.

ACDSee offers a customizable interface, equipped with face recognition, dozens of presets, and extensive photo organizing capabilities.