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PhotoScape X Pro serial is a powerful all in one digital photo editing software that gives photo-related functions such as Photo Editor, Photo Viewer, Cut Out, Group, Delete, Make GIF, Split Screen, Raw images, Image Masking, and many more. It can be used to retouch photos taken with the Camera, including white balance corrections, touch-ups, enhancements, and cropping. This software has great functionality that makes it stand out among the other professional photo editing software available in the market today.

If you are looking for a fantastic photo editing software that is both affordable and full featured, you will definitely want to check out PhotoScape X Pro serial. This program can save you hours of time as you are able to crop, resize, edit and also add text to your photos in bulk. Not only is it an affordable software program, it is also one that is great for beginners or those that have never done much photo editing before.

Photoscape X Pro Features:

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PhotoScape X Pro serial is a free software for editing your digital photographs. Features of PhotoScape X Pro serial. Extend and edit digital photos by processing them on the software compatible with most common formats including JPEG and PNG. RAW files are also supported. Download PhotoScape X Pro serial 4.0 from web site for free. The software has many other features as well, which make it a superior program to Photoshop, Paint Shop, and Agile.

PhotoScape X Pro serial software provides various tools for photo editing. Some of these features include fixing defects of color, contrast, brightness and saturation of images. These corrections can be done automatically or by using the'Corrections' option in the software. PhotoScape X Pro serial also features a special feature known as 'Live Contrast'. This feature uses a combination of gray-scale and pure black & white images to create a realistic display of contrast.

PhotoScape X Pro serial also comes with several tools that help in editing your pictures. Features such as a 'Color Picker' allow you to change the color of your selected item in a variety of ways including hue, value, and RGB color picker. You may also use the 'Content Palette' to change the background colors of your pictures in a number of ways. There are several useful features in photo editing software that make PhotoScape X Pro an outstanding tool for editing your digital photographs.

Fixthephoto Team Tip: Please do not use or download any suspicious version of PhotoScape X Pro. You can download and install the official version of the application for free using one of the links we left above.

System Requirements

OS: Windows 7, Windows 10
Disk space: 900 MB
Screen: 1024x600
CPU: 1.2 GHz

Windows Photoscape X Pro

Filename: photoscape_x_pro.exe (download)
Filesize: 30 MB
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