37 Free Poster Mockups in PSD

37 Free Poster Mockups in PSD

Download these free poster mockups that can be used as a wrapped canvas, framed print or even a billboard. All these mockup PSD templates vary in shapes, color combinations, size, space, etc., so you’ll definitely find something to your taste.

Top 37 Best Free Poster Mockups

All these poster mockups give you an opportunity to view your design as if it was already printed and hung on the wall or any other surface. In this list, I have included mockups of different styles, themes and sizes.

1. Abstract Poster Mockup

abstract free poster mockup

Here is a perfect urban poster mockup for the designs that feature abstract art. You should know that after you have inserted the picture into a mockup, you may crop the picture and change its position if necessary.

2. Artist Poster Mockup

artist free poster mockup

A wonderful mockup poster to be used for promotional purposes. Go for it whenever you need to present a certain service or product in a realistic manner. The poster will appear quite eye-catching and will serve as a push for the viewers to find out more about the thing that is pictured.

3. Business Poster Mockup

business free poster mockup

With this poster mockup, you will successfully make a promotion of brands, businesses or events. Work with it in any way you can think of and locate the poster in a noticeable spot in order to draw the attention of the viewers.

4. Conference Poster Mockup

conference free poster mockup

Use this free poster mockup to check how the promo of the conference will look like when viewed by other people. Stick to the default style of the mockup or alter the text and add your personal design.

5. Dark Background Poster Mockup

dark background free poster mockup

Do you need to create a promotional design for food-relatedbusinesses? It is the best option out there. This restaurant poster mockup is fully customizable so you can bring to life any idea you have in mind and impress the visitors with your design.

6. Duality Fest Flyer Poster Mockup

duality fest free poster mockup

Add more realism to the poster with the help of this free mockup. It is a great way to demonstrate the client how the design will look like once it is printed.

7. Event Poster Mockup

event free poster mockup

A stylish urban wall poster mockup to tell the people about a certain event or other things that require attention. Such a prominent print design will undoubtedly catch the eye!

8. Movie Poster Mockup

movie free poster mockup

The owners of theatres, cinemas or those who want to advertise their movie will surely make use of this free mockup. Have fun designing a poster and view how it will look like on the wall or any other surface. Don’t forget to share the final version of the poster on the net for additional promotion of the movie.

9. Retro Poster Mockup

retro free poster mockup

A free poster mock up for all the retro lovers and those who need to advertise something in the retro style. If that is the look you are striving for, grab this mockup right now.

10. PhotoshopVideoTutorial

photoshopvideotutorial free poster mockups

PhotoshopVideoTutorial is a very convenient site that compiles all types of mockups. What makes it stand out from the competitors is the abundance of choice: from logo and branding mockups to packaging and poster mockups. It’s a go-to place for many graphic designers from all around the world. The poster mockups they offer are trendy, modern, and of high quality, unlike similar websites filled with ugly and outdated options.

11. Steakhouse Poster Mockup

steakhouse free poster mockup

It is probably one of the most “delicious” free poster mockups in this selection. Adjust the colors and the entire look of the poster to your liking in order to produce a wow-effect on everyone who sees it.

12. GraphicsFamily Mockup

graphicsfamily mockup poster mockup example Download Free

GraphicsFamily Mockup makes it easy and fun to create and design ads for your events or working meetings. It’s extremely easy to use – just open the built-in editor on the site and start fine-tuning and customization. Choosing fonts, resizing, inserting graphic assets and branding content are all a breeze for you with the GraphicsFamily.

13. Minimalist Poster Design Mockup

minimalist design poster mockup Download Free

This poster mockup for displaying all kinds of modern designs looks stunning on a living room background. Feel free to use it in any way you want!

14. Living Room Poster Mockup

living room poster mockup Download Free

Use this minimalist poster free mockup to see how well the design blends into the interior and show the final result to the clients.

15. Landscape & Portrait Poster Mockup

landscape and portrait poster mockup Download Free

Thanks to this mockup, you can display design in a standing frame. Download it and get a poster PSD mockup file with all the necessary layers and smart objects that will simplify the customizing process.

16. Room Interior Frame Poster Mockup

room interior frame poster mockup Download Free

Bring some creativity into the presentation of the poster design with this mockup on the modern interior background. The mockup features a PSD file with layers and smart objects.

17. Indoor Frame Poster Mockup

indoor frame poster mockup Download Free

One more free wall poster mockup suitable for interior use. Get it for cases when you need to display two posters simultaneously. You can also download free vector mockups to create realistic presentations of your designs.

18. Modern Poster Frame Gallery Mockup

modern poster frame mockup Download Free

A great variant to display futuristic and modern designs. Simple background and uncluttered surroundings turn this poster mockup into a truly unique one.

19. Indoor Hanging Poster Mockup

indoor hanging poster mockup Download Free

A nice mockup to showcase branded and artistic poster designs. Adding a design to the mockup won’t be difficult thanks to the presence of smart objects in the template.

20. Flyer Poster Frame Mockup

flyer poster frame mockup Download Free

Another poster mockup PSD free with minimalistic surroundings. The file is fully editable, with the ability to add designs via the smart object layers.

21. Brick Wall Poster Mockup

brick wall poster mockup Download Free

With this mockup, a design is showcased on a poster with clips. The background is a white brick wall, which won’t be diverting the attention from your design. As the poster design is located on a smart layer, you will need to make just several clicks to add your design.

