Pixelied vs Crello

By Eva Williams 22 days ago, Software Reviews

If you are a graphic designer and don’t know what service to choose, Pixelied or Crello, learn about the strengths and weaknesses of each service to find the best tool for personal use and teamwork.

Pixelied is an intuitive design tool. It helps people create marketing materials and edit different types of images. Using Pixelied, you don't need to hire a designer to create layouts since it has ready-made templates. Alternatively, you can create them from scratch.

Crello is a convenient choice for people who work with visual content. You can enhance images for social networks and blogs, create video ads or animated posts. With Crello, you can create animations and videos with ease.

What is Pixelied?

pixelied logo

Though Pixelied has recently appeared on the market, it stands out from competitors as it helps create marketing content for various purposes, including travel blogs, wedding blogs, and social media. This intuitive and user-friendly software allows users to create beautiful designs in over 25 formats without any skills. You will also get access to stock images, illustrations, and icons.

This design software has a set of image editing tools, such as background remover and product and poster mockups. You can invite colleagues and share your projects across multiple workspaces with them.

Pixelied is a simplified alternative to Adobe Photoshop, Canva or commonly-used Canva alternatives.

  • pixelied interface
  • pixelied interface

    Pixelied: Pros and Cons

    Simple interface. Pixelied comes with a built-in editor with a variety of design tools. It has a clean and simple interface. Those who use Canva will notice the similarities between these editors.

    Pixelied has a toolbar that allows you to add layers, borders, shadows. You can align an image, flip it vertically or horizontally, adjust transparency, duplicate elements, and lock layers. Pixelied has a drag-and-drop interface, which allows you to quickly move items around the work area.

    Ready-made templates. Pixelied includes over 1,500 generic templates, including photography marketing templates. They are suitable for different purposes, for example, you can use them to edit images for such social networks as Facebook or Twitch. Pixelied has a decent template database that supports multiple formats. Whether you're looking for a banner, email marketing template, or eBook cover, Pixelied is your solution.

    Mockups. If you need to submit a design to a customer for review, you can use templates for mockups. Pixelied has mockups that imitate TV, laptop, tablet screens. The mockup editor is similar to the image editor. It allows you to add text, edit images, and separate elements.

    Stock pictures. Pixelied integrates with popular stock photography sites. Thus, users can use various stock photos in their designs. Before adding a photo, the program allows you to preview it on the left side of the editor. Users can continuously work on a project without switching between tabs. You can also upload your pictures using the “My Files” button.

    Custom blends. When working on a design, you might find it difficult to choose suitable color combinations. Pixelied has created custom blends to simplify this process. There is a variety of color combinations that complement each other. You can quickly add these color schemes to your designs and templates to maintain a consistent brand image. In addition to ready-to-use blends, Pixelied allows users to create custom color combinations.

    No video support. Pixelied doesn’t allow you to create video content or animation with music.

    What is Crello?

    crello logo

    Crello is an image editor that helps you implement graphic design ideas and create various types of graphics for social networks, video hosting, and websites. Here, you can use ready-made templates and select the desired image format.

    Crello has multiple templates suitable for various products and channels, including social media stories, posts, logos, posters, presentations, mind maps, etc. The workspace size depends on the selected template or format.

    • crello interface
    • crello interface

      Crello: Pros and Cons

      Convenient block builder. A user can drag elements from the toolbar and drop them on the canvas. When comparing Pixelied vs Crello, we’ve noticed that the latter has more elements, including images, videos, text boxes, objects, backgrounds, and music. You adjust their color, size, position, fonts, transparency, etc.

      Powerful marketing strategies. Crello makes it easier for users to implement and adjust a marketing strategy. The software enables users to create unique, brand-relevant content. The Crello Brand Kit will help you create unique templates. This way, you can build and strengthen your company’s reputation and image.

      Mobility. Since Crello is compatible with iOS and Android devices, users can create, edit, and publish content on the go.

      Free library. You will get access to a media library where you will find 180+ million photos, 15K + illustrations, 32K videos, icons, animations, gradients, etc. You don’t need to pay an extra fee to use the library.

      Content is easy to format. You can create attractive designs and social media content with the correct formatting. The software supports 60+ design formats for different purposes and platforms. Thanks to it, you can quickly create posts, covers, Facebook ads, YouTube thumbnails, headlines, etc. If you don't have an in-house designer, then Crello is your choice. It allows you to create and publish beautiful content for any platform even if you don’t know how to adjust the video/photo size manually.

      The video library is limited. Though Crello has a great choice of images and graphics, its video library is quite small. It includes some stock videos with a small number of genres.

      Items are difficult to choose. It might be difficult to select an element for editing. The major challenge is to choose elements located on the bottom layers since Crello doesn’t have a layer selection tab.

      Pixelied vs Crello: Price

      pixelied vs crello price

      Both programs are quite affordable. They have free versions that provide users with access to libraries of media files. The prices for their Pro versions are different. Both have extra benefits such as teamwork tools and access to paid files. While Pixelied costs $9.95/month, Crello costs $7.99/month.

      Pixelied vs Crello: Who Wins?

      If you still don’t know what program to choose, Pixelied or Crello, think about the purposes and needs of your business. Crello has more template formats, supports video and music processing. Besides, it’s compatible with multiple OS and has a cheaper subscription. When using Crello for free, you can download up to 5 projects per month.

      Pixelied is more suitable for personal use. You can use it to create content for social networks since the free plan doesn’t have any download limitations. Moreover, Pixelied has templates in the most popular formats.

      Bonus Tools

      pixelied vs crello bonus tools

      With these free textures, you can create unique marketing content with a vibrant background to draw attention to your product on social media. You need to drag-and-drop a texture to the online service and scale it down to fit the size of the future project.