Persnickety Box Review: Swipe to Print Real Silver Halide Photos

By Kate Gross 20 days ago, Apps and Software

Persnickety Box

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  • Platforms: Android/iOS
  • Price: $19.99/month

Verdict: Persnickety Box simplifies an editing process and allows you to quickly turn your shots into Matte Fuji images by swiping. Designed for Android and iOS, the app has an integrated system of cases that you need to fill with your favorite shots. Then, you receive 4x4" prints with free US shipping right to your door.

I like a simple, intuitive interface and a built-in editor where you can crop or rotate your pictures for further printing. Thus, you can adjust your pictures if they are not square, but for example, have 16:9 dimensions.

  • User-friendly
  • Free delivery
  • Integrated editor for cropping and rotating shots
  • You can subscribe or send a finished album as a gift
  • High print quality
  • It is impossible to send pictures to the case from a computer
persnickety box review

You don’t have to wait until the end of the subscription month to get your printed, Matte Fuji images. Just fill out a case of 30 pictures and enter your address. They will be delivered to your house within 3-5 business days free of charge.

However, free delivery is available only to people living in the US. If you didn't collect 30 shots within a month, you can manually close the case and order, for example, 20 photos.

Persnickety Box: Main Features

persnickety box logo

Persnickety Box is a reliable service for printing 4x4 Matte Fuji photos right from a handy, intuitive app for Android and iOS platforms. In addition to a straightforward, semi-automated process for creating printouts, it offers free shipping within the United States, which gives it a competitive edge over analogs.

Intuitive Operation and Built-In Editor

persnickety box interface

Opening the app, you will see a convenient, stylish gallery with your photos. In order to send an image to the case, you just need to swipe it down. After that, it will be automatically added to the case for further printing. You can also adjust your case, view and delete photos you don't like or replace shots.

Since there is a built-in photo editor, you don’t need to resort to third-party cropping pictures apps. In the editor, you can crop photos to square size in a few clicks, as well as rotate them horizontally or vertically. The only downside is that you can't crop or rotate photos in batch mode.

Enable/Disable Photo Frames

Users really like the possibility to add and remove frames from photos. Thus, you can do all basic tweaks in Persnickety Box without looking for a standalone photo frame app. Open the settings and apply a frame to all photos in your case automatically. The frames are neat and minimalistic, being approximately 5mm thick. It is recommended to use frames for albums to focus viewers’ attention on what is depicted. Besides, all frames will make images more stylish.

Textured Linen Scrapbook for Your Pictures

persnickety box album

Moreover, right in the application, you can add an album with a textured linen cover and 16 built-in protective films to your typos. This option is particularly suitable for creating gifts for the nearest and dearest. It is important to note that an album can’t store all 30 shots, so you will need to order 2 pcs. Doing so is a breeze. Head to the settings and choose the proper option.

Photo Journal with Personal Captions

persnickety box phot journal

If you want to complement photos with annotations or dates, e.g., show and sign the day your baby took his/her first steps, or describe a joyous walk with your puppy, you can purchase a photo journal with 60 thick pages along with printed pictures.

The album has a spiral, so you can easily tear out pages if you make a mistake in the signature or in the sequence of your dates. If you don’t know how to make a beautiful album, you can check out these creative DIY photo album ideas.

Blog for Inspiration

If you want to make a gift album or photo journal, you can get inspired by blog posts from the developers of the Persnickety Box app. The blog also contains quick tutorials on how to use the application and some tips on how to get better square shots for Matte Fuji printing. The info is written in simple words and is available completely free of charge.

Persnickety Box Prices

The app runs smoothly on Android and iOS devices. You can download it completely for free. However, in order to insert your favorite images into the Matte Fuji print case, you need to pay for a subscription, currently priced at $19.99/month. Thus, you will receive a case for 30 images. After filling the case, you can order the delivery of an album.

In addition to Matte Fuji images, you can purchase an album for $12 right in the app. The size of a finished album size is 5″ x 5″ x ½″, which is perfect for miniatures. A 60-page photo journal for personal annotations costs $20.

You can also subscribe to a case via text message or email if you want to make a gift for your family or friends. If at the time of filling the case you change your mind about printing Matte Fuji images, you can make an instant cancellation and get your money back.

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