AI Image Enlarger Upscaler Software Review

AI Image Enlarger

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Verdict: AI Image Enlarger allows you to scale images up to 800% and enhance photos without losing quality, which is especially useful for photographers and graphic designers. Thanks to AI technology, the photo scaling process is fast and easy.

The beneficial feature is an instant download. Besides, the platform provides security by automatic removal of uploaded files in 24 hours.

  • Batch image editing
  • Upload files up to 5 MB
  • Mobile and PC version
  • Image enhancement function
  • AI algorithm
  • Supports JPG and PNG only
ai image enlarger interface

AI Image Enlarger allows you to edit photos in batch mode, which is very convenient for photographers or bloggers, who need to work with multiple images at a time. If there is no Internet connection, you can use a version for Windows and mac or install an application on your smartphone. In any case, you can edit images in the most popular JPG and PNG formats up to 5 MB with the maximum resolution of 1200x1200 pixels.

AI Image Enlarger – Main Features

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AI Image Enlarger stands out from the rest of the scaling tools for built-in key technology, which is based on the SRCNN deep learning algorithm. The program works without delays and freezes, so you are sure to get the desired results in a quick way.

You can easily resize an image for printing, presentation, or use on other devices. AI Image Enlarger is a great photo editing software for beginners who lack image editing experience.

Fast Noise Removal

ai image enlarger ai image denoiser

If photos taken at night suffer from noise due to the wrong ISO sensitivity, or this defect appeared during image post-processing, then the AI Image Denoiser function can come in handy. The tool automatically analyzes a picture and removes noise by smoothing pixels. You can use AI Image Denoiser online for free, just upload a photo and you’re done.

Effective Tool for Overexposed Pictures

ai image enlarger ai image enhancer

Sometimes, you can end up with too dark or overexposed shots. Even professionals don’t always manage to set the correct exposure due to inattention, hassle, or difficult lighting conditions. Using AI Image Enhancer, you can easily improve your photo by adding an HDR effect, adjusting brightness and contrast, sharpening images, or correcting colors.

AI Image Enhancer can also convert B&W images to color. If you need to apply this effect to several shots, we recommend editing them one by one without using a batch mode.

Easy Photos Scaling with AI Image Enlarger

ai image enlarger

AI Image Enlarger can come in handy if you need to change the size of a picture, enlarge an image to create a company logo, or enlarge a specific area in a photo.

AI Image Enlarger increases image resolution without quality loss. It also supports 200%, 400%, and 800% photo magnification. This tool is often used by photographers, who want to focus viewers’ attention on a specific subject or detail.

It is also convenient to use AI Image Enlarger to create avatars for social networks, screensavers on a device, design widgets, and applications. It also works for promoting your brand on social media when taking pics of food, various household goods, clothes, etc.

Fast Blur Fix Tool

ai image enlarger ai image sharpener

Photos from a concert or sporting event can turn out blurry and inaccurate because of moving subjects, trembling hands during the shooting, screwed focus, or poor lighting conditions. If an image is blurry, you can fix the defect using AI Image Sharpener to raise sharpness.

This tool easily improves out defocused areas and removes noise. Similar to the Photoshop Noise Reduction feature, the tool removes artifacts that sometimes appear while fixing shacking.

Fast and High-Quality Portrait Modification

ai image enlarger ai face retouch

The process of portrait photo retouching for beginner photographers is quite difficult even if they have used proper camera settings for portraits. By using the AI Face Retouch tool, you can cope with face retouching significantly faster.

You can easily remove all face defects (freckles, age spots, scars, etc.), improve the skin and hair color, correct the line of the lips, nose, eyebrows by making them more expressive. If you have experimented with portrait photography ideas during the shooting, but something went wrong, you can save the situation by using this program, or refer to professional retouchers FixThePhoto.

Automatic Background Adjustments

ai image enlarger ai background eraser

When working with graphic images, photo editing specialists often need to remove the background from an image. To speed up the process, Photoshop offers a handy background remover called AI Background Eraser. You just need to upload a file up to 2 MB and 700x700 in size. AI Background Eraser will do the job automatically. The only drawback is that you have to pay an additional fee of $0.03 per image to use this option.

All in all, AI Background Eraser can help you get impressive photos with transparent or white background. The tool also allows you to extract various objects, animals, people, or just faces from photos, which is convenient when creating designs for a logo, collages, calendars, business cards, etc.

Convenient AI Image Enlarger Mobile

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AI Image Enlarger is compatible with iOS and Android. The application offers 2x/4x/8x photo enlargement and unlimited access to all image editing functions.

AI Image Enlarger allows you to perform basic edits: adjust color and contrast, improve the quality by removing noise, adjust clarity and saturation of an image. The app also does an excellent job at editing retro images, which require accurate work with clarity. All uploaded and enlarged photos are deleted every 24 hours.

After upgrading the app to the Pro version, you get unlimited access by subscribing to a monthly or annual plan. The monthly plan costs $5.99, and the annual plan is priced at $14.99. Once signed up, you can open the latest 10 task identifiers, scale an image by 200%, 400%, and 800%, and download enhanced images in full size.

AI Image Enlarger Software Prices

You can choose from 3 plans: For Test, Premium, and Enterprise. For Test is a free plan that allows you to edit images of up to 5MB and 1200x1200 in size. However, here you can’t edit more than 8 files; scaling is only available at 200% and 400%. This free plan also has ads and lacks batch file processing.

The Premium and Enterprise plans have similar usage terms. Choosing any of them, you can download files up to 10MB and 2000x2000 in size. You can also use 200%, 400%, and 800% scaling, batch photo processing, and enjoy an ad-free working environment. Thanks to the email notification, you can upload a picture without waiting. The system receives the images you uploaded and processes them. Once completed, you’ll get an email with the URL for downloading.

The only difference between these plans is the price and the number of images you can upload per month. You need to pay $49 for an annual Premium plan, while the Enterprise plan cost $69. With the Enterprise plan, you can edit 500 images/month; and with the Premium – 100 images/month.

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