22. Realistic Poster Mockup

realistic poster mockup Download Free

Display your design beautifully using this double poster mockup. It presents two poster frames situated on a desk or table, with a bit of clutter around. A mockup file consists of two smart objects for two designs respectively. The image itself is of high resolution – 4000x3000px.

23. Hanging Poster Mockup

hanging poster mockup Download Free

This PSD mockup gives you ample opportunities to create and tweak a poster design display to your liking. It is perfectly suitable for portraits, landscapes and square-sized designs. Besides, the mockup can be used for free for commercial purposes.

24. Outdoor Industrial Billboard Poster Mockup

outdoor industrial billboard poster mockup Download Free

For one reason or another, you may need to hang a poster at outdoor. That’s where this poster mockup will come in handy. Use it to see the way the chosen design will look like on streets of the city.

25. Wooden Frame Poster Mockup

wooden frame poster mockup Download Free

This mockup lets you place a design on a wooden frame poster through the smart object layer. Its PSD file has layers for simple placement and adjustment of the items. The dimensions of 4000×3200 pixel are perfect for a stylish look of the poster.

26. Concrete Wall Hanging Poster Mockup

concrete wall hanging poster mockup Download Free

Use this wall poster mockup to see how well the design blends into the surroundings. It is a PSD file with 4000×3000 pixel dimensions. An excellent variant to advertise different kinds of events, movies, services and products, brands and so on.

27. Modern Dark Poster Mockup

modern dark poster mockup Download Free

Need to display branding projects or artwork? This mockup will suit best. Use it for free for personal purposes. As for commercial use, remember to provide a link to the author.

28. Elegant & Classy Poster Mockup

elegant and classy poster mockup Download Free

I like using this poster free mockup to display design with calligraphy or hand-lettering. Besides, it is a perfect fit for drawing presentations. Use it for commercial and personal purposes but don’t forget to give credit.

29. Young Man Holding Poster Mockup

young man holding poster mockup Download Free

In this mockup, a guy is holding the poster, which is ideal for making your design even more real. Its use for both personal and commercial purposes is possible.

30. Poster Frame with Mug Mockup

poster frame with mug mockup Download Free

Showcase the design you have created for a brand using this poster and mug mockup. The file itself consists of smart objects that simplify the process of adding a design. Use this mockup without any limitations for personal purposes.

31. Large Poster Mockup

large poster mockup Download Free

A universal mockup poster for demonstrating designs, artwork and illustrations. It is fully editable because of the presence of smart objects. Its use for both personal and commercial purposes is totally fine.

32. Modern Branding Poster Mockup

modern branding poster mockup Download Free

Display the uniqueness of the brand for clients with this stylish poster mockup. It is created specifically for branding purposes. Smart objects and adjustable layers make it easier to edit the mockup.

33. Outdoor Bus Shelter Mockup

outdoor bus shelter poster mockup Download Free

Would you like to see how the design will look like in real-life surroundings? Here is one of the best free poster mockups to consider. It is a PSD file that provides all the necessary layers. The author is fine with using the mockup for commercial and personal purposes.

34. Premium Branding Wall Signboard Poster Mockup

premium branding wall poster mockup Download Free

A wonderful mockup that places your design into a wall signboard. A variety of styles along with qualitative PSD files, layers and smart objects are available to simplify the process of tweaking the poster.

35. Theater Poster Mockup

theater poster mockup Download Free

As the name implies, it is a poster mockup to be displayed in theatres. Use it to ensure that the brand or product poster looks fine on a theatre’s billboard. I recommend you to stick to the exact same pixel proportion (it is stated in the file) in order to achieve a truly qualitative result.

36. Table Tent Poster for Restaurants

table tent poster mockup Download Free

Another free poster mock up for the clients who own food-related businesses. With its help, you can demonstrate how the design looks like once it is printed and put on a table tent in front of a café or restaurant.

37. Subway Station Poster Mockup

subway station poster mockup Download Free

Get this mockup to check in what way the design is showcased in a realistic scene. Besides, if something is wrong, you will be able to spot and fix it till it isn’t printed yet. The mockup originally features a blue text box and a white background. Leave it as it is if you want, alter the text, add a logo or alter the entire look of a poster with your design.

What Are Poster Mockups?

A poster mockup is a motionless image of posters with the medium to high precision. Its main purpose is to showcase the design as a whole, along with small elements like icons, font, pictures, etc., and the effect the poster has on the recipient. Poster mockups give you as a designer a better understanding of the way your design looks like in a real-life setting.

When presented right, clients can envision how well the promotion of their brand or event will appeal to everyone before the poster is printed. Or you may use mockups to advertise your services online and show the potential clients what you are capable of.

Posters surround us practically everywhere. Just go outside and you will notice plenty of posters promoting, for instance, the opening of a new club, an upcoming concert or play in the theatre and other kinds of projects and businesses. Some of the posters are found on the walls of your own place as well. You can open all the free poster mockups presented in this article using Adobe Photoshop.

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How to Use Poster Mockups?

Step 1. Import the mockup to Photoshop.

Step 2. Click File>Place>Embedded, find the file on the computer and open it. The file will be shown as a new layer. Click “Enter” to put the file in place.

Step 3. Move, change the size and perspective of the file in any way you need. For easier resizing and rotation, select the layer in the layers panel and drag the corners. To move the file, click on the “Move” tool in the top left side, click and drag the file.

Step 4. Place the file in the appropriate area of the mockup – the one that is meant for your design. In this case, it is a white piece of paper. If you are satisfied with the look of the poster, save it and you are good to go.

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