PhotoDirector vs Capture One Pro

By Eva Williams 13 days ago, Software Reviews

Do you need high-quality software with a wide range of advanced tools for editing? Have a look at the comparative analysis of PhotoDirector vs Capture One Pro. Both programs are extremely popular among photographers; however, they have serious differences.

PhotoDirector is a photo editing program for beginners in the first place. This photo editing software has dozens of AI-based tools, which allows performing most changes automatically.

Capture One Pro is designed for professional photographers. Initially, it was created for tethered image capturing but quickly turned into a full-featured program for editing. Now, this program is great for advanced picture editing, working on the tiniest details both during retouching and color correction.

Final Verdict:

Comparing PhotoDirector vs Capture One Pro, there is much to ponder on. Capture One Pro brags about fast performance and advanced color correction features. Working with this program, you can perform high-quality color correction of the whole picture or its part.

Capture One Pro is the winner>

Capture One Pro Features:

  • Powerful RAW file converter
  • Deep color correction
  • Customizable workspace
  • Fast
  • Great for image retouching

What Is PhotoDirector?

photodirector lens correction

If you hesitate which software to choose, PhotoDirector or Capture One Pro, you need to learn about the strong and weak points of both programs. The major advantage of PhotoDirector is its maximum convenience for beginners. You can edit, import, export, and organize images directly in one environment.

A Lens Correction tool is the key feature of this photo editor, as it allows adjusting such lens parameters as focusing, aperture, and vibration. Users also get access to advanced features, like image stabilization, tools for photo editing, and chromatic key. Basic tools are sufficient for eliminating a red-eye effect, removing noise, etc.

photodirector work with text

AI features make photo editing extremely fast. For example, using this AI photo editor you can improve blurred images, enhance a landscape picture, or make a color modification in a couple of clicks.

PhotoDirector also has a PDF preview feature, a graphic designer, and a photo editor. Moreover, this program allows adding text and creating fancy banners. You can make a banner in a few minutes with the help of a drag-and-drop feature.

photodirector soft proofing

The latest PhotoDirector update includes Soft Proofing, so you can preview the printer tone and color correction, and improvements in layer editing. Now, you can also add blank layers to a project, use clipping masks, and group layers. What is more important, users can try Photodirector free, as the developers offer a trial version.

What Is Capture One Pro?

capture one pro layers

Capture One is the program favored by the top photographers of the world. It is especially great for RAW photo editing. This program also features bound shooting, real-time photo preview, and has focus-fixing tools. Among the greatest advantages are layer support, sound masking instruments, and a markup function.

capture one pro clone tool

This program is an excellent choice for those who frequently correct colors in photos. You can edit every color in a picture separately. It allows setting a color scheme or certain tones, including a skin tone, with the help of the color field. There are extra tools, which users consider super useful – Clone and Heal perfectly cope with spot removing.

Users can make local adjustments utilizing brushes, gradients, cloning, and more. These tools are arranged in the Layers section and can also serve for selective corrections.

capture one pro styles

The functionality of the software can be boosted by incorporating third-party plug-ins and presets. For instance, Capture One styles allow editing colors and tones in a picture just in a couple of minutes. Besides, it is suitable if you want to adjust the B&W balance, make a photo brighter and colors more vibrant.

Capture One Pro supports 500 most popular camera types by various manufacturers. It ensures the most efficient work with light, tones, and other parameters of a photo. Comparing Capture One Pro vs PhotoDirector or other photo editors, I should admit that it outputs the sharpest and the most dynamic images.


photodirector logo
capture one pro logo
  • Access to Shutterstock library
  • Batch processing
  • User-friendly interface
  • Layer support
  • Advanced AI tools
  • High-quality color correction
  • Customizable interface
  • RAW file processing
  • Convenient arrangement of images
  • Supports over 500 cameras


  • photodirector vs capture one pro price
  • photodirector vs capture one pro price

    You can purchase a monthly or annual subscription if you want to get Capture One. Therefore, you will always have a chance to update it to the most recent version without additional expenses. PhotoDirector is a more affordable program and also offers monthly and annual tariff plans.

    PhotoDirector. A monthly plan costs $14,99, and an annual – $37,99. The developers have an offer for those who purchase the subscription: pay $20 more and get PowerDirector, software for video editing, which regularly costs $69,99. There is a free trial period to test the program.

    Capture One Pro costs $19,99 a month for one computer. For $299, you can get a full license. The developers also offer students discounts – the program costs only 65% of the full price. Users can also take advantage of Capture One free trial version.

    FixThePhoto Choice:

    PhotoDirector is one of the best programs for beginners. You can edit quickly and in high quality. For your convenience, the developers included a set of AI tools. Moreover, the program supports batch processing.

    Capture One Pro is an excellent option for experienced photographers. It is especially good for color correction. Although the price is rather high but it is value for money.

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